Top 10 Best Tactical Self Defense Pens of 2021 Review

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Majority of people will carry a pen with them from work, while traveling or simply out on daily activities. They make life simpler and you understand how it generally goes…once you want a pen you and cannot find one. Were you aware that pens are likewise a fantastic self-defense weapon? But lots of pens are shoddy parts of plastic which do not have a lot of use besides composing (when they are able to do this whatsoever). Fortunately, tactical pens exist, and they are an ideal multipurpose instrument for anybody searching for multi-function and simple to hide items for all those “just in case” moments.

List of the Best Tactical Self Defense Pens of 2021:

10. Tactical Pen Self Defense EDC Pen

Tactical Pen Self Defense EDC Pen

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If you would like to have the ability to protect yourself constantly, you require a strategic pen. These pens are constructed to survive, and they’re able to assist you when you are in a tight place. The Gerber Impromptu tactical pen has a rugged metal frame. It includes a push-button mechanism which will always set up the ball stage mechanics. The strategic pen has an incorporated glass-breaker which will enable you to escape trouble without hurting yourself. Even the “Rite in the Rain” filler works in any kind of surroundings, and you’ll have the ability to take notes if it’s raining or foggy.

9. Tactical Pen Self Defense Tool

Tactical Pen Self Defense Tool

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In case you’re looking for a fantastic survival tool you can take about in any kind of scenario, you ought to take a better look in this strategic pen. This strategic pen is created from aircraft-grade aluminum, and it employs a steel metal attack mind. The aluminum shell retains the pen’s weight, and that means you’re still able to write with it with no difficulties. The pen isn’t simply great for self-indulgent. It includes a built-in invisibly, also you’re able to use the screwdriver, hex wrench, bottle holder, and then scraper any moment you want to. The pen includes an integrated flashlight it is possible to use in the event of a crisis. The flashlight’s battery could last for as many as ten hours of constant use.

8. Practical Tactical Pen for Self Defense

Practical Tactical Pen for Self Defense

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The Practical Tactical Pen produced by pocket partners is a version you ought to take under account if you’re on the lookout for a self-sustaining weapon you can take with you constantly, even once you travel or if you are on the job. The pen comes with an elegant design which will look exactly like a normal pen for your eye. The pen cap will slip firmly on the trunk when you are composing, so you will find reduced chances you will lose it someplace.

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7. Tactical Pen Self Defense Tool with LED Flashlight

Tactical Pen Self Defense Tool with LED Flashlight

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In case you’re looking for a durable tactical pen that’s Inconspicuous enough to not make people take another look, then this pen is the ideal version for you. This pen is just one of the ideal self-improvement solutions if you are traveling and carrying out a rifle or an air pistol isn’t sensible. The pen is 5.7″ long, therefore it can be carried in a shirt pocket with no issues. Its casing is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, along with the pen layout resembles that of a standard one.

6. The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen

The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen

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The SWAT Tactical Pen made by ATOMIC BEAR ought to be a Go-to version for anybody who’s trying to find a self-indulgent and crisis scenario software but has a small budget. This pen does not cost much, and it supplies a fantastic value for the cost. Contrary to other tactical pens, this version isn’t heavy. Each of the weight is well dispersed. You will not have any issues using it at a workplace, even in the event that you need to write for a while.

5. Tactical Pen – Self Defense Weapons

Tactical Pen – Self Defense Weapons

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In case you’re looking for a pen that will really help you into a Scrap, you ought to take a better look at the version created by Smith & Wesson. This strategic pen is a little more than a regular person, and it is also stronger, giving a much better grasp. The pen’s layout resembles that of a normal pen, and the majority of individuals won’t believe it worthy of another appearance. The watertight design of this aluminum casing enhances your grasp, which makes it comfortable once you write, in addition to if you use the pen in a crisis situation.

4. CRKT Tao Tactical Pen

CRKT Tao Tactical Pen

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Even the “Pocket Shark” is among the most affordable pens on this particular listing, and that maybe because it is not actually a pen in any way. Actually, it’s similar to a permanent mark, and it is purposely made to look just like you. But at over half a foot in length, the disguise will likely only fool somebody who has never noticed a lasting mark before. Nevertheless, this is a superb self-defense instrument. It can readily be utilized as a Yawara rod, a weapon from Western martial arts.

3. Sminiker Professional Defender Tactical Pen

Sminiker Professional Defender Tactical Pen

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If you’d like the capability to split glass, possibly for a car accident or even a building fire? If this is so, this really is the pen for you! This pen has a carbide tip glass breaker, which is ideal for emergency scenarios, automobile accidents particularly. Additionally, this is a good looking pen. It is available in a dark grey color that suits perfectly together with the pointed style of their human body, making for a very intimidating pen.

2. Tactical Pen for Self-Defense Pens with Ballpoint Pen

Tactical Pen for Self-Defense Pens with Ballpoint Pen

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This pen looks like a bullet, also Due to this incredibly trendy design. The look is finished by the matte gray finish of this aircraft aluminum. This pen does not only look cool, however; it also writes incredibly well. On the other hand, the pen comes with a typical Parker-style cartridge; so to get a fantastic writing experience as possible for this pen.

1. Kozo Best Tactical Pen

Kozo Best Tactical Pen

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Whilst the Previous pen with this listing was created by a gun Producer, this pen somehow goes much more into gun land, as a result of its bolt-action mechanism which extends the pen tip. Even though it may look like a gimmick, it really works well and is extremely fun to play when bored in a workplace atmosphere.


Tactical pens may be of fantastic assistance, especially in the event that you operate from law enforcement or Armed Forces. They offer a great concealed carry self-defense Instrument, and they may be used effectively with the correct training. We are certain that after reading the following guide, you are able to agree that locating the very best tactical Pen isn’t about finding the very expensive one. The Majority of the versions available on the industry offer comparable characteristics, and paying even more for a single version is often unjustified. Remember that purchasing a strategic pen is not enough. You should also train it frequently, which means it’s possible to become accustomed to your own weight and grip.

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