Top 10 Best Full Size Electric Blankets | Electric Throw Blanket Reviews

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Tackling the cold weathers become extremely difficult in the majority of the places around the globe. When the temperature drops below average, it becomes seriously uncomfortable and struggling for most people. If not anything else, now you can make sure you sleep peacefully at night by using the best full size electric blankets. As these are electrically powered, you need the promise of good quality always. Scoring high both in terms of heating and comfort, the blanket must be extraordinary in the way they function.

Even after going through all the products in the market, you might not like any. So, our expert guide on electric blanket acts as personal help.

Table of the Best Electric Blankets Reviews

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10. Biddeford MicroPlush Sherpa Twin Electric Heated Blankets

Electric Blankets

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Technology is getting better everyday and while the tech items are making things easier for us in everyday life. Now, you can also get more comfortable with the use of technology. A Sherpa electric blanket as it may sound is something that can never fail to keep you warm when the temperatures are dropping below average. Has construction of a micro plush Sherpa fabric, this twin-sized blanket is big enough and gets a 100% polyester design. Super elegant and plush to feel on the skin, for better control of the heat you will also get controllers.

Finally, it never compromises on your safety or comfort and the ultra-thin heating wires distribute the heat uniformly always.

Key features:

  • The convenience of 10 different heat settings for adjustments in accordance with the change in weathers. In fact, the auto-shutoff feature eliminates any risks of overheating.
  • Complies to the industry safety standards of UL or ETK Intertek for completely safe operation and use.
  • You can clean the blanket very easily by just putting it in the washing machine.

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9. Vremi Electric Blankets – Throw Heated Blanket with Heat and Time Settings

Vremi Electric Blankets - Throw Heated Blanket with Heat and Time Settings

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When it comes to blankets for keeping you warm, you can never choose to compromise with the quality of make. On this 55 X 63-inches electric blanket with display controller, you will get high-quality and soft, thick flannel fleece fabric. No matter how chilly the weather gets outside, this blanket will never fail to deliver you warmth and comfort. On the interior of the blanket, there are built-in micro-thin wires that always assure even heating from head to toe. Moreover, as it has fast heating capabilities, you will instantly start feeling the much-needed warmth and cosiness. The large-sized heating pad for two greatly adds to the function of uniform heating.

Key features:

  • ETL certified blanket is very safe to use and has an auto-shutoff function to keep you safe even if you fall asleep.
  • Detachable 10 ft long power cord combined with an LCD controller guarantees superior convenience of usage every night.
  • The flexibility of 6 temperature settings and 8 timer mode settings lets you choose between a temperature range of 85°F and 110°F.

8. Serta Reversible Sherpa/Fleece Heated Electric Throw Blanket

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Indeed the finest reversible electric blankets that will be your favourite companion during the chilly winters. From the house of Serta this is something everyone will fall in love with. Imported and construction of 100% polyester, there is no question regarding the quality and comfort it can deliver. For better heating through the nights of cold and chill, you will get 5 different heat settings to choose from. The entire blanket is reversible and has a micro-plush material construction that rewards you with an impressive look and feel.

Lastly, the heated throw has a beautiful Sherpa lining. As a result, it does not only hides the wires but also promises an incredibly cozy feeling.

Key features:

  • Comes with a controller that has 8.5-ft power cord so that you can place it anywhere and control with ease.
  • Certainly, washed directly in a washing machine and the brand even offers a 3-year of manufacturing warranty.
  • Power saving and safety is taken care of by the 4-hour automatic shut off feature.

7. Sunbeam Electric Blankets –  Reversible Sherpa/Royal Mink

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Getting inside the blanket in a cold night is certainly one of the best things you can do before you sleep off. Having this amazing and very comfortable blanket can make life so much better for you even when the mercury is at its lowest. The EliteStyle II controller that is included in the package has 3 different heat settings. Therefore, it lets you select the warmth as per your needs.

For your comfort, the designers have featured a plush royal mink on one side and cuddle Sherpa on the other. Rough use or as you will get a long 5-years of limited warranty on this brilliant blanket.

Key features:

  • ThermoFine technology is featured on both sides for auto adjustments and consistent transfer of heat.
  • The power cord is connected to a regular 110V-120V output for ease of usage. Therefore, has a safe 3-hour auto function on it.
  • 100% polyester construction lets you clean it directly in a washing machine whenever needed.

6. Sable Full Body Electric Throw Blanket

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Bring home this well-designed fast-heating electric blanket to transform your cold winter nights into something full of warmth and comfort. The choice of 10 different heat settings gives you the authority to select your preferred range of temperature from 68°F to 122°F. Next, you get a timer setting that has the options of 1 hour, 2 hours and 3 hours.

When it comes to maintenance and cleaning, all you need to do is detach the controller. Now, throw it directly in a washing machine for spotless cleaning. The lifetime service assurance lets you enjoy using this blanket on a daily basis without any worries.

Key features:

  • Indeed a luxurious smooth flannel which delivers a commendable amount of warmth in every situation.
  • Safe from any risks, there is the assurance of comprehensive protection system that ensures protection against overheating.
  • Concerned about the security of this blanket? To your surprise, it has an ETL certification of safety on it.

5. Hokeki Full Size Electric Blanket

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Combination of a mattress pad, electric throw and heated blanket, this 3-in-1 option is a great package. It is certainly perfect for anyone who is suffering from the bone-chilling cold weathers outside. Measuring at 50-inches X 60-inches and 72-inches X 84-inches, there are options of both queen and king sizes for your choice. When it comes to choosing the heat, there are 6 different settings between a temperature range of 86°F to 131°F. Therefore, it delivers faster heating in the shortest possible time.

Lastly, the fabric used in making is machine washable. However, the most important part of this washable electric blanket is that one can wash it even when the controller is attached.

Key features:

  • Combination of silky flennel and Sherpa velveteen never lets you complain about the quality of comfort it delivers.
  • You can use it continuously for 3 hours, post which the blanket will shut itself off to keep you safe.
  • ETL safety certification allows you to use it without any risks, fears, or worries in any way.

4. Degrees of Comfort Twin Size Electric Blanket – Best Washable Heated Blankets

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Unlike the regular and low-quality blankets that are readily available, this one pays a lot of attention to the components and materials used.  Most of these blankets emit a lot of electromagnetic radiation. As a matter of fact, this one has a minimal amount of EMF radiation to harm you. The UL certification promises safe applications without any risks of overheating, burns or injuries.

With the 20 different heating levels, you will be able to easily switch between the offered levels of heat. In fact, you can set the limits and monitor it on the LCD display controller.

Key features:

  • The 12.5ft long power cord offers better accessibility directly from your bed.
  • For cleaning, you need to disconnect the controller and power cables and put it in the washing machine.
  • Extremely durable and long service life, there is a 5-year warranty on this blanket.

3. MaxKare Polar Fleece Electric Heated Blanket Twin Size – Full Body Warming Premium Microfiber Sofa Blankets 

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This blanket is a smart choice that has a beautiful design coupled with high-end technologies. It is washed easily using hands or in a washing machine, you will enjoy prolonged softness on this blanket. The neat reinforcement stitches placed around the sewing connection areas ensures top-notch durability. Next, owing to the large 62-inches X 84-inches size, you will always get high-end heating.

Added benefits of quick heating and choice of 4 levels of heat offer more customization and personalization to alter the heating in accordance with the outside temperature. Also, the blanket saves energy and automatically turns itself off after 10 hours of continuous usage for safe using.

Key features:

  • Safe from any kinds of damage, the blanket has to overheat protection. Moreover, it uses a long 4.5m power cord for more flexibility.
  • Elastic and breathable build quality using select polar fleece help in better penetration of heat.
  • Lifetime customer service and one year of return/replacement service guarantee a worry less usage always.

2. Maxkare Electric Blanket Heated Throw Fast Heating Blanket Flannel & Sherpa Reversible

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Another extraordinary blanket that can tackle the cold weathers in an efficient and effective way. Well, you will love using this on a regular basis at your home. Very premium and plush, it features a silky flannel on one side and Sherpa shu velveteen on the other for best of comfort and warmth. Measuring at 50-inches X 60-inches, the blanket never fails to cuddle you. It will preserve heat to make sure the cold is not hampering your quality of sleep.

You can now pick your comfort amongst the 4 different heating levels between a temperature range of 95°F and 113°F. Therefore, always find the perfect amount of heat to combat the cold.

Key features:

  • Uses a long 9.8ft power cable for a restriction-free a hassle-free usage in every situation.
  • Is used with total confidence and surety as the blanket has an auto shut off after 3 hours and overheating protection.
  • You can wash it very easily by putting the blanket in a washing machine after detaching the controller.

1. Homde Heated Electric Throw Flannel Washable Blanket for Bed & Couch

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Firstly, this blanket is extremely soft and very high-quality that promises you great comfort even during the coldest nights. Sleep more peacefully and risk-free as the blanket shuts off automatically after 4 hours of continuous heating. For your flexibility, Homde also features 3 choices of heating levels and makes sure you never encounter issues of overheating. Compatible with 120V/60Hz, you can plug it in most of the power outlets and take maximum benefit out of it.

Thinking about construction? The high-quality flannel material is used for the design so that you always receive an ultra-soft and comfortable experience.

Key features:

  • Uses a long 10-ft power cable delivers a restriction-free application anywhere and everywhere around your home.
  • The detachable controller makes it easy to wash the 50-inches X 60-inches blanket directly in a washing machine.

As cozy as it sounds, the electric throw blankets will make your winter nights a comfortable affair. Lay in your bed and be all snugly.

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