Top 10 Best Standing Punching Bags in 2021

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Heavy bag is another term for a punching bag, and the best kind is the standing design. It is exercise equipment that is utilized to stay fit and healthy, and this product is used for molding champions in the boxing world. Releasing your strength on a standing punching bag tests your stamina, and it trains you to become physically strong and resilient. Plus, it is perfect for adults, teenagers, and kids. Without a doubt, a standing punching bag is a great addition to a commercial gym or a home gym. Or you can simply buy one and put it in your home. As you and your whole family use the punching bag regularly, you will notice a difference in the energy level of your family. Everyone will become stronger, happy, and healthy.

And so in this post, we have created a list of the top 10 best standing punching bags in 2021 for you to peruse and purchase. All the freestanding punching bags we feature are made from superior quality materials that are sturdy and durable. They are designed to ensure that you reap the maximum benefits of this kind of physical exercise. Plus, you stay fit and strong.

Best Standing Punching Bags to Buy in 2021

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10. riklos Free Standing Reflex Boxing Punching Bag

riklos Boxing Bag Standing Punching Bags

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The riklos Standing Punching Bag is a high quality speed heavy bag that has a huge capacity base with premium spring that is upgraded for flexibility. The boxing ball is very sturdy, and it is designed to withstand heavy punches for a long time. The stable base keeps the whole exercise equipment in place for safety.

Reasons to buy:

  • Manufactured using premium quality metal and superior grade faux leather
  • Height is adjustable between 53.5 to 60.6 inches or 136 to 154 cm, suitable for adults, teens, and kids
  • Extremely solid base has a large capacityof sand or water of 66 pounds

9. Plohee Freestanding Reflex

Plohee Freestanding

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The Plohee Standing Punching Bag is an extremely sturdy heavy bag that is designed to provide superior performance. The very stable base can be easily transferred to another location, on different surfaces like concrete, grass, or deck. It is an efficient reflex heavy bag that promotes increased blood circulation that is good for your health. By using this product, your speed, coordination, and precision increases.

Reasons to buy:

  • Manufactured using premium grade PU leather and super sturdy sponge
  • 2” to 60.8” of adjustable ball stand suitable for adults and teens
  • Sturdy base for two weighing options of 40kg for sand and 30kg for water

8. Everlast P00001223 Omniflex Freestanding Bag

Omniflex Freestanding Bag

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The Everlast Standing Punching Bagis a powerful product that promotes superior balance while you practice boxing. This heavy bag is designed and used for champions in the world of boxing. It is a very popular brand of punching bag that is manufactured using the most premium materials for extreme durability.

Reasons to buy:

  • Made from high quality materials that create a powerful punching bag for champions
  • Detailed laser etching with authentic signature logo of Everlast
  • Dimension of 24 x 24 x 67 inches, with weight of 28.6 pounds

7. PEXMOR Freestanding Heavy Punching Bag


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The PEXMOR Standing Punching Bag is designed for not only boxing training, but also for ninjitsu, aikido, jujitsu, and karate. It is a great heavy bag for practicing your hits, and it can survive even the hardest and fastest punches without giving in. This product is super silent with reduced vibrations while punching.

Reasons to buy:

  • Small space requirement of 10 sqft, with a height of 69” or 175cm
  • Made from high quality stainless steel, PU leather (2mm thick), environmentally friendly fabric, and EPE foam (high-density)
  • Circular tank armor base is made from premium ABS material, with 12 suction cups

6. langomke Freestanding Reflex Adjustable Cobra Boxing Bag

langomke Freestanding Standing Punching Bags

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The langomke Standing Punching Bag is impact and abrasion resistant heavy bag with a dense steel plate. It went through the same point bending test of more than 120,000 times without cracking. This product has an adjustable height with a durable base and extremely sturdy speed ball. It is great for relieving stress and losing weight.

Reasons to buy:

  • Innovated speed ball is constructed using premium grade PU and high quality polyurethane material
  • Strictly tested for same point bending for more than 120,000 times and passed with flying colors
  • Designed for adults, teens, and kids with freestanding adjustable height of 43.31” to 53.18”

5. Xsport Pro Freestanding Punching Bag

Xsport Pro

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The Xsport Pro Standing Punching Bag is amazing exercise equipment that is equipped with superior shock absorbing technology that reduces the noise while hitting this product. It is an extremely durable and highly efficient punching bag that is built to handle even the toughest hits. The stable base keeps the heavy bag in place.

Reasons to buy:

  • Utilizes a shock absorbing technology with two TPU absorbers with extra 4 springs
  • Seamless roll relocation of the curvedtank base made from premium ABS material
  • Made from stainless steel, PU leather (2mm thick), environmentally friendly fabric, and super tough EPE foam

4. U’King Freestanding Punching Bag for Adults & Kids

U’King Adult & Kids Freestanding Standing Punching Bags

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The U’King Standing Punching Bag is perfect for an office or home use. It is an excellent stress reliever heavy bag that promotes your fitness and health. The sucking base is extremely stable, which is made from quality ABS material. It is very easy to roll for relocation if you plan to transfer it.

Reasons to buy:

  • Designed for adults and teen with a height of 47” to 73”, with freestanding height of 67” or 170cm
  • Rounded base tanks is made from high quality ABS material and formed into a tire for uniqueness
  • Tear-resistant punching bag thanks to the high quality materials of PU leather (2mm thick), eco-friendly fabric, and extremely solid EPE foam

3. Dripex 47” Kids Heavy Boxing Punching Bag


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The Dripex Standing Punching Bag is safe to exercise equipment for kids. There is no risk of this heavy bag to fall off and hurt your kids’ thanks to the steel plate that is fixed on the floor. The anti-rust base is equipped with silicon edging to safeguard your kid’s feet in case of accidental kicking.

Reasons to buy:

  • Designed for children 3 years to 11 years old with height of 30 to 54 inches
  • 360 degree shock absorber with anti-rust steel plate of 3mm thick
  • Made from PU leather (2mm thick), buffer is eco-friendly fabric and high-compact EPE foam

2. Anfan Reflex Free Standing Boxing Speed Punching Bag

Anfan Reflex Bag Standing Punching Bags

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The Anfan Standing Punching Bag is the perfect product for training to keep your body fit, eliminate muscle tension, and lose weight. It is designed with a speed ball style that is suitable for increasing your coordination, promotes reaction velocity, and molds your body to be strong and flexible. And the adjustable height is compatible with different tallness.

Reasons to buy:

  • Water filled base has a 66 pounds large capacity, and a 154 pounds stand up capacity with zero deformation
  • Speed ball bag is manufactured using premium grade PU, high quality fixed steel, and super heavy duty sponge
  • Designed for all family members with adjustable tallness between 53.5” and 60.6”

1. newtend Height Adjustable Reflex Speed Punching Bag


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The newtend Standing Punching Bag is made from superior quality materials. The height is adjustable so every member of your family can use this heavy bag to stay fit and strong. This product is great for improving your cardio health, as well as promote eye and hand coordination. And it is perfect for your overall health.

Reasons to buy:

  • Made from premium grade PU material, heavy duty sponge, and high quality fixed steel
  • Large capacity sturdy base with an adjustable height between 53.5” and 60.6”
  • High rigidityspring for an excellent swing and sway bounce back


A standing punching bag enhances your aerobic fitness as well as improves your body coordination and core stability. There are so many benefits to using this kind of exercise equipment, so do not miss your chance of buying one. We have narrowed down your potential choices to less than a dozen so you can save time searching and comparing products. Whatever freestanding heavy bag you will chose from our list, you are sure to purchase one of the best in the market. These products are highly rated by their buyers, and they are built to last for many years.

You can see unique designs with the products we have chosen for you. Most of them are developed for the usage of the whole family, so everyone in the household can be stronger and healthier together. And with a family that exercises through boxing together, the bond stays stronger as well.

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