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For a tennis player, the tennis racket holds the key to his performance. No matter how good you are at the game, you need to have a high-quality tennis racket to give your best performance anywhere and any day.  In fact, you will even find the professional tennis players being very particular about the tennis rackets they use as it can make or break a match. The following list contains the top 10 best tennis rackets in 2020 for you to choose from as per your preference.

1 Wilson Federer Tennis Rackets

Wilson Federer Tennis Racquet (EA)

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Here is a tennis racket that comes with volcanic frame technology so that there will be amazing power. In this, you will find stop shock pads so that there will be enhanced comfort. Moreover, this makes sure there will be better stability, and it comes with power strings that offer explosive power.

It has a balanced weight so that you can hit it from depth when you are in court. You will also find an oversized head allowing you to have an additional sweet spot. Furthermore, this has a vibrant look and helps to absorb more shock. Additionally, this can be perfect for players with fast and long strokes, and it helps in even mass distribution.

Features –

  • Offers superior power due to the volcanic frame technology.
  • Better balance and comfort with stop shock pads.
  • Even mass distribution and oversized head.
  • Suitable for players of all levels.


2 Wilson unior Tennis Rackets

 Wilson US Open Junior

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Allowing you to select from multiple sizes, this tennis racket also lets you choose from different colors. This is in a strong racquet design and is composed of high quality aluminum. Additionally, it has an attractive look and helps to improve your skill level. This includes a large head size so that there will be better control with every shot.

It makes sure there will be a large sweet spot, and it also has a balanced weight that helps to absorb shock. Moreover, it distributes the weight evenly and lets you hit the ball with depth and pace. Furthermore, this is in a convenient design and is suitable for beginners and intermediates.

Features –

  • Gives the option to select from multiple colors and sizes.
  • High quality aluminum construction for long lasting use.
  • Strong racket design and smooth control with high shock absorbency.
  • Large head size for an enhanced sweet spot.


3 HEAD Ti. Conquest Tennis Rackets


 HEAD Ti. Conquest Tennis Racket - Pre-Strung Head Light Balance 27 Inch Racquet - 4 1/2 In Grip

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With this tennis racket, there will be superior performance as this comes in a revolutionized design. It is perfect for all levels of play and features a grip of 4.5 inches. Furthermore, this gives you a headlight advantage as it helps to reduce vibration and make sure that it will be better stability when you hit the ball. Moreover, it is also extremely durable and features Nano Titanium Technology that makes it deliver superior performance.

It lets you make crispy shots due to the oversized head and ensure there will be better control. It comes in a versatile design and can be ideal for casual players. Additionally, this does not disappoint you when it comes to performance and offers you superior comfort while holding it.


  • Reduces vibration to offer better stability while hitting the ball.
  • Superior comfort and better shock absorption with a grip of 4.5 inches.
  • Nano Titanium Technology construction for long-lasting use.
  • Oversized head design for superior performance.


4 HEAD Head Heavy Balance Racquet

 HEAD Ti S6 Tennis Racket

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If you are looking for a tennis racket that lets you perform great, then this can be the perfect one for you. This offers you a better advantage as it has a large head that offers better stability and control. Additionally, this comes with a titanium and graphite fiber technology and is extremely durable.

It also has a lightweight construction and ensures there will be a better balance. Moreover, it is suitable for beginner to intermediate level and features a powerful grip. This will let you have a more sweet spot and ensure there will be greater versatility. Furthermore, it serves great for people who are looking to have a moderate swing and improves your tennis techniques.


  • Offers better stability and control due to the large head.
  • Titanium and graphite fiber technology for long lasting use.
  • Enhanced maneuverability with the lightweight construction.
  • Ideal for people with a moderate swing.


5 Wilson Hyper Hammer Tennis Rackets

 Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung

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Equipped with an oversized head, here is a tennis racket that offers better power and forgiveness. This is ideal for players with compact and short swings, and you can even select from multiple sizes. Furthermore, it lets you have an athletic feel and ensure there will be a heavy balance.

With this, there will be increased stability, and it features an open string pattern so that there will be better spin and power. Moreover, it is ideal for adult competitors and has a large head size for a more sweet spot. Additionally, it helps to absorb more shock and make sure there will be added maneuverability.


  • Better performance and comfort with more shock absorbing.
  • Large head size and open string pattern for better spin.
  • Heavy balance and perfect for players with short swings.
  • Allows selecting from multiple sizes for user advantage.


6 Wilson Tour Slam Lite Tennis Rackets

 Wilson Tour Slam Lite

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Are you looking for a tennis racket that offers you more hitting power? This one comes with longer main strings so that there will be explosive power. It also has a powerful grip and comes in a pre-strung design. Additionally, the product has stop shock sleeves so that there will be enhanced comfort. It is ideal for a beginner and is in a size of 27.5 inches.

Moreover, it includes a large head of 112 square inches that offers you better power while performing. In this, you will find power string bridge technology that ensures there will be a swing in every shot. Furthermore, this can be perfect for having extra momentum and ensures that it will be easier access to spin.


  • Longer main strings for more hitting power.
  • Strong design and powerful grip for better performance.
  • Powerful swing in every shot due to the string bridge feature.
  • Includes a large head of 112 square inches for more superior power.


7 Wilson Prime Tennis Racket

 Wilson Prime (Strung)

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For people who are looking to enhance the tennis skills of their young ones, this one will serve as an ideal product. The tennis racket is ideal for kids under 11 years and makes sure there will be better playability. Moreover, it is ideal for a starter and offers superior comfort and control.

Additionally, it helps to develop skills from a young age and ensures that it will be better precision and feel. The product makes sure that there will be a better balance and offers an athletic feel. This comes with a grip of 4 inches and has a lightweight construction. Furthermore, it helps in absorbing more shocks and distributes the mass evenly.


  • Suitable for kids less than 11 years old.
  • Helps to develop tennis skills with better precision.
  • Distributes mass evenly and better control and comfort.
  • Offers an athletic and large grip of 4 inches.


8 Babolat Pure Strike Tennis Racquet



 Babolat-Pure Strike 16/19

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With this tennis racket, you can have a better advantage as it lets you select from multiple sizes. In this, you will find a thin beamed frame so that there will be a precision shotmaking. This includes a graphite frame and makes sure that it will be easy maneuverability. Moreover, it has a head size of 98 square inches and allows you to make different types of strokes.

Additionally, it helps to interact with the string and frame so that there will be better shock absorption. This is also very durable and features Babolat skin feel grip. Furthermore, it has a string tension of up to 59 pounds and features a string pattern of 19 crosses and 16 mains.


  • Graphite frame material for improving maneuverability due to lightweight design.
  • Gives the option to select from a wide number of sizes.
  • Allows making different types of strokes with large head size.
  • Attractive string pattern and improved shock absorption.


9 Wilson Burn Tennis Rackets

 Wilson Burn 100 Series

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This tennis racket makes sure there will be optimal maneuverability due to the lightweight construction. This has spin effect technology that can increase the ball rotation without making a difference on your swing. Additionally, it features a parallel drilling design so that there will be a consistent response.

This also comes with carbon fiber that helps to improve the frame stiffness. Moreover, it offers you exclusive power and comes in a pre-strung design. With this, there will be better playability and comfort, and you can even select from different sizes. Furthermore, it features a multifilament string and does not disappoint you when it comes to performance.


  • Carbon fiber frame to improve the stiffness of the racket.
  • Encourages better playability as well as comfort with pre-strung design.
  • Parallel drilling design for improving performance and durable construction.
  • Easy maneuverability with lightweight construction.


10 Oppum Carbon Fiber Tennis Racket

 oppum Adult Carbon Fiber

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Offering you maximum comfort while handling the racket, this one comes in a triangular structure. The tennis racket helps to absorb bad vibrations so that there will be a powerful performance. Additionally, it also has a double shock absorption feature as this comes with a wooden handle.

This includes an independent hole position which makes sure that there will be better stability. Furthermore, it also creates a beautiful appearance and maximizes the elasticity. The product is in durable construction due to aluminum and carbon fiber materials. Moreover, it helps to improve your performance and can be suitable for beginners and professionals. This has a large grip size of 4.375 inches and is suitable for both men and women.


  • Long lasting use with carbon fiber and aluminum material construction.
  • Offers superior comfort due to the wooden handle with double shock absorption.
  • Independent hole position for enhanced stability.
  • Large grip size and wide applications.

Buying Guide For Tennis Rackets

Check out the following points when you buy such a product.


The most important thing that you will have to see while buying a tennis racket is the size. It can have different strengths and can come with a wider or narrow frame. Look at the overall length as it has a maximum length of 29 inches.


While hitting the swings, the weight plays an important part. Heavier rackets tend to be more powerful, but it can have less maneuverability. You need to get the weight according to your expertise.

Balance: You will have to notice the balance carefully while buying a tennis racket. This is a personal preference, and it must be appropriate with the weight of the body to the weight of the head.


The head is the deciding factor when you buy a tennis racket. It can range from 95 to 110 square inches. With larger heads, you can have a more sweet spot and offer you more power. Smaller head sizes can be perfect for having better control.

Grip Size:

The grip size can vary accordingly with one model to another. If it comes with a small grip, then you will have to add additional grip at your own cost. It can include a white or black synthetic grip so that you can have better comfort. There are also leather grips, but it can be heavy.

Swing: You need to see the type of swing you have before making your purchase. The swing can be slow, average, or fast. For having effective control, you need to see if it comes with a narrow frame.


Conclusion – 

When it comes to buying a tennis racket, there are so many factors one has to keep in mind. Most of those points are touched upon in the buying guide. You should definitely go through it before you check out the products. This is because you will understand the products better and use the parameters to compare them and choose the best one as per your requirements and preference.

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