Top 10 Best Star Projectors In 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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If you are thinking of having a unique way of home decoration, then a star projector can be the right product. It is perfect for making your child happy as it provides different elements. Moreover, it is suitable for people of all ages and can be ideal if your little one has trouble while sleeping. Star projectors are easy to use and introduce the wonders of the universe to your home. Here is the list of the top 10 best star projectors to pick from.

List of Top 10 Best Star Projectors In 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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#10. Laser Stars Twilight Projector, Romantic Relaxing Night Light Show by Gifts A Must

10. Laser Stars Twilight Projector, Romantic Relaxing Night Light Show

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This star projector comes with a simple plug-n-play operation. With the help of an AC adapter, you can also simply run this machine by plugging it into a standard wall outlet. Moreover, the projector uses holographic technology. Therefore, this night light projector represents the actual holographic images of a starry sky.

The pair of inbuilt precision green lenses also creates the green night sky. Furthermore, the projector fills your room with thousands of stars with or without clouds. This galaxy projector creates a romantic vibe in your living space or bedroom. The slow-rotating laser stars replicate the motion of the earth.

  • Advanced plug and play configuration for user comfort.
  • Ergonomic design for restful and warm ambiance.
  • Easy weight design for enhanced manoeuvrability.
  • It is suitable for small area.

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#9. Sega Home Planetarium Star Projectors

9. Sega Home Planetarium Star Projector

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This star projector comes along with a pair of realistic discs and posters. The model also transforms your room into a classy planetarium. Moreover, this projector runs on a 5-watt standard wall out. This light includes 3-watt white LED technology. You can use this night light to project ultra-bright 60,000 stars.

The projection area also comes with a diameter of 106-inch. Furthermore, the set brings you four additional realistic high-resolution discs. You can add different modes like night earth and moon, southern hemisphere and day earth, and moon. You can project lights on your walls and ceilings. Moreover, you will get a double-sided poster of the northern and southern hemispheres.

  • Multi-application design for consumer comfort.
  • Multi-pattern design configuration for blissful environment.
  • Toxic-free material for comfortable experience.
  • The lenses could be better.

#8. MOKOQI Star Projector Night Lights for Kids with Timer

8. MOKOQI Star Projector Night Lights for Kids with Timer

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This star projector comes with night light mode and projection mode. You can also use this model to overcome the fear of darkness. Moreover, this night lamp makes a perfect gift for 1 to 2-years old kids. You can remove the projection film to transform this projector into a night lamp. The automatic rotation function gives your room a moving starry projection.

This projector also comes with 8 different lights. Furthermore, with the simple 3-button control, you can conveniently adjust the brightness levels, colors, and speed of the light. You can use a USB cable or four pieces of AAA batteries to run this projector.

  • Highly economical design for consumer comfort.
  • Multi-mode configuration for user satisfaction.
  • Easy transferable design and multi-functional.
  • There is no negative point.

#7. ANTEQI Star Projectors, 3 Types Table Lamp Modes and 17 Starry Sky Color Freely

7. ANTEQI Star Projector, 3 Types Table Lamp Modes and 17 Starry Sky Color Freely

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This star projector supports two ways of battery life methods. Therefore, you can also use this projector by using a USB cable or four AAA batteries. Moreover, the light lamp has a bright and colourful crystal ball. The simple and transparent shell transforms this projector into a magic night lamp.

The automatic shut-off function also allows users to set the timer from 5 to 95-minutes. Furthermore, the moon and star shell of this projector has projects different kinds of stars. The warm and soft glow produced by this projector helps people to sleep faster. This lamp looks perfect on your bedside table, shelf, table, and other spaces.

  • Multi-purpose design for enhanced satisfaction.
  • Sturdy flat base for improved stability.
  • Customizable settings for added comfort.
  • There is no such cons.

#6. Laser Star Projector Light LED, 3-in-1 Sky Twilight Star Ocean Wave Projection by Vinkki

6. Laser Star Projector Light LED, 3-in-1 Sky Twilight Star Ocean Wave Projection

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This star projector comes with a USB disk port and Bluetooth connectivity. Therefore, this projector also lets you play music from your different devices. Moreover, you can set the automatic shut-off function from 1 to 2-hours. This starry night light projector treats your eyes to make you fall asleep faster. The special aurora dancing light effect looks quite soothing.

You can also use this night lamp for projecting water wave patterns and stars. Furthermore, the sound-activated mode rhythmically changes the lighting pattern according to the beat of your music. The IR remote controller lets you change the colors, brightness levels, speed, and music settings accordingly.

  • Multiple-effect configuration for enhanced comfort.
  • Compact space-saving design for easy storage and mobility.
  • High-performance mechanism for improved satisfaction.
  • The durability is questionable.

#5. LBell 3 in 1 Star Projectors, Night Light Ambiance with Bluetooth Speaker, Voice Control & Remote Control

5. LBell 3 in 1 Star Projector, Night Light Ambiance with Bluetooth Speaker

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With a compact design, you can fill your room with a starry project by using this star projector. This LED night light projector also has a wide range of dynamic color projections. Moreover, the automatic control timer helps you to adjust the timer from 1 to 2-hour. The beautiful night sky projection delivers a romantic and dreamy vibe in your room.

The base of this projector also comes with the construction of heavy-duty plastic material. The built-in Bluetooth speaker lets you play your favorite tracks while treating your eyes with this lighting. Furthermore, the nebula cloud and starry projection gives a warm environment to make you fall asleep faster.

  • Dynamic multi-shade patterns for user comfort.
  • Highly personalized functions for comfortable experience.
  • Multi-functional design for enhanced satisfaction.
  • There is no such cons.

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#4. Star Projectors, Delicacy Sky Laser Ocean Wave Starry Projector with Bluetooth Speaker by Delicacy

4. Delicacy Sky Laser Ocean Wave Starry with Bluetooth Speaker

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This star projector projects rotating nebula cloud and laser stars to fill your room with dancing light waves. You can also change the lighting modes of this nebular cloud from green, red, blue, and white. Moreover, the smart lighting pattern supports both static and dynamic projection. The sound-activation mode of this night projector automatically changes the lighting patterns according to the rhythm of songs.

This night light projector also comes with 21 versatile lighting effects. Furthermore, a simple remote controller lets you control lighting modes, volume levels, timer function, and dance mode. The inbuilt speaker supports smart Bluetooth connectivity, and you can play music from USB flash drives.

  • Highly exotic patterns for peaceful and relaxed experience.
  • Dynamic wire-less controls for consumer comfort.
  • Easy operational and transferable design for comfortable experience.
  • There is no cons at all.

#3. MiiKARE Star Projectors, Adjustable Lightness Starry Light and LED Nebula Cloud with Remote Control

3. MiiKARE Adjustable Lightness Starry Light and LED Nebula Cloud with Remote Control

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This 2-in-1 star projector creates a nebula cloud wave projection to deliver a dreamy atmosphere. The inbuilt tube also offers better durability and brightness than the traditional lights. Moreover, the inbuilt Bluetooth speaker plays music from your devices. Even. The projection matches the rhythms of your music. This LED night lamp comes with 10 different color combinations.

You can also conveniently change the lighting effects up to 10 selected color combinations and 4 basic lights. Furthermore, the relaxing atmosphere created by this projector instantly relieves your stress. The sound-activated mode automatically changes the light according to the beat of the music.

  • Advanced modifiable design for superior performance.
  • Improved sensor controls for enhanced comfort.
  • Space-efficient and light-weight for enhanced portability.
  • There is no drawback to point out.

#2. Star Projectors Night Light, Adjustable Starry Projector with 21 Lighting Modes & Remote control by Refaney

2. Night Light, Adjustable Starry with 21 Lighting Modes

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This functional star projector comes with majestic 21 lighting modes and 10 classic color combinations. The set also brings you a remote controller and a USB cable. Moreover, the starlight-like lighting patterns create a starry atmosphere in your room. The USB port lets you simply connect this projector to your power bank.

This multifunctional lamp also works as a romantic mood light, ocean wave projector, bedside lamp, and a night lamp. Furthermore, this night light has an inbuilt music player. Therefore, while watching the starry projection, you can get pleasure from your favorite tracks. The automatic shut-off function automatically turns off the function within 1 or 2-hours.

  • Advanced versatile configuration for user satisfaction.
  • Colourful combination for comfortable and blissful environment.
  • Highly sophisticated mechanism for superior performance.
  • There is no such cons.

#1. Star Projectors, 2 in 1 Ocean Wave Starry Light Projector by EURPMASK

1. 2 in 1 Ocean Wave Starry Light

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Ignite your kid’s creativity, curiosity, and imaginative play, with the help of this star projector. This LED light projector also brings 10 different colors of dynamic projections. Moreover, the green laser stars add another dimension to your room. The galaxy pattern and Nebula clouds make your room look magical. You can adjust the brightness of the LED light-up to three different levels.

The rotating mechanism of this projection light also produces a wave pattern. Furthermore, the changeable lighting pattern suits the vibes of parties, home decoration, children’s days, and more. You can effortlessly change the automatic shut-off function timer from 1 to 4-hours.

  • Advanced customizable configuration for enhanced comfort.
  • Cross-functional design for added satisfaction.
  • Sturdy non-toxic material for safety and longevity.
  • There is no negative point.

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Buying Guide for Star Projectors

Check out the following parameters when purchasing star projectors.


A star projector can come with multiple lighting modes. You will have to select the one that offers a vivid and smooth image. Consider the one that allows you to change the mode conveniently and include an easy remote control. You will also have to see if it lets you change the color as well as speed.


It has to be composed of high-quality materials so that there can be long lasting use. Never go for the one that can cause any risk. It has to be safe for all night projection so that there can be peace of mind. If you want it for outdoor purposes, then it must have waterproof housing.

Power Source:

It allows you to power it with the help of batteries for some of it and come with a built-in battery. The one that runs with the help of a built-in battery will make sure there will be efficient performance. However, you will have to see if it comes with a powerful battery, and some can also allow you to charge with the help of a USB device.


Select the one that comes with a timer option so that you don’t have to worry about turning it off manually. With it, you will be able to save power, and it also makes sure that the LED would last longer.


Always see if it offers you multiple options. You need to see if it comes in a perfect size and allows you to have a hassle-free operation. Some of it can also come with a sound that can be an added advantage.


There is no doubt that star projectors are a thing of beauty when they have the required quality. However, the online market contains a lot of low-quality star projectors available, and our team has segregated the best ones for you. There is no need for you to do research, but you have to check all the products before purchasing one as they differ from one model to another.

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