Top 10 Best Universal Power Adapters and Buying Guide in 2020

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For travelers, it is recommended that you have all the necessary life and survival tools so that you could travel to any corners across the globe safe and sound with convenience. There are some tools such as the universal power adapter that hosts fundamental importance to all your trips.

Yet, remember that not all international adapters have high quality and a large room for flexibility. Worry not, here we have enlisted the top 10 best universal power adapters that you can count on for your trip destination. Let’s check out and grab one for yourself!

List of the 10 Best Universal Power Adapters and Buying Guide 2020

10. JMFone International Travel Adapter Universal Power Adapter

JMFONE International Travel Adapter Universal Power Adapter

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JMFone comes with 4 AC socket and 4 usb slots; the international adapter offers users ability to charge five different devices simultaneously. The product comes with Smart chip, which you could charge different types of devices, including but not limited to, Android, iPhone, iPad, laptops, digital camera and MP3. It should be noted, however, the product is not compatible with high-power appliances mainly hair straightener, Conair hair dryers and combo.

The description for power range is as followed; 6.3 Max output and 100V-250V AC. The output is, 630 Watts at 100v as well as 1500 Watts at 240v. When it comes to safety nets, there are many layers of protection including built-in shutters, plug lock, children’s shock protection, surge protection and a safety system certified by FCC CE ROHS.

9. Unidap Universal Travel Power Adapter

Unidapt Universal Travel Power Adapter

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With two options (Black & Blue), Unidapt offers 4 USB ports for smart phones (Android & IOS), Bluetooth speakers, Laptops, Tablets, Power banks and more. You could use the AC power socket at the same time too. With Unidapt, the tech built-in automatically recognizes different types of devices; hereto, the product itself could deliver optimized electric for various devices. The tech saves the charging time.

The product includes the power system such as; 4 AC power sockets with max 6 Amp, 4 USB ports with Max 2.4A 5V and 2400mA. The universal adapter, as the abovementioned product, could cover more than 160 countries including UK, AU, EU and US. Unidapt comes with a refund policy and one-year full warranty. The product, nonetheless, could not convert voltage.

8. HAOZI Universal Travel Adapter

HAOZI Universal Travel Adapter

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Haozi comes with four different colors including Blue, Green and two types of Black colors. The product could charge three devices at the same time. Haozi’s charging process is fast; this is a good combo for all travelers. Meanwhile, you could use the USB ports and AC Socket at the same time. The product fits with many devices, including, iPhone 4S/5S/6S/7; Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6/S7; Nokia; Sony; LG; HTC; ZTE; Huawei as well as Digital Camera, Bluetooth Speaker, etc.

The safety system of the product’s is verified by RoHS, CE and FCC. 6.3 Amp fuse offers full protection for your body; there are built-in shutters too. The product has a lifetime warranty.

7. SAUNORCH Universal International Travel Power Adapter

SAUNORCH Universal International Travel Power Adapter

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Saunorch has four colors including Black, Green, Blue and Blue Type C. The product combines components such as; one international AC socket, three USB ports and one USB-C port. Because the product comes with USB-C port, it has an ability to double-speed charge devices at full 3 amp rate; the function is for tablets and phones (Samsung Galaxy Note8/S8, Galaxy Tab series, Nokia N1, Google Nexus 6P/5X, LG G6, etc). There is a smart IC chip (built-in Saunorch) so that the product could in automatic function recognizes different devices. The function is useful to offer simultaneous charging, boost charging speed and adjust the suitable current output.

Thermal protection layers and polycarbonate shell are equipped within the product; the system is also certified by RoHS and FCC CE. Saunorch’s power system is as followed; 1380 Watts at 230V in Max, 660 Watts at 110V as well as 100V-240V voltage). The product comes with a refund and replacement warranty for a lifetime.

6. World Travel Adapter Kit by Ceptics – QC 3.0 2 USB + 2 US Outlets

World Travel Adapter Kit by Ceptics - QC 3.0 2 USB + 2 US Outlets

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World Travel Adapter comes with a three-dimensional size as followed; 2.75”x 3.5” x 1.5”with a weight fewer than 5 oz. Travel pouch is included in the package too. The surge protection avoids your devices from voltage spikes and surges while the LEDs indicate whether the voltage standard of your place is 110V or 220V. World Travel Adapter comes with a small USB cable, quick charge (3.0), 2 USB (3.6a) and 2USA outlet.

World Travel Adapter covers Japan, Australia, US and USA’s plug-in system. The adapter is not able to accommodate curling irons, hair dryers, CPAP machine and hair clippers. The brand comes with a two-year warranty.

5. BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter 220V to 110V Voltage Converter

BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter 220V to 110V Voltage Converter

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Bestek is able to charge 7 devices at the same time; the quality owes to a 6A output, 4 USB ports and 3 sockets AC with the supporting power of up to 250 Watts. Furthermore, the USB outputs are designed separated from the AC power so that all your devices could be prevented from any sorts of damages. The hardware safety system is certified by NRTL, so that the product is able to offer you a full protection.

There are not going to be problems with short-circuit, over-heat, over-load and over-current. Bestek could converts voltages in various countries, for example, from Australia (50/60Hz, 100-240V) to Japan/US (60Hz, 110V). The design is compact with a three-dimensional size as followed; 1.57 x 3 x 6 inches. Please note that, there is a five-foot detachable cable too.

4. Epicka Universal USB Travel Power Adapter-EPICKA All in One Wall Charger AC Power Plug Adapter

Universal USB Travel Power Adapter-EPICKA All in One Wall Charger AC Power Plug Adapter

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Epicka comes with one AC socket and quad USB port. While the USB port allows you charge devices automatically, the combination offers users an ability to charge 5 devices at the same time. The safety standard is recognized by FC, CE and RoHS. The socket is against electric shock, single plug-in and dust. The surge protection and internal spike protect helps to protect your devices as well.

The product is compatible with devices such as Razors, Cameras, iPhones, iPads, etc. It is not recommended to use the product with high-power devices (hair dryers and more). You could use the product worldwide, in particular, over 150 countries including EU/UK/US/AU. There is a one-month refund policy and one-year warranty with limitations.

3. Travel Adapter Worldwide All in One Universal Travel Adaptor Wall AC Power Plug Adapter Wall Charger

Travel Adapter, Worldwide All in One Universal Travel Adaptor Wall AC Power Plug Adapter Wall Charger

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The third-ranked adapter bears a simple name “Travel Adapter” for its very function. The product comes with two colors; Black and White. The product combines the LED power indicator, built-in safety shutters and fuse protect. Travel Adapter is suitable with different devices including headset, Bluetooth speakers, 5V tablets, Smartphones, iPod, Samsung Tab, iPad, iPhone, etc.

The product is recommended for usages in low-power appliances such as computers, digital products, mobile phones, etc. It is not recommended to be used with high-power appliances such as coffee maker, hot water heater, steam iron, hair dryer, hair curler, flat iron, hair straightener, etc.

2. Bestek International Travel Adapter, 3000W Universal Travel Power Adapter Support Hair Dryer

BESTEK International Travel Adapter, 3000W Universal Travel Power Adapter Support Hair Dryer

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Bestek International comes with a three-dimensional size as followed; 4.2 x 2.5 x 1.4 inches. There are 5 charging ports including one Ac outlet, two USB ports, one Type C port and one QC3.0 port. The product could support high-power appliances such as hair straightener, curling iron, hair dryer and more.

The five international adapters such as JP (Type A), AU (Type I), UK (Type G), EU (Type C) and US (Type B) are suitable for usages in countries such as China, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Japan, Australia, Europe, UK, North America, etc. The product offers a 18-month limited warranty as well as one-month refund.

1-Power Plug Adapter – International Travel – w/USB Ports Work for 150+ Countries

Power Plug Adapter - International Travel - w/USB Ports Work for 150+ Countries

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Power Plug comes with five colors including White, Sand Black, Sand Grey Silver, Sand Red and Sand Black Silver. The product could charge devices such as iPad Air/mini, iPhone 5/5s, 6/6s Plus, 7/7 Plus and more; Samsung Galaxy S5, S6 and S7; Nexus; BTC; power bank; USB powered device and Bluetooth speaker headset.

The product includes components such as 4 USB ports and one USB port hub; therefore, the product could charge up to four different devices. For secured plug-ins, there are lock mechanism with eight pins to secure. The product could be used in more than 150 countries. It should be noted, the product is not a voltage converter.

Buying Guides

Suitability for appliances: Please note that some adapters could be used for low-power appliances such as smartphones and laptops only. Please consider other options if you need to use high-power appliances such as hair dryers and more.

Safety system: All the universal adapters here are recognized by well-reputed organizations; however, we recommend that you look into different details for protections. If you are going to travel with kids, please also consider protections for children.

Usages for specific countries: All the adapters we recommend could be used in more than 150 countries. It is important, however, that you check the details of your destination system as well as what your product could offer before each trip, for double check purpose.

Number of simultaneous charging: If you do not have many devices to charge, this guide is not essential. However, some travelers might wish to vlog their journey, so it is important that you pay attention to the number of devices you could charge at the same time.

Color: Color is also a point for consideration although not very necessary. Some products have many color options while some do not have. You might need to trade-off between the colors you like and the types of products you like.


We hope that details offered in our list are adequate for you to make a selection. Please consider our buying guide if you are going to consider other products besides what we have so far listed. We are sorry if there are some other details you could not find here. Feel free to offer us feedbacks shall you have any.

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