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The presentation clickers are of great assistance when delivering presentations. They allow users to remotely control their presentation decks while being able to walk around, engage with the audience, and create a greater impact.

These clickers also feature laser light that is useful in highlighting important key areas on the screens. This list introduces to you the top 10 best presentation clickers. In the end, there is a helpful buying guide to help you choose the best presentation clicker that will best suit your needs.

List Of Our Best Presentation Clickers Reviews On Amazon.Com

#10. DinoFire Wireless Presentation Clickers

#10. DinoFire Wireless Presenter Clicker

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Doing a presentation will have never been so much fun and professional with the DinoFore presenter remote. This device is the perfect assistance to have when delivering presentations. It features a green light which is proven to be 10 times brighter than normal red light of pointers. The green colour is clearly visible while attracting the audience’s attention, on any background. In addition to that, this DinoFire remote has several other interesting features. With the remote, the presenter can hyperlink, move pages up/down, switch windows, control volume or shift to a full or black screen.

The device runs on a built-in rechargeable battery ( lithium and 360mAh) which, after a 1-hour full charge, can last for weeks.  Users can use the remote pointer at a range of 82 foot allowing users to move freely and connect with their audiences. Moreover, it has a clipping design that allows it to be attached to your pocket or book, without losing it.

#9.  KNORVAY N26 Wireless Presenter Clicker

#9.  KNORVAY N26 Wireless Presenter Clicker

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The KNORVAY N26 presenter pointer has an elegant and professional look. It has a plug and play function and is very easy to use. The settings buttons can be customized and they can be used as media play/pause button, page up/down, next/previous slides or put full/black screen mode. Without doubt, this product is a professional one that has been smartly developed so that users can present in all mobility in a range of 328 feet/100 meters. Moreover, the pointer displays a bright red light that can be used as far as 656 feet/200metres. The red light is attractive and iOS clear on almost all background colours. Our KNORVAY N26 presenter clicker is compatible with several computer systems, including Linux, Android, macOS or Windows.

In addition to that, users can purchase the supplementary USB2 receiver that allows the KNORVAY wireless clicker to control several computers. In case of any issue with the presenter, users can always count on the reliable and professional customer service.

#8. PowerPoint Lightweight Presentation Clickers

#8. PowerPoint Lightweight Presentation Clicker

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This presentation clicker is an amazing tool that will help you make your presentations more engaging and livelier. Thanks to this powerful pointer, you will be able to catch your audience’s attention and get your speeches more interesting. Compatible with various software and devices (Ms Office, Google Slides, websites, ACDSee, MacBook, and others), it offers a hassle-free experience.  All its different functions are easily accessible for use. It can be used for next/previous slides command, black screen, and an auto-shutdown system for battery saving.

Once you try it, you will always need this amazing pointer to assist you in your presentations. It has been designed to offer the greatest efficiency and convenience to users; it is stylish, lightweight, and compact with an ergonomic design. On top of that, users can enjoy a one-year guarantee on the product.

#7. Logitech R500 Laser Presentation Clickers

#7. Logitech R500 Laser Presenter Clicker

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Logitech is renowned for the quality of its products and this R500 laser presentation clicker is another confirmation that each product is optimized to offer the greatest use. It can be operated through Bluetooth or USB. With this Logitech R500, you will be able to move freely around doing your presentation while keeping full control of your presentation. This pointer is recommended for small and medium-size rooms. Users can use the pointer as far as 20 meters away. The R500 is suitable for Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS, and several presentation applications such as Slides, Prezi, PowerPoint, and Keynotes amongst others.

When paired with the Logitech presentation app, users can customize the pointer’s buttons, monitor the battery’s life, as well as, set a timer during presentations. Last but not the least, this pointer can last for 1 year on only one AAA battery.

#6. Key-Customized Wireless Presentation Clickers

#6. Key-Customized Wireless Presenter Clicker

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We are happy to have this KNORVAY N27 in our list. This plug & play presentation clicker is a wireless one that allows hyperlink, windows switching, activating black/full screen, or page up/down. In addition to that, users can customize the keys to control volume, do previous/next tracks, mute, play/pause media, and many other control options. Equipped with a top micro-chip, it offers an amazing control distance of 300ft/100M with a light range of 660FT/200M.

Users will enjoy the bright red light that is compatible with several backgrounds; however, it is not recommended for LED/ tv screens and LCDs. Like other clickers from KNORVAY, this device can control countless numbers of computers by using USB receivers. The keys on the remote can be controlled with the support of the application.

#5. Wireless Presenter Remote

#5. Wireless Presenter Remote

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If you are looking for a powerful and comfortable presentation pointer remote, have a look at our EASYWEB remote. This device is very popular for its ergonomic design. It has a form to fit your hand perfectly and the buttons are easily accessible. One can easily change slides or turn black screen easily without having to look at the intuitive keys on the remote. In addition to that, users can use the clicker as far as 39 feet and the laser as far as 2328 feet. As such, users can move around easily in any type of room, engaging with their audience, while keeping control of their presentation slides.

This clicker features a bright red light that users can use to point to the screen and highlight key points on their slides. In regard to compatibility, it can be used Windows version 7 and later, Mac OS 10.10 or later. Moreover, it supports presentation software such as Prezi, Slides, Keynote, and PowerPoint to name a few. On top of all that, it comes with 3-year support.

#4. BEBONCOOL Presentation Clickers


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This is the remote that anyone doing a presentation would fall in love with. It has been designed smartly to offer users convenience, efficiency, and confidence in delivering presentations. This BEBONCOOL Wireless clicker is very easy to use; its buttons feature functions such as page up/down, black screen, activate the light, or start slide show. Likewise, it features a plug and play system. You do not have to worry about losing the receiver as with some other pointers; this pointer has a docking bay to store the receiver when not in use. As such, it is difficult to lose or forget the receiver.

Having also the protection of the environment in mind, the device is made of ABS plastics. To highlight content on the screen, users can make use of the pointer’s red night light that works well on several backgrounds. The BEBONCOOL pointer is compatible with Windows and Mac. Additionally, it supports Microsoft Office, ACDSee, Website, Keynote, and many others. The device is supported by a 3-year warranty.

#3. DinoFir Presentation Clickers

#3. DinoFir

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Black and sleek, this DinoFire wireless presenter will give you more confidence and make your presentations more engaging thanks to its amazing features. The clicker supports volume control and hyperlinks. It also features other functions such as play slides, black screen, or page up/down. In addition to these, its bright red light can be used on most backgrounds (excluding LED and LCD screens).

With a clicking range of 98 feet, users can move freely around the room while presenting. With convenience, it has a clip that allows users to secure the device to pockets or books. It is very versatile and in addition to Windows, it supports MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, iWork, Google Slides, and ACDSee. To be used with a MAC, the USB receiver has to plug into the laptop. It has a USB dock, with a magnetic feature, that is very helpful to keep the USB so that it does not get lost.

#2. Logitech Professional Presentation Clickers R800

#2. Logitech Professional Presenter R800

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One highlight of the R800 presenter from Logitech is its green light that can also be used over LCD and plasma screens, unlike others with red lights which are incompatible with such types of display. This device has very intuitive controls that allow users to navigate through their presentations without having to look at the remote.  Moreover, it features an LCD display with a timer function. Users can also set up discreet vibrating alerts during their presentation to monitor the presentation timing.

In addition to that, it shows a reception-indicator when users are going out of the 100-feet/30 meters clicking range. It is easily installed through a plug-and-play system; just plug the receiver into the USB port. There is no software or app installation required. The receiver can be stored inside of the presenter for easy storage and portability.

#1. BEBONCOOL Presentation Clickers


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Another great 2.4GHz wireless presenter from BEBONCOOL. This plug-and-play pointer runs on a AAA battery. The bright red light can be used on several backgrounds to highlight key points on your slides. With its 39-foot control range, you will be able to move around in the room and create more impact with your audience. The remote pointer’s buttons allow the following commands; black screen, on/off switch, next/previous slides, page up/down, and activate pointer.

This BEBONCOOL presentation clicker works with MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, iWork, websites, and ACDSee. The device also includes a bag and a very informative manual guide.

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Buying Guide


Depending on your needs during a presentation, you have to consider the different functions that the pointer has. For instance, some pointers allow only basic commands such as black screen, next/previous slides, and page up and down. On the other hand, others support hyperlinks.

Similarly, some brands also feature timers with alerts to users when they are running out of time or they are getting too far away from the receiver.

Pointer/Light Range

Based on the room where you will deliver the presentation, you need to check how far away you can go from the receiver. If you will be presenting in a big room, you should opt for a presenter pointer with a wide range so that you can move freely and still have all commands over the presentation decks. On the other hand, if you will be presenting in a small meeting room, for instance, remote control with a small range will suffice.


You need to check with what types of software and presentation tools can the pointer be used with. Similarly, some work on certain types of PCs while not on others. You should check if the pointer is compatible with the device that you will be using it with.

Secondly, one needs to consider the background or screens on which the light will be used. Accordingly, you may choose one with a red or green light.

Other features

For greater convenience, some pointers have a dock to keep the USB receiver. This is very helpful as it helps to keep the receiver safe and not lose it.

Likewise, those with a clipping feature allow users to secure the pointer to their pocket, for instance, when they are not using it.


When delivering a presentation, speakers have more impact on the audience by walking around and being able to control their presentation without having to be constantly on the keyboards. Presentation clickers are great devices that assist speakers by allowing remote control within a specific range for the computer. They can help to change slides, activate the full or black screen, page up or down, as well as, having a pointer to highlight key areas during the presentation.

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