Top 10 Best Room Heaters in 2021 | Buying Guide

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Whether it is a winter season or not, we all should get ready for the season when the temperature can drop to a freezing temperature. When stocking food weekly or bi-weekly is a thing, getting a room heater ready for the season is also an important thing.

Now, there is a great variety of room heaters available. Some are more productive than the others. And, some others are more expensive than the rest. In this review, we are introducing to you the ten best room heaters in 2021 with their key features as well as some buying tips. Without any delay, let’s get started.

List of the 10 Best Room Heaters in 2021


10. Lasko Ceramic Space Heater | Heater for Room

best space heater for large room

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Lasko is a top-rated room heater packed with features.. There are two settings including low and high heat. Both settings are very quiet and are superb-ideal for a bedroom. Furthermore, we can adjust the thermostat of the unit with ease. The product is a 1500-watt heater. Additionally, there is a digital display that you can read the machine’s status.

Plus, there is a remote control that enables you to control it from a distance. Timing it is also possible as users can set a timing from one hour to eight hours straight. What’s more, it won’t overheat because it features an overheat protection. The product comes fully assembled as well.

Key Features

  • Digital display
  • ReTwo quiet settings: low & high
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • 1500-watt room heater
  • mote control
  • Timing: 1 – 8 hours
  • Full assembly

9. BAYKA Space Heater, Portable Electric Space Heater for Office and Home

Ceramic Small Heater with Adjustable Thermostat, Tip-Over and Overheat Protection

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Bayka is another highly-rated room heater. Users can choose six different settings ranging from a high heat to a fan only. Moreover, users can adjust the thermostat to keep the room environment in a stable and healthy temperature. The product is electric-powered. You are plugging it in the power outlet, and users will see the light indicator showing the status of the product’s.

Additionally, in case the room heating is falling, the power will cut off automatically. That’s a life saver for many of us. It just doesn’t fall over a carpet and make troubles out of it. What’s more, it’s easy to carry the product and move it from one room to another with a handle of its own. The sound level is very low with 50dB only.

Key Features

  • Six Setting: From a High Heat to a Fan Only
  • Adjustable Thermostat for a stable room temperature
  • Auto-Off: When falling off
  • Portability: a handle offered
  • Low noise: 50 dB

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8. GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater, Ceramic Room Heater with Thermostat

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GiveBest makes one of the most excellent room heaters in the industry. It is a 750-watt power room heater. Moreover, users can adjust a temperature between 0 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The heating is cycling as it has sensors to detect and adapt to the room environment. What’s more, it is made with PTC ceramic. The room heater can cover an area of 200 square feet.

Plus, there is no fire hazard with it because the product design is from flame-retardant components. Other than that, the machine will shut itself off automatically when it is tipping over. It is an ETL-certified product for its solid performance. Lastly, we will get one-year warranties from the company as well.

Key Features

  • 750-watt motor
  • Adjustable temperature: 0 – 150 Fahrenheit degrees
  • Adapting to room environments
  • Coverage area: 200 square feet
  • Auto-off: When tipping over
  • ETL certification

7. Flashvin Oscillating Space Heater, Indoor Personal Heater, Electric Ceramic Heater with Over Heat Protection, Tip Over Protection, 3 Heat Settings, Quick Heat up for Home Office

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Flashvin serves you well as an excellent room heater. It is a compact heater that we all can place beside our beds, on desktops in offices and under tables. Moreover, it just doesn’t make any noises. All we need to do is press an on button for the room heater to operate. The noise level is 45 dB only. Additionally, the overheating protection saves it from overheating. Alongside, there is a protection for the room heater in case of a tipper over that makes it safe for users.

Flashvin is made with PTC ceramic which makes it a solid-built product. There are three different settings with it including high heat, low heat and natural wind. It makes an awesome room heater because of its very usefulness.

Key Features

  • Compact heater
  • Low noise level: 45 dB
  • Overheating protection
  • Tipping-over protection
  • Building material: PTC ceramic
  • Three settings: natural wind, low heat & high heat

6. Lasko 2 Best Type of Space Heater for Living Room

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Lasko 2 is an exceptional deal when it has a 1500-watt heating motor that gives two different settings including low and high heatings and offered at this price. Users can control the thermostat and adjust for your preferred room temperature. Lasko 2 is a ceramic-built room heater. The material prevents the machine from overheating.

Furthermore, users can set a timing with an auto time-off. It is an electronic room heater that comes full assembled. For its safety and solid performance, the product is listed as an ETL room heater.

Key Features

  • 1500-watt heating machine
  • Two settings: low & high
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Building material: ceramic
  • Timing setting: Auto-off
  • Performance & Safety: ETL Listed

5. Aireplus Space Heater, 1500W Oil Filled Radiator Electric Heater with Digital Adjustable Thermostat

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Aireplus gives us plenty of options. There are three heating options including 600 watts, 900 watt and 1500 watts. Users can choose an eco-friendly mode that makes the room temperature a stable and healthy one automatically. We can set an auto-off within 24 hours as well. Aireplus has an elegant control because there are big buttons with it.

What’s more, the heating is very quiet. It doesn’t bother you and especially your babies when they are sleeping. Additionally, the heating is even with humidity. There isn’t dry heating with the room heater. The company that is offering it has excellent customer service as well.

Key Features

  • Three Heating Settings
  • Eco-Friendly Mode
  • Auto-off within 24 hours
  • Excellent customer service

4. Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater 1500-Watt

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Dr. Infrared Heater is a modern room heater with a classic look because of its wooden-colored frame. Users can choose two different heating settings including low and high heating. Additionally, we all will find it useful and safe with Dr. Infrared Heater’s overheat and tip-over protection. Users can set an auto time-off within 12 hours with the room heating machine as well.

Moreover, it features a remote control. The noise level is very low. It is 39 dB that won’t bother your sleeping. The room heater has a long cord of 72 inches for flexible uses of it.

Key Features

  • Wooden-colored frame
  • Two heating settings
  • Overheat and Tip-over protections
  • Auto time-off: within 12 hours
  • Remote control
  • Low noise level: 36 dB

3. Lasko 5160 Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote Control

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Users will find this Lasko 3 heater a desirable heater if they love the tower standing room heater. It is a ceramic-built heating machine. The ceramic is safe to users because it avoids overheating. Additionally, there is a blowing mode with Lasko 3. Because of its widespread oscillation, the room heater distributes warm air evenly throughout your whole room.

The product has a coverage area of 300 square feet. Users will have confidence in using it because of the product’s excellent performance and solid build.

Key Features

  • Building material: Ceramic
  • Blowing mode
  • Widespread oscillation: even warm air distribution
  • Coverage area: 300 square feet

2. PELONIS Space Heater in Steel Cover, Portable Oil Heater with Thermostat

Oil Filled Radiator Full Room Heater with Tip Over & Overheat Protection for Indoor Use

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Pelonis is an outstanding room heater for many reasons. There are several words to say for the product’s outstanding performance. It has three heating settings, first. Second, users can adjust the thermostat. Third, users can have the eco-friendly setting that the room heating will heat automatically by saving a lot of home energy. Users can set an auto-off within 24 hours as well. Thus, you can set it to work before your coming so that users can enjoy comfort in a warm room environment.

Pelonis is silent, which makes it a perfect room heating if you are having babies. A large LED display tells us about the heater’s performing status. Lastly, the product has an overheating and tip-over protection as well. It won’t overheat, and it will shut itself off automatically if tipping over. That’s a double bonus for your personal safety.

Key Features

  • Three heating settings
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Eco-friendly mode: save energy
  • Timing setting: within 24 hours
  • Huge LED display
  • Overheating and Tip-over protection

1. Honeywell Digital Ceramic Tower Space Heater

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Honeywell is a 1500-watt room heater suitable for a number of applcations. Users can choose a high heating setting. For a low heating setting, it consumes very little energy. Furthermore, the room heater is easy to use with those controlling buttons. Additionally, there is overheating and tip-over protection. The overheating protection doesn’t make the product overheat. For the tip-over protection, the room heater will shut itself off automatically when tipping over the carpet or floor. That doesn’t make a fire with safety protection.

Users can use it to supplement your home’s main heating system. Moreover, you can use it as a main heater inside your bedroom as well. Lastly, the room heater makes even heat distribution throughout the entire room.

Key Features

  • Two settings: High & Low
  • Ergonomic design: Buttons easy to control
  • Overheating protection: No overheating
  • Tip-over protection: auto shut-off when tipping over
  • Serve as a supplementary heater or main heater for a bedroom

Buying Guide

Heating Setting: Users will find an excellence in a room heater when it has two heating settings and above. It is not conventional for a space heater to have only one heating setting. There should be a high and low heating setting. Moreover, some heating machines even have fan only mode and other settings as well. This is about personal preferences and the needs in your area.

Ceramic Build: A ceramic-built heating machine makes a good impression as a heater because it just avoids the machine from overheating. That’s an essential part. Moreover, ceramic makes a solid build for a heater for room space.

Eco-friendly mode: Users will find beneficial any room space heater with eco-friendly modes. The eco-friendly modes help to save the environment when the weather is good, and you don’t need much heating. It saves a lot of energy from being wasted.

Remote Control: Some heating machines come along with remote controls. Having a remote control is easy to control the heater from a distance. We all don’t sweat a little bit by just controlling the heating machines, as a result.

Timing Setting: Sometimes, users set a specific time so that the room’s heater will function automatically and make the room heating for a warm room environment. It’s good as well for people who might forget to turn off the heater. They can set a timing. After a specific period of time, the space heater will shut itself off automatically. Usually, users can set an auto time-off within 12 hours or 24 hours.

Overheating Protection: Despite the ceramic material, the product should have the overheating protection. It is a special program inside each room’s heater that avoids the machine from overheating and making a fire.

Tip-over Protection: Tip-over protection means an auto-off if the heating machine is tipping over. That makes safety for users because the room heaters that are on while tipping over a carpet can make a huge fire easily.


We all ask each other whether we are ready for the upcoming winter season. Whether we feel ready or not, we should be ready by preparing a list of items we should buy for the upcoming season. Winter is hard without a good preparation, as we all know.

A room heating should be an item in your list because it’s beneficial. It heats your room environment warm in the cold winter season. There are too many room heaters in the market, however. Choosing the right one can be a challenge if you are a first-time buyer.

We are offering reliable reviews over the ten best room heaters. You should find it helpful with a product buying guide for features such as heating settings, eco-friendly mode, ceramic build, timing setting, overheating protection and tip-over protection. These qualities make exceptional or high-performing room’s heaters. It should have a remote control as well.

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