Top 10 Best Folding Camping Tables in 2022 Reviews

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The folding tables help in making life at the campsite much easier. It also offers a nice platform where people can place their meals and stuff improving convenience. It can also be folded into a miller size that is much easier to walk around with and fold. Majority of the folding tables are made from lightweight materials such as lightweight plastic, aluminum frame and stainless steel. Despite being much easier to get a table, one of the biggest challenge has always been to ascertain that it is long lasting and dependable. No one is interested in a folding table which does not remain slants or stable. The shaking and wobbling can lead to spilling of drinks and food. In this review, we will be looking at the top 10 best folding camping tables in the market.

Table 10 Best Folding Camping Tables Reviews

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10. Cosco Products Diamond Series 300 lb Folding Table

1. Cosco Products Diamond Series 300 lb Folding Table
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Are you in need of a reliable table for your camping or related activity? Then you need to consider the Cosco Products Diamond Series 300 lb Folding Table. This camping folding chair comes with a great dimension that makes it possible to accommodate several users. Its top surface is made of lightweight and tough polypropylene material which offers a decent platform. It is easy to use and smooth. Its height is adjustable which allows one to vary the height depending on what you have at hand. It can fold into half for easy storage and carrying. It is a perfect table for hunting, camping fishing and other related activities.


  • Has practical height and size
  • Easy to adjust its height
  • Remains stable when being used
  • Easy to use
  • It is lightweight and tough


  • Its push in metal buttons can easily pinch

9. Preferred Nation Folding Table

2. Preferred Nation Folding Table
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The Preferred Nation Folding Table is widely known to be the table of dreams especially for those people who love sitting around in a campfire with a drink in their hand. It is a table that comes with drinking capsule holders that makes holding of cups easy. They also help upgrade standard tables to one that is more social. One best thing is that when you bump the table accidentally in the dark, you will not spill anything. It is a camping table with a storage level that will provide you with the opportunity of moving things on top of the table to another place without having to place in the tent. All you will be required to do is have the entire table folded in half and place it into the carry back.


  • It comes with two tiers for use
  • It has up to 4 different drink holders
  • It is very easy to put away
  • It is a very sturdy and durable table
  • Storing it is very easy


  • It can only take 4 drinks at a time

8. Picnic folding Table

3. Picnic folding Table
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As you already know, most of the camping tables never come with chairs. However, there is only one exception in folding picnic table. This table comes with two separate benches. Measuring 24 by 42 inches, this camping table is made of high density polyethylene plastic. It is also resistant to stain and cleaning it up is easy and fast. It does have UV protection that helps in preventing the rays of the sun from ruining it. In case it busts up during the season, you can always send it back thanks to its two year warranty.


  • It is resistant to stain
  • Easy to clean
  • Have UV protection that prevents sun rays
  • Comes with two separate benches
  • Made using high density polyethylene plastic


  • Its benches are not comfortable

7. Ledeak Portable Camping Table

4. Ledeak Portable Camping Table
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One main reason why most campers like Ledeak Portable Camping Table is that they can always set it up and break it down within minutes. It is of foldable design hence, you can always move with it around in a bag to any place you go. Weighing only 1.8 lbs, it is lightweight making it a perfect camping table in case you are in need of a kids table. It has a weight capacity of 50.7 lbs. However, it is not that tall as it is being advertised. It is an aluminum table that has been well designed and features waterproof and weather resistant top. It also comprises of anti slip leg caps that helps it with stability even when the table appears as though it struggles to sit flat.


  • It is lightweight
  • It is highly compact
  • Made using high quality materials
  • Easy to set up and bring down
  • Comes with anti slip leg caps


  • Have problem with laying flat

6. Camco 51891 Fold-Away Table

5. Camco 51891 Fold-Away Table
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Camco 51891 Fold-Away Table is among the most selling tables in the market that is ideal for your needs. It is of a simple design and comprises of aluminum frame. When it is expanded, it measures 24 inches in length, 19.5 inches in width and 19 inches in height. When folded, it measures 28 inches in length, 19 inches in width and 2 inches in height. It is capable of supporting up to 110 pounds of weight. It is easy to assemble and even the novice users never have any problem. It also offers all your accessories with a decent surface. Despite being lightweight, it is a very solid table.


  • Easy to set up
  • It is of good size
  • Has a great carrying capacity
  • It is of simple yet attractive design
  • Offers your accessories with a decent surface


  • Its legs can easily bend when not handled properly

5. REDCAMP Small Folding Table

6. REDCAMP Small Folding Table
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The REDCAMP Small Folding Table is known to be lighter due to its fiberboard table top and aluminum alloy frame. It can easily be adjusted into two different heights and has a security latch that ensures it holds everything in place. It has adjustable foot caps that offer it best support even on uneven surfaces. It is a multipurpose folding table that is useful in many scenarios such as serving, picnic, camping, fishing, dining table, tailgating, hunting, beach, outdoor, canoeing and much more. Its versatile nature makes it a perfect choice for people who are interested in portability, reliability, flexibility and convenience. It also features a medium density fiberboard top and aluminum allow frame. It is easy and straightforward to assemble this unit.


  • It is lightweight
  • It is a multipurpose camping table
  • Easy to move around with
  • It is resistant to stain
  • It is of flexible height


  • It is quite expensive

4. Coleman Pack-Away 4-in-1 Folding Camping Table

7. Coleman Pack-Away 4-in-1 Folding Camping Table
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The Coleman Pack-Away 4-in-1 Folding Camping Table is widely known for being a durable and reliable table. It is made of sturdy and lightweight aluminum frame and mosaic laminate top. It has a stylish look that will always stand out from the rest of the camping tables. It is a 4 in 1 design and operates as a bi-level table buffets table or two separate tables. It has a total of three height levels that will suit your various needs. It is easy and simple to setup and you will never require any tools to help you set it up. It has a decent surface for most of the applications and does boast of having a smooth and nice finish which is easy to clean.


  • Folding it is easy
  • It is lightweight thanks to its lightweight aluminum frame
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Has a decent surface and nice finish
  • Made using high quality materials


  • Not that large in size

3. Trekology Portable Camping Side Tables

8. Trekology Portable Camping Side Tables
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Despite the Trekology Portable Camping Side Table being of little size which is 12.4 inches in height, it still holds a place in the top 10 best folding camping tables. Any user will appreciate its utility especially when there are one or two people involved in camping. It is very easy to carry and move around with and practical to use. The only shocking and unique feature is that it measures two pounds but it is still capable of holding 20 pounds of weight. It has a carriage bag that support is folding mechanism. It also increases its convenience since it is much more comfortable to store, pack and carry.


  • Easy to construct
  • It is of reasonable cost
  • Not bulky
  • Convenient and compact
  • It is very strong and durable


  • It lacks user manual

2. Coleman Outdoor Compact Table

9. Coleman Outdoor Compact Table
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The Coleman Outdoor Compact Table is a very durable and strong camping table which will always put up well when in use. It does feature a great and smooth surface for handling your items. Its ultra compact folding table consists of a steel frame and an aluminum slat top. It has tough feel legs which are very solid offering great stability and support. It is very lightweight and can fold into small and more portable sizes. It also has adequate seating space that can hold up to four people. For easy storage and carrying, it has a carry bag and the manufacturer also throws in a free water gallon as a bonus.


  • It is stable and sturdy table
  • Setting it up is easy
  • Has a smooth top that is easy to clean
  • Comes with a carry bag which makes it easy to carry and store
  • It is very lightweight


  • It is quite expensive

1. Lifetime 4428 Height Adjustable Folding Table

10. Lifetime 4428 Height Adjustable Folding Table
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The Lifetime 4428 Height Adjustable Folding Table will offer you more satisfaction. It is among the best choice for folding camping tables out there in the market. It is compact and lightweight makes it easy to handle and move around with and does take little space. It is an all purpose camping table that has been molded and measures 48 by 24 inches and comes with three adjustable heights of 24, 29 and 36 inches. Assembling it is very easy and does comprise of high density polyethylene plastic and its steel frame is powder coated. This table is always stable when in use and ideal for use in different surfaces. It is also easy to maintain and does have a good capacity.


  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • East to maintain
  • Made of high quality materials making it durable
  • Suitable for camping and other outdoor activities
  • Always stable


  • Not meant for heavy items

We do hope that you are now aware of the top ten best folding camping tables currently available in the market. All the above tables will suit your camping needs and do prove useful in other activities like picnic, sporting events, fishing and much more. One common thing is that all the above camping tables are lightweight and can fold with ease.

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