10 Best Pet Grooming Gloves [Reviews & Guide] In 2020

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When it comes to grooming your pet, the best pet grooming gloves will go along way to delivering the best results each time. These gloves are gentle to ensure a soothing massage so your pet can enjoy every grooming session. They are easy to use and come in various sizes to fit palms of different sizes. The best part is that most pet grooming gloves are affordable so you don’t have to dig deeper into your pockets just to own one. Plus, they have durable rubber tips to ensure your pet doesn’t feel any discomfort. In order to help you take home the right gloves, we have compiled the following top 10 best reviews.

Why Do You Need The Best Pet Grooming Gloves?

There are so many benefits that come with using the best pet grooming gloves. For instance, it serves to protect your fingers and nails during pet grooming. And compared to ordinary grooming brushes and combs, pet grooming gloves accumulate a lot of hair without causing any harm to the skin. They are gentle yet sturdy to soothe your little furry friend without breaking or falling apart too soon. Pet grooming gloves are so easy to use since they imitate the touch of your hand so you and your pet are comfortable during grooming. Better yet, they work in a natural motion and sensation so there is no doubt your pet will be looking forward to every grooming sessions.

10 Best Pet Grooming Gloves – Reviews & Guide

10 Best Pet Grooming Gloves - Reviews & Guide

How to Choose the Best Pet Grooming Gloves

Before you settle on the pet grooming gloves to buy, below are some of the factors you need to consider.

Ease of Use

The best grooming glove is one that is easy to use. Thus, you should pay attention to features such as five-finger design and the number of bristles. A five-finger glove is easy to use given that it separates your fingers to help you cover all hard-to-reach areas. Also, a glove with several bristles provides exceptional massage and soothing performance.

Size and Fit

Pet grooming gloves should fit you well so you can perform at your best. Therefore, consider the right size of glove that will fit your hands comfortably without sliding off. Gloves which come in one-size-fits-all are the most preferred since they provide the perfect fit for palms of different sizes. Also, ensure the glove has an adjustable wrist strap that you can tighten or loosen for the best fit.


To get the most out of the grooming gloves you buy, make sure they are made of high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting durability. A durable glove can withstand any force you apply and the thickness of hair from your pet without getting damaged. Although a durable pair of gloves may fetch lots of money, it is worth the extra bucks.

Having gone through our in-depth buyer’s guide, now proceed to check out some of the products that made it to our reviews.

Our Pet Grooming Gloves List

10. DELOMO Upgrade Version Pet Grooming Glove

[Upgrade Version] Pet Grooming Glove - Gentle Deshedding Brush Glove - Efficient Pet Hair Remover Mitt - Enhanced Five Finger Design - Perfect for Dog & Cat with Long & Short Fur - 1 Pair

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The DELOMO Upgrade Version Pet Grooming Glove is a slip-on grooming glove that is flexible to allow you to brush away dirt and loose hair from cats and dogs. It is made of eco-friendly materials to ensure there are no harmful materials which could cause skin damage. This glove is ideal for use on long, short, and curly-haired dogs, cats, and horses. The shedding hair will stick to the glove so you can easily peel and throw it away for easy maintenance. Moreover, this glove comes in a pair with the left-hand glove customized so suit left-handed people.

What We Like

  • Enhanced 255 silicone grooming tips: Mimic the touch of your hand for a relaxing massage
  • 5-finger craftsmanship: Allows you to groom hard-to-reach places like face and tail
  • Soft rubber material: Ensures gentle massage and grooming without scratching the skin

9. Pat Your Pet Left and Right Grooming Gloves

Pet Grooming Gloves - Left & Right - Enhanced Five Finger Design - for Cats, Dogs & Horses - Long & Short Fur - Gentle De-Shedding Brush - Your Pet Will Love It

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Removing your pet’s hairball quicks and easy when you have the Pat Your Pet Grooming Gloves. They come in a pair of left and right gloves to enable you to use both of your hands while grooming your furry friends. And pet grooming with two hands will help you achieve faster and more impressive grooming results. These gloves are soft and efficient, making them ideal for all furry friends including playful dogs, skittish cats, as well as graceful horses. They are ergonomically designed to be extremely gentle with your pet not to cause skin damage.

What We Like

  • Enhanced 5-finger design: Enables you to groom hard-to-reach places
  • Rubber tips: Provide gentle relaxing massage
  • Palm coating: Helps to keep your hands and fingernails clean

8. Erligpowht Pet Grooming Glove

Pet Grooming Glove, Pet Hair Glove Remover Mitt Gentle De-shedding Brush Glove

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Give your pet a soft and relaxing massage to keep her happy for longer with the Erligpowht Pet Grooming Glove. It comes as two gloves in one package to ensure you can operate with both hands for quick and effortless performance. These gloves are efficient to allow you to clean your pet without having to dig the hair out of the grooves as you do with some brushes. They have massage numbs on the palm to give your pet a relaxing experience they will keep coming back for. Besides, the gloves are suitable for use on all furry friends including dogs, cats, and horses for optimum versatility.

• Enhanced 5-finger design: Provides thorough grooming to hard-to-reach places
• Rubber tips: They deliver gentle and relaxing massage which can promote blood circulation
• Adjustable construction: Ensures a flexible and comfortable fit for all

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7. Bikien Pet Grooming Glove

Pet Grooming Glove Hair Removal with Adjustable Wrist Strap for Cats Dogs Horse, 330 Silicone Tips Attached Efficient Hair Removal Mitts - 1 Pair

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Design with 330 soft silicone tips, the Bikien Pet Grooming Glove is suitable for grooming and capturing shedding hair efficiently. It works great for pet legs and other sensitive areas of the pet. This glove has a wide mouth to allow for easy on and off. It is multi-function for you to use both as a bath brush and massage for long or short fur dogs, horse, and cats. The glove has a maximum palm size of 4.7 inches to give you a wide surface area for grooming. Furthermore, it comes in a pair to allow you to use both hands for quick and effortless grooming.

What We Like

  • Breathable fiber mesh material: Provides breathability to keep you comfortable when pet grooming
  • Non-toxic silicone construction: Ensures safe and durable performance
  • Adjustable wrist strap: Gives a customizable fit for people of different sizes

6. PetFusion Multipurpose Pet Glove

PetFusion Multipurpose Pet Glove for Grooming, Trips to Vet, Handling - Large.

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Large in size, the PetFusion Multipurpose Pet Glove covers the arms to the elbow to fully protect your hands. It is made of eco-friendly materials with no toxic nitrile which later sticks in a landfill for safe and durable performance. This glove has passed stricter European reach safety standards so you can buy with confidence. It is versatile enough so you can use for dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, guinea pigs and hamsters among others. Moreover, the gloves come in a pair of two machine-washable pieces for peerless convenience.

What We Like

  • Soft silicone knobs: Help reduce pet anxiety so they don’t fear grooming sessions
  • Water-resistant materials: They help to keep your hands dry and comfortable while grooming
  • Good grip and traction: Provides optimum dexterity for better grooming results

5. H HANDSON Gloves for Grooming

#1 Ranked, Award Winning Handson Gloves for Shedding, Bathing, Grooming, De-Shedding

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Equipped with easy to use Velcro straps, the H HANDSON Gloves for Grooming will not slip off or fall off even when soapy or wet. They work by massaging muscles, while also helping to distribute natural oils for healthy skin and coat. These gloves have a tactile touch to gently clean sensitive areas like faces, legs, and tight body contour. Hence, they will help your pet relax whilst you two get to build a bond. The gloves make an outstanding shedder that releases accumulated hair easily so they don’t stick. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes to suit people of different sizes.

What We Like

  • Scrubbing nodules on fingers and palms: They massage the muscles to stimulate circulation
  • 5-finger design: Provides full coverage and cleaning of hard-to-reach places
  • Flexible grip: Enables you to easily handle shampoo bottles, water hoses, and lead ropes

4. Pat Your Pet Grooming Glove

Pet Grooming Glove - Enhanced Five Finger Design - for Cats, Dogs and Horses - Long & Short Fur - Gentle De-Shedding Brush - Your Pet Will Love It

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Multipurpose and flexible, the Pat Your Pet Grooming Glove provides the extraordinary care for all pet friends including playful dogs, fluffy rabbits, skittish cats, and graceful horses. They are effective whether wet or dry so you can use them to bath your pet, wash with waterless shampoo, or clean with detangling spray. These gloves are very easy to use and to clean as all you have to do is peel the hair off after grooming and voila! Besides, the gloves come in two options right as well as a pair for left and right for you to choose from.

What We Like

  • Adjustable wrist strap: Gently secures gloves on hands for a perfect fit
  • Enhanced 5-finger design: Imitates stroking by your hand for better grooming results
  • Extremely gentle design: Makes grooming feel so good for your pet

3. ForSure Goods Newest Design Pet Grooming Glove

ForSure Goods Newest Design Pet Grooming Glove - Dog Grooming Glove - Deshedding - Bathing Glove -Dog Brush - Cat Brush - Horse Brush Pet Hair Remover- Hair Remover - Grooming Mitt

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Consider the ForSure Goods Newest Design Pet Grooming Glove for de-shedding, bathing, household hair removal, and pet grooming. It has a palm full of rubber pins to provide a soothing massage for your furry friend. This glove is suitable for all types of hair to be used on different animals like dogs, horses, and cats. Thus, this glove can also be used to remove hair from upholstered surfaces, automobile fabrics, as well as carpets among others. And if hair gets caught up in the gloves, it can be removed easily with a flick of the wrist.

What We Like

  • Pliable palm coating: Protects your skin and nails during deep cleanses and massages
  • Rubber stretch fabric: Fits the natural contour of your hand for better performance
  • Adjustable wrist strap: Ensures a customizable fit that stays in place for peerless performance

2. FurGlow2X Grooming Brush Glove

Grooming Brush Glove Dog & Cat Ultra Gentl Pet Mitt [2020 Captures 2X More Hair] - Deshedding kit Remover Quickly, Easily & Efficiently Brushes Away Extra Long & Short Fur & Dander Adds Shine.

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The FurGlow2X Grooming Brush Glove is an advanced pet grooming tool that magnetizes the yuck away from the pet’s skin for a soothing experience. It is easy to use as all you have to do is slip it on, adjust the Velcro, and start removing excess hair. The glove has a strategically designed hair flow channels to quickly and efficiently brush away excess hair, dander, and irritants. It has 2 times more bristles than leading brands to offer 2 times faster grooming and hair collection. Moreover, the glove comes in a pair of right and left-handed pieces to give you better performance.

What We Like

  • Silicone surface and bristles: Naturally grabs and then redistributes your pets natural oils
  • 5-finger design: Allows you to clean even hard-to-reach areas
  • Gentle craftsmanship: Provides a soothing massage that your pet will love

1. ENGERWALL Cat Dog Grooming Brush

ENGERWALL Cat Dog Grooming Brush Supplies - Pet Grooming Gloves for Hair Remover and Brushes for Shedding, Great Deshedding Gloves for Horse Supplies,Grey Glove for Right Hand

  Get it now on Amazon.com

With the 5-finger design for the right hand, the ENGERWALL Cat Dog Grooming Brush will give your dog better grooming. It is a great dog supply for shedding, hair removal, as well as other pet grooming needs. This glove has a lovely design which your pet will love and bond with. Thus, you won’t have to chase your pet every time you want to groom them. The glove is available in two colors pink and grey to choose from. Plus, it is backed by a 12-month warranty so you can buy with confidence.

What We Like

  • Adjustable wrist strap: Offers the perfect fit for palms of different sizes
  • Breathable and fast-drying mesh lining: Ensures optimum comfort while pet grooming
  • Machine washable design: Provides easy cleaning and maintenance


Pet grooming can be the most difficult thing to do as a pet owner, especially if you do not have the right tool. And the best pet grooming glove is one of the best pet grooming tools worth investing in. In addition to being extremely affordable, pet grooming gloves are easy to use, effective, and above all time-saving. so, chase your pet no more simple buy one or two of the above pet grooming gloves and watch your pet follow you around for grooming almost every time.

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