Top 10 Best T5 Grow Lights In 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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If you love having indoor plants, then you will have to make sure that there is appropriate sunlight and brightness. However, by using T5 grow lights, you can offer the right amount of light to your plants. It offers fluorescent light and makes sure there will be maximum efficiency. There will be unified light and it is perfect for beginners. You don’t have to worry about placing your plant on the windowsill. Check out the following list of the top 10 best T5 grow lights to pick from.

List of Top 10 Best T5 Grow Lights In 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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#10. Hydrofarm FLP22 Agrobrite Designer T5

10. Hydrofarm FLP22 Agrobrite Designer T5

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These LED grow lamps are compatible with daisy chain configurations. The 10-feet grounded power cord also makes this lighting fixture ultra-flexible. Moreover, the lights are perfect for overhead and vertical hanging installations. These lighting systems deliver up to 20,000-lumens of brightness output. Nevertheless, the T5 tubes simulate the full spectrum of natural sunlight.

The grow lamps also come with powder-coated textured steel housing. Furthermore, the lights resist corrosion and rust for years. The T5 tubes produce up to 6400K color temperature. Nevertheless, the high-performance faceted specular aluminum offers uniform light distribution. You can use this lighting system for greenhouses and hydroponics.

  • Advanced functional design and easily installable.
  • Energy-saving configuration and long-lasting.
  • Advanced safety design and cost-effective.
  • No cons to point out.

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#9. Durolux T5 Ho Grow Light

9. Durolux T5 Ho Grow Light

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The T5 grow lights come with two body switches. Hence, these modules also offer quick illumination and deactivation. The grow lamps are responsible for delivering up to 4000-lumens brightness output. Moreover, the aluminum reflector saves a lot of energy during operation. Nevertheless, these modules use lesser energy to produce ultra-bright beams.

The German hammer-tone reflector also makes these lighting fixtures remarkably functional. Furthermore, the grow lamps produce a super-bright beam. The 4-feet long bulbs cover a wide area at once. However, the lighting system consists of an 8-feet long power cord. These modules are perfect for wet locations. This system is suitable for daisy chains and hanging hooks.

  • Environment-friendly design and transferable.
  • Ergonomic design and multi-application.
  • Advanced mechanism with improved area coverage.
  • Average ratings are slightly low.

#8. Monios-L T5 LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants

8. Monios-L T5 LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants

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These grow lamps support overhead and hanging installations. The 4-feet lighting fixtures have high Photosynthetic Photon flux density fluorescent tubes. Moreover, the lighting fixtures have the construction of aluminum and PC materials. Both of these materials offer exceptional heat dissipation. Hence, the lamps last for years without any complication.

The lighting system also simulates natural sunlight. Furthermore, these lamps produce wavelengths of 380 to 800mm. These LED lamps provide a color temperature of 2900K. The 60-watt super-bright LEDs are perfect for seedling cultivations and hydroponic rooms. Nevertheless, the reflectors increase the light by 20%. You will require no wiring to make these lamps work.

  • Effortlessly installable design and energy-efficient.
  • Cost-effective design with enhanced output.
  • Dynamic control design with superior performance.
  • No cons at all.

#7. VIVOSUN T5 HO Fluorescent Grow Light for Indoor Plants

7. VIVOSUN T5 HO Fluorescent Grow Light for Indoor Plants

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The T5 grow lights come with commercial-grade aluminum reflectors. Therefore, the higher reflection rate also makes these fixtures suitable for indoor plantations. Moreover, the lighting system comes along with an 8-feet long power cable. The fluorescent light source makes the fixture perfect for greenhouses and hydroponics. Nevertheless, the plug-n-play configuration makes these grow lamps simple to install.

The easily controllable switch lets you operate the illumination accordingly. Furthermore, the lamps are compatible with a daisy chain configuration. Each of the grow lights produces a color temperature of up to 6500K. These lamps offer horizontal, vertical, and overhead mountings. The lighting fixture comes with two hanging cables.

  • Powerhouse construction with improved coverage.
  • Dynamic safety construction and highly durable.
  • Multi-functional design effortlessly installable.
  • None.

#6. Hydroplanet Indoor Horticulture Gardening T5 Grow Lights

6. Hydroplanet Indoor Horticulture Gardening T5 Grow Lights

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The growing lighting fixtures come in a pack of four. These grow lamps also come with powder-coated housing. Hence, the lighting fixtures stay for years without any quality deterioration. Moreover, the 15-feet long power cord makes operation trouble-free for people. The fluorescent T5 High-Output bulbs replicate the waves of the natural sunlight.

The included hanger also lets everyone install this fixture with ease. Furthermore, the plug-n-play configuration makes this lighting fixture exceptionally flexible. The grow lamp consists of reflective aluminum reflectors. Therefore, the system reflects the big section of light for faster plant growth. You can use this lamp for hydroponics, greenhouses, and other spaces.

  • Cost-effective design with improved durability.
  • Advanced designed mechanism with extra power.
  • Versatile application design and easy setup.
  • No cons to point out.

#5. iPower 4-Feet 6400K T5 Grow Light

5. iPower 4-Feet 6400K T5 Grow Light

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The T5 grow lights nearly have an estimated lifespan of 20,000-hours. These lamps are also strong enough to produce 20,000-lumens of brightness output. Moreover, these grow lights have T5 fluorescent tubes with High-Output rates. Hence, these modules perfectly replicate the full spectrum of the sunlight. The super-reflective surface produces excessive light in lesser power consumption.

These lighting fixtures also come with separate controller switches. Furthermore, you can have precise control over the lamps. The reflector of these grow lights reflects up to 95% of light beams. However, the lighting fixtures have hanging cables and a long power cable. These lamps deliver up to 6400K color temperature.

  • Eco-friendly technology with improved satisfaction.
  • Highly durable, premium class material.
  • Easy operational user-friendly installable design.
  • Nothing to report.

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#4. Sun Blaze T5 High Output Fluorescent Grow Light

4. Sun Blaze T5 High Output Fluorescent Grow Light

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This high-output module solely produces up to 6500K color temperature. The plant strip light is also 4-feet long. Moreover, the lesser power-consuming lighting system only consumes 54-watt of electricity. The grow lamp makes a perfect addition to your greenhouses and hydroponics. Nevertheless, the lightweight module offers a hassle-free installation.

This manufacturer includes the mounting hardware, jumper cable, and a power cord. Furthermore, this T5 grow light is compatible with the daisy chain configuration. The cover of this lighting system is also detachable. This light delivers the sunlight-like output to assist perfect plant growth. However, the on or off switch offers simple control over this lamp.

  • Easy to assemble design and cost-efficient.
  • Improved mechanism with enhanced proficiency.
  • Eco-friendly design and long-lasting.
  • No drawback to highlight.

#3. Barrina T5 Grow Light for Indoor Plants

3. Barrina T5 Grow Light for Indoor Plants

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These T5 grow lights also have a linkable design. Therefore, extending the system also becomes easier for everyone. The presence of Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density promotes rapid plant growth. Moreover, the grow lamps make an ideal alternative to the natural sunlight. These lights produce accurate waves to match the ratio of plant absorption.

The individually controllable switch also makes these lights unthinkably functional. Furthermore, the system consists of 400 pieces of LED beads. However, the lamps only have a power input of 80-watt. The included cable ties, double-sided tapes, and clips make installation trouble-free. You can extend the lighting system up to sixteen pieces.

  • Easy to install, multi-application design.
  • Enhanced safety design and durable.
  • Premium grade material with improved area coverage.
  • None.

#2. Roleadro T5 LED Grow Lights 3500K

2. Roleadro T5 LED Grow Lights 3500K

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These grow lights replicate the full spectrum of sunlight. Hence, you can create the perfect lighting for a greenhouse plantation. These lights consist of high Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density. Therefore, the lighting system promotes faster plant growth and influences flower blooming. Moreover, these grow lamps come with 60-watt LED beads.

The provided extension cables let you flexibly increase the system. Furthermore, the T5 grow lights come with 4-level brightness adjustment functions. The timer lets you choose the stopping time from 3 to 12-hours. Nevertheless, the set includes all the necessary installation tools for users’ convenience. This system works with seedling cultivations, greenhouses, and more.

  • User-friendly design and maintainable.
  • Sturdy design with enhanced durability.
  • Universal application, easy weight design.
  • Nothing to highlight.

#1. Byingo T5 LED Grow Light

1. Byingo T5 LED Grow Light

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The growing lamps come in a pack of six. You will get the complete installation kit with this 4-feet lighting system. Moreover, the lights are responsible for producing a sun-like full spectrum. These lamps have a combination of blue, green, yellow, orange, and red colors. However, the lights support three different styles of installation.

These T5 grow lights produce up to 4500K color temperature. Furthermore, the end covers prolong the lifespan of the fixtures. These lights are also functional for sprouting, seeding, fruiting, and flowering. The tapes, cable ties, screws, and metal clips offer versatile configurations. Nevertheless, the system is flexible for pipeline cultivations, sowing, and pot cultures.

  • Ergonomic design with improved coverage area.
  • Sturdy construction with long-lasting features.
  • Temperature-friendly design with added safety properties.
  • Relatively new product.

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Buying Guide for T5 Grow Light


The size is one of the most important factors that you need to see while buying a T5 grow light. It is available in different sizes and you will have to see it offers maximum coverage. Consider investing in the one that meets all your indoor gardening needs.


It can have different styles of reflectors. You will find a T5 grow light that can come with a gull-wing reflector for a rectangular reflector. Encased reflectors deliver better performance and make sure there will be optimal coverage.


To make sure there will be a reliable performance, you will have to consider the bulb temperature carefully. Ensure that it is suitable for plants as well as seeds and does not cause any harm. This is a vital consideration and it can have a fixed temperature of 6500k. However, for fruits and blooming plants, it must have a bulb temperature of 3000k.


You need to invest in the one that offers optimal light distribution. Look at the overall brightness as it can vary accordingly from one unit to another. Some will also allow you to hang it in multiple ways and have a better advantage. You can see if it comes with dimming features so that there can be exceptional performance.


Always go for the one that is safe to use. It must have high-quality construction so that you can use it for a long time. Some will allow you to chain it in multiple ways and use it according to your requirements.


There are different types of these T5 grow lights available that you can use for different purposes. You need to be aware of certain technical parameters in order to pick the perfect product for your requirements. We have selected the best T5 grow lights from the online market so that you do not end up buying a sub-standard product.

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