Top 10 Best Spy Cameras in 2021

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There are a number of scenarios where you have to install a spy camera to keep an eye of a particular person or place. It is better than a security camera as the security camera is detectable and you may not be able to spy on a certain person or place as people will be aware of it. Starting from homes to offices, you can install an undetectable spy camera by disguising it in various objects. Check out such top 10 best spy cameras in 2021 below.

List of Best Spy Cameras Review

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10. Wireless Hidden Camera by XDMYWH

XDMYWH Spy Cameras

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The wall clock intelligently hides the spy camera inside of the digit of the clock. The camera also effectively captures footages at 1080p resolution. Moreover, with the help of a 2700-mAh battery, the equipment can record videos continuously up to 5-hours. This Wi-Fi-enabled device also lets you stream videos live at your home.

You can also connect with any Android and iOS-operated devices for better functionality. Furthermore, the loop recording function automatically erases or overwrites on the old files to keep the memory clutter-free. The hidden camera clock automatically and instantly sends push notification with images after detecting some unwanted movements.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Full HD resolution with a hidden lens.
  • Online remote viewing through the app.
  • Motion detection with instant alert.

9. Hidden Spy Camera by Hidver


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This mini dice-shape hidden camera is very much compact in size and supports hassle-free transportation almost everywhere. With the help of six Infrared LED lights, the camera has night vision mode to capture footages in the dark. Moreover, these lights are not discoverable by the human eyes. The equipment captures videos at 1080p resolution.

You can also record the footages in a Micro-SD card. Furthermore, the motion detection function of the camera automatically starts recording right after detecting movement. The camera automatically stores and saves footages. You can use this camera for spying on nanny or housekeeper. This equipment works as a sports action camera.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Compact size for easy storage.
  • Automatically saves footages for user convenience.
  • Night vision feature and wide application.

8. Mini Spy Hidden Camera by ZZCP

ZZCP Spy Cameras

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This Bluetooth-enabled mini hidden camera is able to record ultra-clear footages at 1080p resolution. The camera also can capture wide-angle videos with a maximum angle of 150-degree. Moreover, you can stream live or recorded footages with or without Wi-Fi mode. With the help of inbuilt 600-mAh lithium battery, the spy camera allows you to install it almost everywhere.

The device also supports motion detection technology to capture footages right after detecting motion. Furthermore, the night vision mode records super-clear footages even in the dark. The device comes with extended storage space up to 128GB. This camera capture videos at 30 frames per second.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Wide-angle video and Bluetooth functionality.
  • Clear footage due to night vision.
  • High output and built-in battery.

7. WiFi Hidden Camera by WEMLB


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The camera is intelligently hidden in a wall socket charger to make it a perfect hidden camera. With the help of 180-degree rotatable lens, the spy camera also allows you to capture footages in a wider angle. Moreover, you do not need to connect with any Wi-Fi to access live videos without any difficulty. You can hassle-freely access footages from any device, like mobile, computer or laptop.

The hidden camera also captures videos at 1080p resolution. Furthermore, you can carry this USB charger camera around almost everywhere. The equipment comes with motion detection technology. The device supports up to 128Gb Micro-SD card.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Clear footage due to discreet look.
  • Motion Detection Technology for user advantage.
  • HD videos and SD card compatibility.

6. Poetele Hidden Power Bank Camera

Poetele Spy Cameras

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This spy camera comes inside of a power bank. The clever technology of this camera also invisibly captures videos without any difficulty. Moreover, the 10000-mAh battery of this camera comes with maximum recording time up to 15-hours. The camera allows you to use any external SD card with a maximum capacity of 32GB.

This hidden camera also easily captures 1080p high-resolution footages. Furthermore, with the help of four Infrared LED lights, the spy camera is able to capture crystal-clear videos in the dark. Even, the loop record function effectively overwrites on the old files to prevent the memory from overloaded.

Reasons To Buy

  • Maximum recording due to a powerful battery.
  • Dull-HD support and clear images.
  • Loop record function for easy clearing of data.

5. WiFi Hidden Camera by FUVISION


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This intelligently-built spy camera comes in a beautiful photo frame. The camera is also impossible to discover by any stranger. Moreover, this equipment has 15-degree downward viewing angle. The unit can capture crisp and color-corrected footages at the resolution of 720p. The hidden camera comes along with an inbuilt 10000-mAh battery comes with a standby time of 365-days.

The motion detection technology of this camera also automatically captures footages after sensing motion. Furthermore, with the help of an SD card, the camera can record up to 60-seconds clip and send a notification to your smart devices. The night-vision and non-glow mechanism of the camera can capture videos in the dark up to 8-meters.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Intelligent design for better performance.
  • 10000mAh battery for extended use.
  • SD card support and dark vision recording.

4. Ansice Mini Spy Board Camera

ansice Spy Cameras

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With the help of 2.5mm wide lens, this spy camera allows you to capture videos at wide-angle. The surveillance camera also comes along with a power supply. Moreover, the hidden camera is perfect for any DIY project. The CMOS of this camera effectively corrects the colors to deliver ultimate and crystal-clear footages.

The compact size of the spy camera also supports hassle-free installation. Furthermore, the camera comes along with a minimum illumination of 0.0 lux. You can effortlessly install this at your office room, backyard, warehouse, garden, store, and home. The mini hidden camera is suitable for any shop as well.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Compact design and easy setup.
  • Hidden camera for user safety.
  • Wide application and outstanding performance.

3. Papakoyal Spy Camera


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This mini spy camera is very much compact in size and works best a hidden surveillance camera. The portable design of this camera also makes it convenient to carry around. Moreover, the equipment is able to capture footages at both 720p and 1080p resolution as per your need. With the help of six Infrared LED lights, the camera has night vision mode to capture videos at night.

The motion detection function of this hidden camera also captures the footage automatically after detecting motion. Furthermore, the optical glass multi-layer of this camera captures stable footages. This camera comes along with a 16GB Micro-SD card.

Reasons To Buy

  • Hidden design and full-HD support.
  • Motion detection for user safety.
  • Powerful performance with optical glass.

2. FULAO Mini Spy Camera

FULAO Spy Cameras

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This hidden camera comes with night vision to provide ultimate surveillance during the night. The spy camera is also able to capture footage at the maximum wide-angle of 150-degree. Moreover, the high-quality camera captures videos at 1080p full HD resolution. The infrared LED lights of the camera easily capture high-quality video in the dark.

The motion detection also effortlessly triggers the spy camera to capture footage automatically after detecting motion. Furthermore, the device captures footages without any Wi-Fi connection, by simply plugging a Micro-SD card. The camera sends push notification with images to your Android or iOS devices after detecting the slightest movement.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Infrared lights for recording in the dark.
  • Wide compatibility and high performance.
  • Captures footage without any connection.

1. Charger Spy Camera by DIVINEEAGLE


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This spy camera comes in the form of a camera charger. The surveillance camera also comes with a USB charger to charge any smart device. Moreover, the entire set consists of a 2-in-1 charging cable, card reader, secret USB cord, and camera. The hidden camera is able to capture videos at 1080p resolution.

You can also record footages up to 90-degree wide-angle. Furthermore, the camera is very much sensitive and starts recording when it detects the least movement. By simply plugging in a Micro-SD card up to 32GB, you can access the footages from the camera without any Wi-Fi connection.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Dual charging option and USB hub.
  • Supports SD card of up to 32GB.
  • Complete set and sensitive function.

Buying Guide For Spy Cameras

Before you can buy a spy camera, you should go through these important factors.


Spy cameras come in both wired and wireless design. With wireless design, you can have the advantage of placing it anywhere you want. You can easily use it discreetly by placing it in pens, toys, clocks, and other items. It will allow you to use it conveniently and record without letting know others. The wireless design includes a separate receiver that receives the video directly from the camera. A wired device requires installation and is suitable for a fixed location.

Internet Accessibility:

If it comes with internet accessibility, then you can transmit the video via WiFi. This will allow you to access the video remotely from anywhere you want. This can be an ideal feature, and you can easily connect it with your phone. You can check if it has a lockable IP receiver that let you store the content to an SD card. Check if it is compatible with 4G internet so that you can receive the videos in high-speed.


Since a spy camera must have a discreet look, you must see that it must not look like a camera. Body-worn cameras will let you use it comfortably and wear it in your body. This can come in the form of key chains, sunglasses, watches, book, purse, and pen. Some can also come in the form of teddy bears and necktie. Discreet monitoring is a must-have feature for a spy camera.


You must not neglect this ideal feature, as it allows you to have multiple advantages. Rechargeable battery system and built-in DVR will allow you to use it from anywhere you want. This will keep on recording and stores directly to an SD card. Most of it can come with the feature of Motion Activation feature and records according to your needs. In addition to this, check if it comes with a powerful battery and lets you have better flexibility.


Not just hiding them in regular objects, the spy cameras have dark front glass which makes them undetectable. They are some that can do the recording with motion detection sensor and you can do live streaming of Full HD video. We have listed the different types of spy cameras available hidden inside various objects that you can place at home or office as per your convenience.

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