Top 10 Best Tool Boxes in 2021

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If you own a car, motorcycle, bicycle, boat, or if you simply love to tinker around your house, then you need tools to do the tasks. However, owning tools could create clutter in your garage, so you need to purchase one or more of the top 10 best tool boxes in 2021 that we feature in this post. A tool box is a perfect method of organizing your big and small tools so you can easily carry your tools with comfort. You can avoid a messy garage with a tool box, and you can prevent accidents as well. Plus, having a tool box allows you to know exactly where to find your tools when you need them.

As someone who knows the way around fixing things, you know that unorganized tools can easily get lost. And so to reduce the chances of spending more money buy new tools, you need a reliable tool box. We have narrowed down your choices so it is easier for you to choose among ten. All the tool boxes we listed are made from high quality materials, and they are extremely sturdy. They have different sizes, so select one that is suitable for your needs.

Best Tool Boxes in 2021 Reviews

10. Milwaukee Electric Tool Rolling Tool Box

Rolling Tool Box

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The Milwaukee Electric Tool Packout Rolling Tool Box is an extremely heavy duty product that is sophisticated and functional. It is equipped with durable wheels for easy transport, plus an extension handle that is made from industrial grade materials. This rolling tool box is an excellently efficient, reliable, and safe storage for your tools. And you can bring your tools anywhere without the need to physically carry the tool box.

Reasons to buy:

  • Dimension of 22.1” x 18.9” x 25.6”, with a weight of 23.4 pounds
  • Rated IP65 Weather Seal for all-weather protection in the outdoors
  • Sturdy and safe corners and locking sections are made from reinforced metal

9. GANCHUN Storage and Toolbox

GANCHUN 14-inch Consumer

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The GANCHUN Tool Box is designed with a non-slip handle that makes carrying this product safe and comfortable. There is a separate area for your smaller tools and accessories, and a tool tray for excellent flexibility. It has a pad eye locking mechanism that keeps your tools secure. Plus, you have the option to access your tools from the side for your utter convenience.

Reasons to buy:

  • Dimension of 14” x 7” x 7.3”, with a weight of 1.95 pounds
  • Safety lock has a stable structure for ultimate safety, with a dual protection design
  • Expertly made from premium grade PP plastic

8. Waterloo Portable Tool Box

Waterloo Portable Series Tool Box

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The Waterloo Tool Box is a reliable and durable product that is designed and built in the United States. It includes a detachable tote tray in order to organize your small tools and accessories. You can seamlessly carry this tool box thanks to the comfortable handle that is strong. This product is crafted to last long while providing excellent service for your tools.

Reasons to buy:

  • Manufactured in the USA using industrial-strength plastic that is lightweight and portable
  • Dimension is 14” L x 8” W x 6.3” H, with a weight of 2 pounds
  • Backed with a 12 months limited warranty

7. Stanley 16-Inch Tool Box

Stanley 016011R Series 2000 16-Inch Tool Box

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The Stanley 016011R Series 2000 Tool Box is a portable 16” product that includes two small organizers for diminutive tools. It is an extremely safe and secure tool box that is made more reliable by the built-in padlock eye and sturdy latches. This product offers exceptional performance in storing your tools, and it went through rigorous construction for outstanding durability.

Reasons to buy:

  • Roomy interior compartment with two top organizers for smaller tools
  • Wide handle is coated with sturdy rubber for a soft yet secure grip
  • Latches are plated with nickel metal for seamless operation and durability

6. Plano Molding Toolbox

Plano Molding Tool Boxes

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The Plano Molding Stow N Go Tool Box is a perfect combination of a toolbox and a pro-rack organizer. You can find three StowAway organizers as the primary section of the tool box, and the other part is the Bulk Top Section. It is designed with superior transparency so you can save time looking for the kind of tools you need. This product offers quality craftsmanship, and it is impact-resistant.

Reasons to buy:

  • Constructed using premium quality plastic that is extremely durable and strong, yet portable
  • Transparent boxes for easy tool recognition and time saving
  • Dimension of 10” x 13.71” x 13.31”, with a weight of 6 pounds

5. Akro-Mils Red Tool Box with Removable Tray

Akro-Mils 14-Inch ProBox Plastic Tool Box for Tools,

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The Akro-Mils ProBox Tool Box is proudly made in the US using premium quality plastic. It is designed with a large interior space for storing your tools efficiently. You can safely and comfortably carry this tool box from your garage to your car or other location thanks to the secure and anti-slip handle. This product is portable, and your tools are secure inside because of the sturdy steel latch.

Reasons to buy:

  • Dimension of 14.25” x 8” x 7.5”, 1.7 pounds
  • Crafted with enormous padlock eye for the latch that is made from sturdy steel
  • Manufactured in the United States, and resistant to chemicals

4. VonHaus Multi-purpose Tool Box

VonHaus Multi Tool Boxes

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The VonHaus Multi-Purpose Tool Box is created for the storage of small tools. It is a versatile product that is equipped with a secure locking clip to keep your tools in place while you transport your tool box to another location. You can easily create up to 13 compartments using this tool box with adjustable pull out dividers for your utter convenience.

Reasons to buy:

  • 9 x 10.1 x 6.9 inches adjustable dividers and 4 detachable trays tool box
  • Equipped with a secure locking clip at the upper area
  • Designed for tools, screws, craft, nails, nuts, hobby supplies, bolts, washers, fishing tackle, and more

3. Stanley 19-Inch One-Latch Toolbox

Stanley STST19410 One-Latch Toolbox

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The Stanley STST19410 Tool Box is designed with a heavy duty structure that is capable of supporting a large volume of tools. There is a detachable tray inside that lets you store larger tools beneath, and place smaller tools at the top. This tool box is a great tool organizer that is made from premium materials for superior safety and sturdiness.It is an extremely versatile product that is perfect for professional or personal use.

Reasons to buy:

  • One-handed latch operation for seamless access of tools with storage for small items
  • Handle is big and soft for easy carrying of the toolbox
  • Large volume organizer with detachable tray for large tools, and top lid for smaller tools

2. DEWALT Extra Large Tool Box

DEWALT Tool Boxes

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The DEWALT Extra Large Tool Box is equipped with a large interior vertical tool space that is dedicated to hand tools, as well as a detachable tray for other tools. It is a waterproof tool box that protects your precious tools from potential liquid spills, sudden pour of rain, and even water submersion. This product has an extremely strong and durable structure that will last for many years of superior performance.

Reasons to buy:

  • Integrated with IP65 for excellent water seal for ultimate tool protection
  • Heavy duty organizational foam box is thick at 4mm with spacious interior
  • Utilizes the ToughSystem metal Carrier for the durable side handles

1. DEWALT (DWST17806) Tool Box


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The DEWALT Deep Tool Box is the latest innovation of tool boxes. It is designed and manufacturedwith superior attention to detail and constructed only using the highest quality of materials.This product has a flexible platform that makes it possible for you to store your tools efficiently. There are sturdy and reliable side latches to keep your tools in place. And this product can handle 44 pounds of tools.

Reasons to buy:

  • Dimension of 17.6” L x 11.75” W x 11.7” H
  • 44 pounds weight capacity
  • Hinges and latches are made from sturdy metal


Choosing the best tool box for your tools is a crucial process since not all products are made with superior precision and care. You would need to look out for good product reviews to have a clear insight into what verified customers have to say about their purchases. It is important to buy only the most durable tool box to secure your tools.

Luckily you no longer need to search for the best since we have listed the top 10 tool boxes for you to choose from. Any of the products we selected are good enough for you to purchase, mainly because they are premium tool boxes that offers superior performance, durability, and portability. They are extremely reliable products that make your tasks easier to accomplish. Plus, these tool boxes are manufactured by the most trusted brands in the industry. So you can never go wrong with your purchase decision.

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