Best SUV Tents in 2020 Review

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Make your vehicle a camping spot, and sometimes tents do not provide the protection you need. That is why you can turn to one of the top 10 best SUV tents in 2020 to make sure your camping time is better than ever.

These tents are made to attach to your SUV and make them longer. With the added space, you can stretch out and have more legroom. Plus, in an emergency, you can get to the driver’s seat quicker than from normal tents.

Get all the protection you need when you use one of the best SUV tents available.

List of Our SUV Tents On Amazon.Com Review

10. Napier Enterprises Sportz SUV / Minivan Tent

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This Napier SUV tent has a large compatibility range allowing you to use a variety of vehicles to attach to it. Once you find that vehicle and after you set up the tent, you have 9 by 9 feet of camping room. Moreover, your vehicle can be used to hold all your camping gear and supplies.

With that much space, you should be able to get between 4 and 5 people comfortably inside the tent area. Then no one should bump their head on the ceiling as the tent extends to 7 feet high.

The adjustable sleeve makes this SUV tent very versatile and easy to use. So, it will make your camping experience shouldn’t be the same after using this extension that converts into a regular tent if you want it to.

9. Offroading Gear Portable Awning

 Offroading Gear Portable Awning

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Give yourself some extra room when you go camping by attaching this SUV tent to the back of your vehicle.

This SUV tent is measuring 124 by 85 inches in size; up to 4 people can find shelter underneath its reach. Also, it is made from top polyester to make sure that it will endure rain and other weather elements you experience throughout your camping trip. Moreover, a large sidewall makes you’re your privacy is secured. And also, there should be no room for peeping Toms to get a look inside. In addition to those features, this SUV tent can be used in many locations. On the beach, in the park or even at home. You can get extra protection by being creative in your use.

8. Eurow Tail Gator Sunshade

 Eurow Tail Gator Sunshade Portable Shade

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Expand the reach of your SUV’s tailgate by adding this portable tent, sunshade to it. Once you get it attached and laid out properly, you get 8 feet by 8 feet of extra room underneath.

On top of that, it is easy to set up and should only take you a few minutes to get it ready. Especially, flexible poles provide the shape while spikes and weights make sure the tent does not blow away with the wind. And also, you can choose what colour you like between blue and camo colour.

What you choose is your choice, but it also depends if you want to be seen or not. Then, these built-in storage pouches let you keep small items nice and safe as you enjoy the weather. You won’t have to look for your keys when you use these pouches.

7. Napier Sportz Cove 61000 SUV Tent

 Napier Sportz Cove 61000 SUV Tent

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This product from Napier Sportz is well protected from the elements as you camp or hike through nature.

This universal use SUV tent makes sure you have the best protection from the weather as you sleep. No matter what kind of SUV you own, you can use this SUV tent, and it sets up nice and quickly. On the other hand, its made from top polyester construction materials, not only you get weather protection but also you get a mesh door to enjoy the night air without letting the bugs in. Also, a storm door is included to protect you from the heavy rain when it comes.

The features about this SUV tent is only measured about 25 inches long, but that should be more than enough to get the protection you want from this handy SUV tent. And a little bit of extra protection always comes in handy.

6. Napier Outdoors Sportz 4 Person SUV Tents

 Sportz SUV Blue/Tan Tent

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Get all the rest you need after you set up this 4 person SUV tent. After a long drive, nothing is better out in the wilds, than resting inside your new tent and taking in the fresh air. Also, once it is set up, you get 7 feet of headroom in the centre and 6 feet in the corners. And top of that there is 9 by 9 feet of the room from side to side. So, it is more than enough to hold all the campers on this SUV tent camping trip.

The versatile SUV sleeve makes sure you can stay connected to your vehicle. The sleeve remains open so you can get inside in case of a severe storm or another emergency. Being safe is better than being sorry, and this SUV tent helps you be safe.

5. Napier Sportz Cove SUV/Minivan Tent

 Napier Sportz Cove 61500 SUV/Minivan Tent

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Camping always makes a lot of fun. You may get to see sights as you have never seen before and city lights do not block the stars.

One way to get more fun out of your camping trip is to use this top-rated SUV tent. It is made from tough polyester construction materials and comes with a storm and a mesh door. Moreover, both doors protect you from what comes from sleeping in the wild. With about 2 feet of length, you and your SUV remain free from the weather, and you can store items underneath it for more room inside your SUV. Not only that, but the lightweight carrying bag protects this SUV tent from harm when it is not in use. This SUV tent also has a universal fit making it an ideal purchase.

4. Napier Backroadz SUV Tent

 Napier Backroadz

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Spice up your SUV camping trip by adding this Backroadz SUV tent to its back. Once you have the tent in place, you have a lot more camping options at your disposal. Not only can you use it to sleep in, but you can also use it for extra storage if the need arises. On the other hand, you get 7 feet of headroom and 9 by 9 feet of sleeping or storage space. Also, this SUV tent should house up to 5 people at one time. The separate D shaped door lets you enter and exit this tent with ease and without having to go through your vehicle.

It also has 3 mesh windows provide all the fresh air flow you need to get a good night’s rest. Fits CUVs, SUVs, and minivans with ease and sets up in minutes.

3. Napier Outdoors Sportz SUV Tents

 Blue/Grey Tent with Screen Room

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You get a lot of luxury with this Sportz SUV tent. Not only will it set up quickly, but it will also sleep 5 comfortably. On the other hand, it will fit your SUV without too much trouble. That is good to know when you are looking to camp out for a few days. Another key point, you get a mesh entryway that keeps the bugs out while you enjoy the sunset or sunrise.

For a large awning extends out the other side so you can get good airflow and shade from the sun. The sleeve lets you access your SUV and supplies without going outside in the bad weather. Also, Steel and fibreglass poles keep this tent secure along with ground stakes and tie-downs. After all, that will make your camping trip should be a success with this SUV tent around.

2. Explorer 2 SUV and Minivan SUV Tents

 Explorer 2

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Why spend a lot of time and trouble setting up a tent when you can turn your SUV into one in minutes? This SUV tent goes on the back of your SUV or minivan with ease, allowing you to enjoy your camping area.

After you get the tent set up, the Bungy cords included in your purchase make sure the tent remains secure no matter how bad the weather gets. A mesh door lets you get in and outside quickly while keeping the bugs at bay when you want to relax inside.

You can also tie the sides of this tent to give you privacy or good airflow. The choice is up to you, How you camp is your choice also, and this SUV tent makes it happen and makes your free time better.



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Your SUV or minivan may be big enough to sleep, you and your spouse. That means you do not need an extravagant or expensive SUV tent, just this little window tent. This style of the tent allows you to open your windows at night and keep the bugs out at the same time.

You get fresh air, good airflow, and a good night’s rest safe inside your vehicle. Also, this window tent should fit most mid and full-sized SUVs. Its little canopy should keep the rain away as well. Enjoy the great outdoors without enduring those pesky uninvited pests that show up at the wrong time.

Some final words

Make your camping time in nature better. Go with one of the top 10 best SUV tents in 2020 and have a ball. You get the room you need and the protection you want all night long.

Choosing one of these best SUV tents means you are using the best. So, that will make you have the best results as well as a great trip.

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