Top 10 Best Log Splitters in 2020 – Reviews and Guides

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To relieve the hard work in splitting logs, it is a must to get the right and durable product to perform the task. Log splitting tools are now useful in both commercial purpose and residential use.

Yet, when buying a log splitter, there are a number of features we need to look closely at before deciding to make a purchase. That said, here’s a look at the top 10 best log splitters and their noticeable qualities.

List Of Top 10 Best Log Splitters

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10. Samson Machinery

60 Ton Log Splitter

The very first log splitter that you should not miss is from Samson Machinery. This model is designed to have the splitting force up to 60 tons. At the same time, the cycle time of it is 8 seconds; therefore, you can complete your task in a fast and effective way. To power this engine, gas is needed. Plus, this wood splitter aims to offer great versatility for the user, this way you can cut wood both vertically and horizontally.

If you take a closer look at the design of this unit, you’ll see that it is also constructed to offer the best in design and quality. 16 inches tires are attached. Last but not least, the package of this product comes with a log stripper as well as an LED lamp.  If you choose this product, you will also get a 1-year warranty.

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9. All Power America

All Power America

This is the All Power America log splitter which is operated using electricity. First of all, this product carries the capacity up to 5 tons. More awesome than this, the electric log splitter is of 1500 watts. With this product, you can split logs with the size of 20 x 10 inches long without any concern. We highly recommend this product if you plan to use it at home and workplace. And, rest assured that the legs of it are very sturdy. Steel is attached at the outer part of the machine as well. It is also good to notice that the cycle time of this log splitter is as fast as 30 seconds; this way you can start your work immediately one after another.

The good thing of it is, with the size of 40.4 x 11.4 x 20.1 inches, you can transport the unit from place to place with ease. Don’t worry, if you purchase this product, you will also get the warranty for years too.

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8. Stark USA

Stark Industrial

This 7-Ton Electrical Log Splitter from Stark USA brand delivers the best result for the user. It is known for the awesome fact that it can work extremely well even with the hardest wood. With the power of 1500 watt, the log splitter is strong enough to deal with various types and sizes of the wood. If you find yourself in need of the logs for the stove and fire place all the time,.

This dependable equipment is also well attached with big wheels too. As a great point, you can transport it from place to place with little effort. Please be noted that the handle of it is attached with the firm grip too. For your information, the splitting force of it is 7 tons, and it can work best with the 20.5 x 10 inches log.

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7. PowerSmart

 PowerSmart PS90

The next log splitter that you should take a closer look at is the PowerSmart PS90 6-Ton log splitter. As many products mentioned above are great for professional use, this item is great for both casual and professional use. The power of this high-quality log splitter is 1.75 HP. As the name has suggested, the splitting power of it is up to 6 tons. No matter how hard the wood is, you will sure be able to work with it without any concern.

Please keep in mind that it is great for any log with the size of 21 x 10 inches. We also know that the cycle time of the machine is important; therefore, this product can work with the cycle time of 20 seconds. In term sof the quality and durability, we guarantee that it is built to last as it is constructed from durable steel.

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6. Sun Joe

 Sun Joe LJ10M

This Sun Joe log splitter is a great option if you plan to get a log splitter that can perform the log splittng task with no fail. It is a powerful equipment that it suitable for splitting all kinds of wood. You will never have to worry about the log falling down as the log cradle is built in this product. For your information, this product has the splitting capacity of 10 tons, meaning that it can even deal with hardwood with nothing to worry about.

If you choose to use this incredible log splitter, the annoyance caused by the gas, oil and cord will be eliminated. The closer we look at the design of it, you’ll notice that the wheels are built in it, and it has the size of 2.48 inches. Don’t worry, once you make the purchase of this product,a  2-year warranty is also given too.

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5. Champion Power Equipment

Champion 25-Ton

Champion Power Equipment is another reliable log splitter that you should consider. It is known to be the ideal equipment for both commercial and residential use. This powerful product has the splitting capacity up to 25 tons; therefore, you will find it very convenient to crack and split all types and sizes of wood. In order to enhance the versatility for the user, this product allows you to place the wood in horizontal and vertical way.

The next great point of this product is, the cycle time of it is much shorter than other competing products. In fact, it only needs 12 second to work it cycle. If you need to transport it around, feel free to do so since the 16 inches tires are attached. Don’t hesitate anymore, you can get a 2-year hassle free warranty when you make a purchase.

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4. WEN

 WEN 56207

When we talk about electric log splitters, WEN brand cannot be missed. First off, the motor of this product is 15A; therefore, the pressure it gives for cracking the wood is up to 13,000 pounds. The stand is also given, but you can choose to split the log with or without it without any problem. Next, we also guarantee that you get the comfort from using it since you will never need to refill the gasoline at all. This product is well known to be an environmental friendly option to choose as well.

The wheels are 5.5 inches, and you’ll never have to worry about it getting flat.  It is also good to keep in mind that the unit is suitable for splitting up the log with 10 x 20.5 inches. Don’t worry, this product is backed by a 2-year warranty too.

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3. Powerhorse

Powerhorse Horizontal

The next product from Powerhorse is well recognized as the right product you should spend your money on. With the powerful power system, you sure can split logs with much ease. What’s more, this heavy-duty product works well in all condition. If you take a closer look at the design of it, the hydraulic system is fully protected. More than this, the mesh filters are up to 100, making sure that no contamination can get into the system. This way you will sure to use this engine for many years.

Last but indeed not the least, the engine of this product is 212 cc. If you own this product in your house, you can split logs with no difficulty.

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2. NorthStar

NorthStar Horizontal

The NorthStar log splitter offers you the best engine for working with wood. There are many great features you can get when you have it. It is suitable for both commercial and residential use as it is carefully constructed from the heavy-duty materials. The steel reinforced hose of it allows you to work fast and accurately. If you use to have the problem with the noise and engine, you will never to worry about it with this log splitter.

More incredible than this, the engine life of it is much longer than other options. It also cares about the safety of you; therefore, the design of this equipment can prevent the log from rolling off when you are splitting it.

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1. SpeeCo

SpeeCo 15 Ton Log

The very last high-quality log splitter in the list today goes to the SpeeCo brand. First of all, this great product is well constructed from the durable steel. With the splitting force of it up to 15 tons, you can split the wood in the matter of seconds. Please be noted that this cycle time of it is as fast as 10 seconds.

For the convenience of the user in using it everywhere, the wheels are attached with this superb log splitter. The wheel carries the size of 8.5 inches. The good news for the user is, a 3-year warranty is given when you make a purchase too.

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Buying Guides

Pressure power

When getting a log splitter, the first thing you should bear in mind is the pressure power offered by it. The power of the equipment contributes to the convenience of the user when you want to crack and split the wood. This point is very important as we know that you don’t want to risk spending money on the log splitter that cannot work on many types of wood, especially the hardwood. Don’t forget to choose the product that has high horsepower if you need to cut the wood properly.


There is no such thing as the right log splitter size since the size of it is based on the demand of the user. If you look for the log splitter for commercial purpose, then we highly recommend a product that is moderate or large in size. On the other hand, you can go for the small log splitter for using in your backyard.


The noise can cause the headache, and the noise from the log splitter is what you should try to eliminate. There are many modern log splitting equipment that aims to reduce the noise; this way you can use it in the house without any concern. If you cannot avoid the noise caused by it, at least try to get the product that minimizes the loud noise.


When it comes to the motor, we believe that you are seeking for the best equipment for dealing with your daily task. There are many things to think of as the electric and gas powered log splitters have both pro and con. First of all, if you are up for the environmentally- friendly option, the electric product is what you should turn too. On the other hand, to get powerful product, a suitable option you should choose is the gas-powered log splitter. Though this type of product offers more power, this produces louder noise as well.


Similar to when choosing other products too, the warranty is what you need. For making sure that you spend your money in a hassle-free way, do ask for the warranty card when you make a purchase.

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