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Even dog needs proper grooming so that bugs or germs don’t grow on them. It helps them to stay clean and never get affected by foreign elements. Well, taking them to a dog parlour is not a solution always. The tantrums they throw are certainly hard to bear. But if you do it at home, it is much more difficult. Be it for professional or personal use, the dog clippers are your go-to pick for pet’s grooming. It will not upset your pet and do its job smoothly.

Considering buying one? The dog clipper review gives you a fool-proof suggestion that doesn’t miss on any point.

Table of the Best Professional Dog Clippers Reviews

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10. Oneisall Professional Rechargeable Dog Hair Clippers 

Dog Clippers

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Man’s best friend deserves the best and that’s what Oneisall provides you in the form of its electric dog clipper. This clipper is powered by electricity and has a cordless design. That means you don’t have to get yourself or your pet tangled with cords. It has a large Lithium battery that powers it for long-duration use. Even if you run out of battery, you can use the clipper while charging it. Cutting performance is superb with this clipper. You get stainless steel and ceramic blades that are sharp enough to cut the thick fur on your pets without harming them.

Moreover, you can also detach and switch the blades for the best performance. You can also cut your dog’s fur to precise length with the help of the guard combs. Lastly, you get a set of 4 combs and the shortest one gives you fur length of 3 mm. On the other hand, the longest one gives you fur length of 12 mm.

Key features:

  • Sound and vibration are kept to a minimum so that your pet doesn’t get spooked.
  • Comes with a cleaning brush so that you can clean off residue fur from the blades.
  • One tactile button to turn the clipper on or off.

9. WAHL Lithium Ion Pro Electric Cordless Dog Clippers – Dog & Cat Grooming Kit for Small & Large Breeds

WAHL Lithium Ion Pro Electric Cordless Dog Clippers - Dog & Cat Grooming Kit for Small & Large Breeds

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Wahl has brought to you a brilliant rechargeable dog clipper that is used on dogs, cats and other furry pets you have at your home. Unlike other clippers, this one comes with the convenience of a cordless design. And the dense battery gives you a runtime of 2 hours with every single charge. No need to stress out your pets with loud clippers that match their sound output with vibration levels.

This one does a pretty neat job of cutting fur without the theatrics. You don’t need to worry about maintaining the sharpness of the blade either. It has self-sharpening technology that eliminates hassles of maintenance.

Key features:

  • Proudly manufactured in the USA that will not ditch on quality.
  • The battery charges pretty quickly despite its long runtime.
  • Comes with a carrying case that lets you take the set anywhere.

8. Andis ProClip 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper – Professional Pet Grooming Clipper

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Andis Proclip 2 justifies its name since it delivers the professional-grade performance that you need. Next, apart from a versatile design, the detachable dog clipper blades let you get the appropriate and smooth cut for your pet. Removing or attaching the blades is also a quick and snappy task. All you need to do is turn the clipper ON to install a clipper. And turn it OFF to detach a blade.

If you have a pet that has thick and long coats of fur like the Golden Doodle or Poodle, then you will love this clipper. And all thanks to the extra performance from its high-powered motor for this.       Lastly, one can adjust it to any of the two speeds for easy functioning.

Key features:

  • Cord reaches a length of 14-inch and strong design increases its longevity.
  • The rate it functions on is 120V and is extremely effective.
  • Premium quality housing is durable and shatter-proof.

7. Ceenwes Low Noise Cordless Dog Clippers – Professional Dog Hair Trimmer with Scissors

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In this cordless dog clipper set, you get plenty of additional tools apart from the clipper. You get a stainless steel comb and scissors. As a result, it lets you trim down long hairy pets before you can put the clipper to use. For adjusting hair length, you can attach one of the required clipper combs. Surprisingly, it comes in this set and chooses from 3mm to 12mm hair length.

The motor in this blade is also very powerful but quiet enough to keep you and your pet stress-free. You can use this for grooming your pet and it will serve you for a stretch of 70 minutes.

Key features:

  • Nail file lets you blunt out the sharpness of your pet’s nails.
  • The battery gets fully charged within just 5 hours and can you more than an hour of use.
  • Irrespective of the setting, noise doesn’t exceed over 60dB.

6. Hansprou Dog Shaver Clippers – Professional Grooming Clippers 

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Hansprou has implemented a unique design in its blade with 35 teeth. Unlike traditional clippers with 25 teeth blade design, this one is far superior. It doesn’t accumulate cut hair in between its teeth to increase the difficulty of cutting through the fur. Instead, it cuts fur and moves through them smoothly with each pass. This magnificent cutting ability runs on the powerful 12 v motor. Thus, moves the blade at high speed for higher efficiency.

After you are done with your pet’s grooming routine you don’t have to fret about taking a small brush and cleaning hair off your clipper. You can simply remove the blades with the press of a button and clean it thoroughly with minimal effort. Your pet won’t be alarmed and scared during its grooming either. This clipper keeps noise within the 50 dB mark and vibration to tolerable levels to keep your pet at ease.

Key features:

  • Ergonomic design with ribbed grips at length changing dial.
  • The blade is from durable titanium and ceramic material which is also immune to rust.
  • Aluminium alloy fuselage keeps the clipper lightweight without compromising durability.

5. Oneisall Quiet Rechargeable Cordless Pet Grooming Hair Clippers Set for Small and Large Dogs

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Another fabulous product from Oneisall that lets you take care of a major part of your pet’s grooming routine. It comes with 6 different clipper combs that guide the fur towards the blades. Therefore, lets you cut fur according to your desired length. The battery on this clipper is also a powerful one. Thus, can charge up to full capacity within 3 hours to give you a runtime of 5 hours or less.

As a matter of fact, you can also switch between lower and higher speeds. The battery certainly has a capacity of 2000 mAh and will not create any noise while functioning.

Key feature:

  • Clipper combs let you cut hair till 3mm to 18mm.
  • The dog clipper’s LCD display shows you the battery status. Therefore, you know when it’s time for a recharge.
  • Powerful motor lets you cut hair without clogging.

4. Wahl Easy Pro Dog Grooming Kit

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A quiet, efficient and reliable dog clipper that fulfils every pet owner’s need. This pet clipper from Wahl is a marvel in its own and tools and accessories that come with it. Therefore, makes it a full grooming package worth every penny you spend on it. The clipper is equipped with high precision carbon blades. Hence, sharpen themselves as they rub against each other and lets you cut stubborn fur with ease.

It has a sleek design and is certainly of the highest-quality materials. Finally, it even works well on the largest breeds and functions well on double coats as well.

Key features:

  • Proudly manufactured in the United States with the highest of standards in quality.
  • Is certainly used with the cord or without it.
  • An indicator light lets you know of the charging or power status.

3. Bousnic Cordless Pet Hair Grooming Clippers – Clipper for Small Medium Large Dogs Cats and Pets

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Bousnic offers you a clipper that is one of the few dog clippers in the market to provide you two-speed settings. For short and soft fur you can set the speed at low settings of 6000RPM and bump it up to 7000RPM if your pet has longer and tougher fur. Unlike other cordless clippers, this one has a battery that more runtime compared to charging time. With just 3 hours of charge, you can get a runtime of 5 hours.

As a matter of fact, it is perfect for any pet’s skin and functions extremely quietly. So, your pet will not even feel it. The battery’s capacity is 2200 mAh and the blades are stainless steel that helps in attaining precision.

Key features:

  • For a full grooming set, you also get a scissor and comb with this clipper.
  • With USB interface the clipper can be charged through your car, laptop or power bank.

2. OMORC Dog Clippers – Professional Heavy Duty Dog Grooming Kit

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Omorc presents to you an electric clipper that has an impressive speed of 6000 RPM. Therefore, provides more than enough power to the blades for cutting through fur instead of pulling on it. When it comes to the blade, this one has one made of high carbon steel. That’s why it is much more durable than ceramic blades you get from most other manufacturers.

You don’t have to worry about rusting or corrosion either. The blade shape in itself has also been designed with a lot of thought. Finally, the R-shaped blade glides safely while cutting fur safely.

Key features:

  • Wire length of over 8-feet eliminates the need for any extension cords.
  • No need to charge a battery for hours, just plug it in and use.
  • Comes with a comb and scissors to make a comprehensive grooming kit.

1. HOLDOG Professional Heavy Duty Dog Grooming Clipper

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Holdog presents to you a clipper with ingenious blade design and stunning features. The blade is from titanium and ceramic material and has 33 fine teeth for going through the toughest fur. Since it is from titanium it is virtually maintenance-free. It doesn’t get corroded easily and certainly doesn’t lose its sharpness easily like regular steel. With the ceramic movable blade and titanium blade, you can cut through different types of fur coats. Loud electronics can easily spook out your furry friends and make them scared in front of the machine.

However, you don’t have to deal with those problems while using this clipper. It limits noise to 50 decibels and the vibration is also kept under check. Thick and stubborn fur won’t be a problem for this clipper since it has tough gears and a powerful motor to make its way through dense fur. You don’t need to apply unnecessary force. The blades and motor will do a splendid job either way.

Key features:

  • With the fine-tuning knob, you can adjust the blade distance from 0.8 to 2.0 mm.
  • The LCD screen shows you important information like battery power and speed.
  • 2200 mAh battery lasts for 3 to 4 hours on a single charge.

Keep your dogs fully clean and chop off the extra fur. The dog clipper set will clear the extras and even keep their nails properly.

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