Top 10 Best Toothbrush Holders in 2020

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Whether you are living alone, living with a big number of family, your daily necessities include toothbrush to get rid of bad smelling breath and to maintain healthy teeth. For your toothbrush to be nice and clean and ready to use whenever you need it, purchasing an efficient toothbrush holder is recommended.

However, with the advanced technology, there are so many stylish and beneficial toothbrush holders out there that it is a challenge to find one that would suit your taste and would suit your need. Therefore, we recommend that you start off by looking at a small list that contains ones that may be suitable for you.

List Of Top 10 Best Toothbrush Holders in 2020

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10. Sarmocare


Sarmocare, as the name might suggests, is designed to act as a medical device. This UV toothbrush holder has a build-in fan that can speed up air circulation in the room and minimize bacteria multiple as the UV light of this product will eliminate harmful germs preventing the germs from multiplying. Furthermore, Sarmocare is the perfect toothbrush holder with cover for family usage as it can hold up to 5 toothbrushes including electric toothbrushes and UV toothbrushes as it has a built-in Ultraviolet radiation.

Moreover, it has an updated version of adhesive mounting pad that is tougher and more practical, so users would not have to worry about it falling off. Also, it requires no drilling and can support up to 3Kg. When you purchase this product, you will also be receiving a decal sticker, 2 additional adhesive mounting pads and a 39-inch charge cable. Lastly, consumers are provided with a 1-year warrant for reassurance.

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9. HouseSister

 HouseSister Organic

HouseSister is a slender countertop toothbrush holder that does not easily get knocked over and does not get all slimy and gross after a while of usage. Despite its small figure, it is as steady as any bigger toothbrush can be. Besides, its small size can help save space for other items of yours. HouseSitster is designed to be able to hold toothbrushes, makeup brushes and razors. One special thing about this product is that it has a breathable organic fibrous structure that will take in and dry out any liquid existing at the bottom, so it is the perfect toothbrush holder with cover for storing wet objects.

Lastly, not only is it safe for human to use, but it is also environmentally friendly as it was made from a combination of diatomite and clay that are biodegradable. If you accidentally break it, different from breaking a glass holder, this product will not get you hurt thanks to its materials. Also, for the broken pieces, they can reprocess into a deodorizer of a dehumidifier.

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8. Bathika

Toothbrush Holder

Setting up Bathika requires no tools or any drilling, so there will not be any damages. Bathika is a toothbrush holder that is set up onto your mirror or tiles. It has a powerful vacuum suction function that holds itself steady, so it will easily topple over. This toothbrush holder can be uninstalled and reinstalled simple and quick, and you can even bring it along when you move home. Bathika can hold 5 toothbrushes, both the tradition ones and the electric ones, and razors as well.

Overall, it is able to bear up to 22 pounds in weight. Unlike the general toothbrush holder, Bathika has a unique and modern design that will make your house look innovative. Furthermore, the material used to create this product is the high stainless steel 302 that is resistant to corrosion and will remain shiny even after consistent usage. Since it is stainless steel, users can easily uninstall it and clean it gets dirty.

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7. Meco

MECO UV Toothbrush

Meco is certified on its claim that it is able to eliminate 99.998% of bacteria and germs on your toothbrushes. Furthermore, it has a 2-in-1 function, which is holding toothbrushes and having a lighting function. Meco can hold up to 4 toothbrushes both the electric toothbrushes and the traditional toothbrushes. By using Meco, not only will your bathroom look neater, but it will also look modernized. Lastly, when purchasing this product, you will receive screws for when you wish to securely install it onto a wall.

In addition, it includes a 5-minute timer with LED exhibition that will automatically start counting once the cover is closed and will automatically turn off once it is done. If you have any problems or any dissatisfactions, feel free to contact the service support as they will reply within 24 hours.

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6. Wekity

Wekity Toothbrush

The material used to make Wekity toothbrush holder is a supreme-quality food-grade environmental polymer that is not poisonous, is unscented, safe and performs greatly at a high temperature. Integrate this item in your toiletries will definitely make it safer and more hygienic, healthy for the body. Wekity is designed to not only be stylish, but to also have many great functions. It has two automatic toothpaste dispensers, four cups that are eco-friendly and resistant to dust, and many more.

Furthermore, this toothbrush holder will keep your toothpaste and toothbrushes fresh and clean, ready for your next use. Wekity incorporates a vacuum extrusion pump that makes it environmentally friendly, long lasting and free of toothpaste waste.  Lastly, it is simple and quick to install this product, and with its strong adhesive, it will not easily fall off or break.

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5. Nowyeh

Nowyeh Stainless

Nowyeh is the perfect toothbrush holder for a big member family as it is able to organize and hold up to 6 toothbrushes and 1 toothpaste. These slots were not specifically for just toothpaste and toothbrush, so you can also store your razor, comb and other items in these available slots. This toothbrush holder was designed to allow air circulation, so that the water will be drained and dried off quicker.

Furthermore, the bottom of this holder does not accumulate water so you can feel reassured that your items will not get all slimy and gross. Lastly, Nowyeh was made from stainless steel so it does not easily get toppled over, however, if it does get toppled over, you will still be ensured that it will not damage.

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4. Famistar

 Famistar Electric

Famistar has two spacious slots that are designed to store your bathroom items, not limited to toothbrush and toothpaste, such as shaver, facial cleanser, comb, eyebrow trimmer and many more. Furthermore, it was made using specific food-grade stainless steel, so users would not have to worry about the toothbrush holder breaking off or the items inside falling off.

In addition, it has an anti-slip rubber foots that add to its stability. Lastly, it has a glossy surface which makes cleaning simple and easy, so you can maintain its hygiene.

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3. IHave

 ihave Toothbrush

IHave has a very large compartment that is able to hold 3 350ml cups, so you can store other items in the cups. This product can bear up to 10lb of items. Also, it was made from a quality ABS material meaning it is odorless, safe for usage and environmentally friendly. IHave is dust resistant, fast at draining and drying off water, and it eliminates the chances of bacteria multiplying, so your toothbrushes will be sanitized. IHave is a toothbrush holder that is to be install onto a wall, but it does not require nails or any drilling as it has a strong adhesive.

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2. Oxo

OXO Good Grips

Oxo has a unique appearance with its modern style design. Its top and bottom slots enable the air to flow in and out, so water will not accumulate. It can easily be removed for cleaning which is why users do not have to worry about it becoming dirty and not sanitize.

Despite its small appearance, it is able to hold up to 4 toothbrushes along with a full tube of toothpaste, Oxo was made from ABS and stainless steel which makes it long lasting and will not easily dent or break.

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1. Essentra Home

 EssentraHome Blanc

Essentra Home can hold up to 4 toothbrushes. It was made with a strong and long-lasting resin materials that is tough, so it does not give off the feel that it is a cheap product. What’s more is that Essentra Home is dishwasher safe, so you can just through it into the dishwater when you want to clean it.

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Although it may have been a challenge at the beginning of this article when you were still in search of toothbrush holder, I am sure that you are clearer on what type of toothbrush holder you are looking for. After reading through each of the descriptions for the top 10 best toothbrush holders in 2020, we hope that you have come across one that is to your taste. If you have, feel free to purchase one for yourself or for you and your loved ones.

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