Top 10 Best Shampoo Bowl and Chair Reviews in 2020

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Choosing the best backwash chair that come together with the bowl is very important for the owner of the salon and spa. We know that you might find it hard to select on from the market since you rarely know about it. Therefore, they will present you 10 best shampoo bowl and chair from various well-known brands. If you want to get the right one that last long in your place, go through to all detail of each one as following.

List Of Top 10 Best Shampoo Bowl and Chair Reviews

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10. Icarus

Icarus Leisure Black

Here Come to see the first product of the best shampoo bowl and the chair that is guaranteed to be worth your investment. This one has the pretty nice structure that make you feel so comfortable and can enjoy the washing hair process without hurting clients’ head. Featuring with many necessary for salon such as a flat reclined chair with full length of 50 inches of foot rest, a backwash unit, the wide bowl, a chrome faucet, rubber spray hose, together with flex tube and cap cover, this Icarus Leisure Black Shampoo Chair & Sink Bowl will provide the full set for you.

One of the special parts about this one is its large shampoo bowl that provide you the big room for neck and hand to move around. In addition, you do not need to worry about the connecting it to the plumber since this one is applicable at either through floor or wall.

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9. Icarus

Icarus Harlow Beauty

Here is another high-quality shampoo bowl and chair from Icarus brand, and they are highly recommended to you as it is so beneficial. It is called Icarus “Harlow” shampoo unit, and this shampoo bowl and cambo sink come with stylish and modern look. Designing with extensive space from arm to arm, it provides the best comfortable feeling while they are resting on, and that should thank to the high-quality black vinyl materials. Moreover, it also has extra place for you to put your feet down for footrest.

The chrome faucet, rubber spray hose, vacuum breaker, and the cap over are so sturdy and easy to use. This one is designed with perfect reclined position and large cambo sink that is so beneficial while you are washing, and you can rinse and rub easier too. Not only that, because the bowl built in great position, it will not hurt your client’s neck. Plus, there are many accessories included in this package too.

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8. Bsalon

Bsalon Backwash

If you are looking for the new style of backwash shampoo chair that also provide the bowl sink with great functions, here is the one for you. This product is built with high quality eco-friendly PVC leather and cover by the great elastic sponge, and it is so comfortable and also easy to clean. Talking about the shampoo bowl, it comes with all needed materials. Also, as it is built with good quality plastic, this this one is so durable, and also very easy to clean up.

The backrest is designed with perfect curve shape and armrest are soft that could make your client feel extremely comfortable and satisfied. This one is not only hard-wearing as it has the strong steel structure, but it also has exceptional functions.

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7. Polar Aurora

 Polar Aurora

Next, let’s take a look at this great shampoo barber backwash chair salon and spa, and we guarantee that it would be the perfect additional to your salon. This product show itself with wonderful and elegant look. The chair is made with heavy duty materials, and the oversize shampoo bowl is so great for client’s neck and rinsing process. As the bowl is equipped with all necessary kits, you can fully perform the task. Moreover, this one comes with the weight capacity of over 450lbs.  Its reclined backwash design provides clients the most comfortable feeling. Also, the sink bowl can be adjusted to fit your client’s preference. Polar Aurora shampoo chair and bowl is incredibly durable and tremendously comfortable, and that is what you really need for your salon now.

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6. BR Beauty

BR Beauty Shelby

If you are looking for shampoo chair and bowl that is not so extensive, BR Beauty shelby backwash unit is what you should get one today. This one is designed with the modern European style which is so attractive and stylish. Featured with the large seat and large tilting bowl, this backwash makes the most comfortable feeling for your client while they are lying their heads. Adding with additional lumbar support at the back, the Shelby backwash can surely provide extra relax for the clients. What is more, its deep and extensive tilting porcelain bowl comes with a dual function nozzle, single handle fixture and a built-in vacuum breaker that is function extremely great for long time. Plus, this one is also easy to clean at fit well in salon with not so big area. Interestingly, it is also backed by a 1-year warranty, so you can trust to get it one for your salon.

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5. Ainfox

Ainfox Shampoo

Coming next is shampoo barber backwash chair that is high quality product from Ainfox. The chair is super comfortable and also easy to clean. More, the sink bowl is built with ABS plastic that makes it so durable and secure. For extra stress-free for your client, the chair is designed with perfect reclining backrest together with the nice neck rest position. Moreover, it is designed by adding the high-density foam at the neck rest, so that your client will surely enjoy the service. The chair pad is so durable as it comes with double-reinforced saddle sticking to make sure that it will not tear up easily. As it is built with strong structure, Ainfox Shampoo Barber Backwash Chair can support weight up to 450lbs.

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4. Esright

Esright Backwash Chair

Moving next is also the high recommended backwash chair salon bowl shampoo equipment sink unit that the best of the best product by Esright. This one is designed with simple but nice-looking design, and this one would be the great additional unit to your salon. This chair is structured with stable structure, that is why there is no doubt that it has maximum weight capacity of 330lbs. Furthermore, high quality plastic is used to build the resistant sink bowl that can stay in good condition for long time. Additionally, the bowl is also built with hose base in order for anti-leakage. As the sink bowl is designed with wide angle, you can also adjust its position to fit your client’s head.

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3. DIR

Beauty Salon Shampoo

This is the elegant salon shampoo chair and bowl sink that is the outstanding product from DIR, and it also is the best-selling hard in the market too. The modern and glossy design make this one the most suitable for most of salons and spa. Coming with adjustable seat, DIR shampoo backwash can be moved backward and forward as your client want. As it is built with pretty heavy-duty PVC, it is so durable and stable as well. Adding on that, this product featured with tiling ceramic sink which last for long time. It is not only beautiful and sturdy, but also comfortable as well. For plumbing system, you can either connect it from the wall or from the wall easily.

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2. BarberPub

 BarberPub Backwash

If you prefer to have the fashionable style of backwash shampoo chair with bowl, this one is what you really need to have one. Thinking about the modern needs of your client, this chair is built with thoughtful design and such an exceptional quality. The structure of the unit is so solid and durable since it is built with standard quality materials, such as high elastic sponge, solid wood frame, premium PVC leather, and so on.

Furthermore, the PVC leather of the chair is soft and also comfortable for clients to lie on. The shower head on the bowl is also easy to use as you can adjust it as you wish, and it surely ensure that the water flow excellently. Besides, this one is really easy to install, and it also come the detailed instruction too.

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1. LCL Beauty

LCL Beauty

Finally, your waiting to see the top one of the review list is over now, and here is the best professional LCL beauty shampoo backwash station. This one is guaranteed to be tremendously comfortable and perform the work excellently. Its white big bowl featured with all the needed kits for your salon functions.

For more details, the shampoo bowl equipped with many great function items, including with Chrome Fixtures, a Spray Hose, and a Vacuum Breaker. In order to provide the best relaxed and cozy feeling to your clients’ neck, this LCL Beauty backwash unit also attached with a FREE Comfort gel neck rest. The tilt bowl is quite easy to change the angle as your clients’ heights. Furthermore, this one specially attached with a 1-year warranty, thus you can try it without any worry.

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All in all, we hope you can choose the most suitable one from this for your salon station. They are all great quality kits that are selected from the various brands. Each one equips with different style, designed, and structures, but they are ensured to provide the exceptional functions as well as they are super sturdy and durable as well. If you want to make your salon and spa shop more attractive for your clients, choose of the best shampoo chair and sink bowl from here now.

Buying guide  

  • Measurement: You should think about the space of your salon before you get once as the shampoo chair and bowl designed with differences size. Some come with extra-long footrest while some just have the short extension.
  • Style: As you see the above list, there are various design of backwash chair and bowl. Know what kind of look you want for your salon. They can be stylish, modern, classic, and elegant. Thus, the right one will add more attractiveness to your salon and make your clients more comfortable to come often too.

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