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Are you a forgetful person? Do you usually get lost in your phone, wallet, purse, keys or mobile phone? Then, it’s time for you to get the wallet trackers as these items may contain the most important things of yours. They are really helpful in locating the items no matter where they hide.

In this article, we are going to explore more about the top 10 best wallet trackers. Also, at the end of the article, there is a buying guide section to guide you through the main features of a good wallet tracker.

List Of Our Best Wallet Trackers Reviews On Amazon.Com

#10. WINVO Wallet Tracker for Personal Items

#10. WINVO Wallet Tracker for Personal Items

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First of all, we have this tracker from WINVO. It is compatible with various personal items, such as bags, wallets, and keys. It features a keychain in order to attach to anything easily, and later on, you can use your own mobile app to track the item. This saves you a lot of time to find the item when you are not in touch with them.

Users can also clip an alarm to the tracker so that it can ring to help you locate the item. The alarm can ring immediately as long as it is within the Bluetooth range. This is desirable in case of an emergency. Moreover, the app can connect up to 7 trackers at the same time. Therefore, you can use the tracker for all of the important personal belongings that you have.

It is operated based on a rechargeable battery, and there is also an extra battery included in case one is out of power.

#9. innway Rechargeable Wallet Trackers

#9. innway Rechargeable Wallet Tracker

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Next, let’s have a look at this tracker from the innway. The design of this tracker is thin and long-lasting. It is as thin as 1.5mm only, and it can fit perfectly into the wallet or purse of yours. Still, the thickness makes it ideal for the best durability in the long run. When your personal item is out of sight, you can use the ring to help you locate it once again.

It can also be attached to a phone in order to help you find the phone when it is silent. The silent mode does not affect the alarm of the card. This tracker card is operated based on a rechargeable battery. A full charge only requires about 2 hours, while the battery life can last up to 3 – 5 months. This means that you only have to charge two or three times per year.

In the mobile app of yours, it also keeps the record of the last location of this tracker. This is to make you find it easier than your expectation.

#8. Safedome Leather Wallet Trackers

#8. Safedome Leather Wallet Tracker

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Another good wallet tracker is from Safedome. This is suitable for anywhere, including keys, wallets, backpacks, and laptops which you lose contact with sometimes. The function of this tracker is very much similar to GPS. What you need to do is simply pressing the button in order for it to ring. This is suitable for the phone even if it is in silent mode.

It is made of leather, and it is resistant to water. Therefore, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. Users can connect the key finder with the Safedome app on the mobile phone. It also displays the latest location that it can track. This way, you can track down its location easily. The battery life of this tracker can last up to 1 year at the maximum. This is for daily regular use. However, the battery is non-replaceable.

#7. Orbit Wallet Trackers

#7. Orbit Wallet Tracker

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Moving onto the next wallet tracker from Orbit, it is designed to be super convenient to put into the wallet. It enables the connection with a smartphone app so that you can use the phone to locate the place of the wallet. Also, there is a loud tune to help you find it easily within your sight. It is also suitable for mobile phones with this alarm function. This is desirable because it can ring no matter what mode the phone is in.

This tracker can also serve as a remote selfie stick because you can monitor it from a considerable large distance. Also, it keeps the record of the last location that it stays in. This can help you learn more about where it goes before completely disappearing from your sight.

The tracker is based on a rechargeable battery, and the battery can last for 3 months in a full charge cycle. Yet, the charging process is finished within a few hours only.

#6. LUXSURE Wallet Trackers with LED

#6. LUXSURE Wallet Tracker with LED

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LUXSURE is also a reliable wallet tracker brand that is recommended by many users. It is operated on a radio frequency technology in order to help you find the wallet. This does not require an app to track the location. All you have to do is press on the transmitter to receive the sound and flash of the key finder. This is suitable for any personal items, including wallets and keys.

The flashlight features a red LED light, which is very suitable for night time usage. This is to make it visible in case of an emergency in the middle of the night. Also, it is a remote finder which features a high range of finding areas. The area is as large as 115 feet away from the location of the item.

In the package of this wallet tracker, all the accessories are included to serve you. The accessories include 6 keyrings as well as receivers, stickers, batteries, and support. The battery is very easy to install as you can always replace it on your own with convenience.

#5. Cube Wallet Trackers

#5. Cube

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This wallet tracker from Cube is also worth taking into consideration. It comes with a slim and thin design, making it suitable for all items, including wallet, remote control, passport and other personal belongings. The tracking area is as high as 200 feet away from the location of the tracker. It enables the connection through a mobile app to make it convenient for the record.

In addition, on the mobile app, it automatically shows the last location of the tracker, so that you will gain an insight into where it is going. The volume is also upgraded with twice louder quality to ensure that you can hear it clearly.

Even in the crowd, you can find it easily by having the in-time updates on the mobile app. This is made for the purpose of tracking the person that handles it.

#4. Nutale Wallet Trackers

#4. Nutale

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Here comes this wallet tracker from Nutale. This is designed to help save your time from searching for the items on a daily basis in the house. It helps a lot for those who are having a forgetful mind. You can also connect it to a smartphone. Users can use the receiver button to help it ring. This is applied to the smartphone even if it is in a silent mode.

If you connect it to a mobile app and suddenly lose connection, the loss mode is on. It automatically keeps the record of the last location that the mobile app can track. Also, if you completely lose control of the item, you can put the information on the app for it to search for you. After it finds the item, it will notify you of the location of the tracker.

The battery can last about 1 year, and within this period, you can always have regular use of the tracker for your personal belongings.

#3. Innway Wallet Trackers

#3. Innway

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What about this wallet tracker from Innway? This wallet tracker is made as thin as possible, and it eventually arrives at a thickness of only 1.5mm. This makes it easily fit into your wallet and purse, and it is also durable enough to last for many years. It is operated based on the Innway app, and this enables you to locate it easily when you cannot see the item.

If you want to use this tracker on the phone, you can use the receiver to make it ring when the phone is out of sight. This is also suitable for the silent mode as the ring does not intervene with the mobile silent condition. More importantly, it automatically stores the last location of the tracker in order for you to find it if it is completely lost.

The full charge of this tracker requires 2 hours, and it can last for 3 – 5 months after that.

#2. Cube Wallet Trackers

#2. Cube

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For this wallet tracker from Cube, it comes with an affordable price. However, it is upgraded with double level of volume as well as the finding range. It is based on a replaceable battery, and the battery can last for 1 year before the replacement is required. If you cannot find it, you can also use the crowd find function in the crowd community to let the people search for you.

It is also compatible with a smartphone with the alarm and flash function. This is to notify you easily when the phone is somewhere nearby. It is also compatible with the situation when the tracker gets disconnected from the phone.

Moreover, the app can keep the record of the last location of the tracker. This helps you a lot in finding the tracker once again after you lose the connection with it due to any unexpected accidents.

#1. Esky Wallet Trackers

#1. Esky

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Last but not least, we should not miss this wallet tracker from Esky. It comes with a portable design with a thickness of 0.18 inches. There are up to 6 receivers, and therefore, you can attach it to all of your personal belongings, including wallets, keys, and mobile phones. It features a beep sound at the noise level of 80dB to help you find it easily. You can press on the button of the receiver to get the alarm on as soon as possible.

With the radio frequency function, it also enables a long-distance operation. This enables you to receive the signals even through walls and doors. The range is up to 100 feet away from the tracker. With extremely long battery life, it can support you much longer than your expectation.

The design of this tracker is to help you find it easily.

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Buying Guide

Before you get a wallet tracker for your valuable personal items, please make sure that you evaluate on the following factors of the tracker.

Portable design: a good wallet tracker should be thin and portable. This enables it to fit perfectly into your wallet without putting any burden on you.

Mobile app connection: not all the wallet trackers are compatible with a mobile app. However, this function has some good benefits. If you put the tracker on a key or wallet, you can have the records of the location stored on the mobile phone. This helps you learn about where they are going while getting out of your sight.

Alarm and flashlight: this is another important component in case of emergency. It can produce the sound and light to notify you about its location to help you find it easily when it is nearby.

Range: the signal receiving range should not be less than 100 feet. This is to make sure that you can find it within a larger range.

Battery life: there are two types of battery for operation, which are rechargeable and non-rechargeable. The rechargeable battery lasts about 3 – 5 months in a full charge, while the non-rechargeable one can last up to 1 year before a replacement is needed.


To sum up, for this article, we have demonstrated the main features of the top 10 best wallet trackers to you. It is very helpful for your valuable personal items as it can help you find them as soon as possible with the help of mobile app records and receivers.

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