Top 10 Best Portable Scanners in 2021

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There are various scenarios where you have to scan the documents on the go. The days of devices fixed in one place is coming to an end as more and more devices are becoming mobile and portable. In this connection, the portable scanners are becoming extremely popular.

Anyone can take this handheld scanner and scan document from any place they want. The following list contains the top 10 best portable scanners in 2021 with versatile features for your convenience.

The Best Portable Scanners to Buy in 2021

10. Document Scanner by MUNBYN

MUNBYN Portable Scanners

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This handy and sleek scanner comes with automatic shut-off technology to shut down the machine after 3-minutes of inactivation. The device also comes with a card slot and a 16GB micro-SD card. Moreover, the device mostly works with Windows and Mac Operating Systems. By simply using a USB cable, you can conveniently charge this unit.

The device with a faster scanning system is also able to supply faster scanning and storing of JPEG and PDF files. Furthermore, the device is able to scan A4 size images and documents. The portable scanner comes with easy-to-operate buttons for convenient operation anytime and anywhere.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Handy design for easy operation.
  • Wide compatibility for user advantage.
  • Micro SD card and shuts off automatically.

9. Epson Workforce ES-55R Document Scanner


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This wireless scanner is very much light in weight, so you can carry this around to your workspaces. The USB-powered device also supports faster charging. Moreover, the unit is able to scan a side of a page with a speed of 5.5-seconds. You can use this portable scanner to scan invoices, documents, business cards, ID cards, and regular receipts.

This device also offers an automatic file naming function for your convenience. Furthermore, this unit automatically recognizes objects for ease of scanning. You can use this device to scan a document with a maximum scanning length of 8.5X72-inch. This unit is highly-efficient in extracting and categorizing key data from receipts.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Automatic feeding for high performance.
  • Versatile performance and wide application.
  • Increased productivity and receipt management software.

8. Epson Workforce ES-50 Document Scanner

Epson Portable Scanners

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This sleek and portable scanner comes with an automatic feeding function to support faster and easier scanning. The device also lets you scan documents from both Mac and Windows Operating Systems. Moreover, this equipment helps you to scan files from most of the cloud services. You can simply charge this unit by using a USB cable.

The device is also able to scan receipts, photos, ID cards, and other documents with the maximum dimensions of 8.5X72-inch. Furthermore, the scanner comes along with its driver for convenience. The supportive software of this device lets you search your scanned documents or PDFs by name.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Sans fast for saving time.
  • Supports editable Excel and Word files.
  • Lightweight design and easy paper handling.

7. Fujitsu ScanSnap Wireless Mobile Scanner


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This wireless scanner comes with a very slim profile to make your travel convenient with it. The highly-functional device is also able to scan documents from most of the cloud services, desktop, and other local applications. Moreover, the machine can scan a full-sized color paper within 5.2-seconds. You do not need any driver to make this device run.

The device is also majorly compatible with both Mac and Windows Operating Systems. Furthermore, the unit helps you to wirelessly print documents from smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices. The portable scanner comes with an automatic document feeder with a capacity of 260 pages.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Powerful battery for superior performance.
  • Easy to use with one-touch button.
  • Can scan a page within seconds.

6. VuPoint Solutions Portable Scanner

VuPoint Solutions Portable Scanners

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This scanner comes with a size of a magic wand, so you can use this gadget almost everywhere. The plug-n-play function of this device also allows you to scan documents without further ado. Moreover, the lightweight and the portable scanner is able to scan both colored and black-n-white PDFs and JPEGs conveniently.

The compact scanning device is also able to scan a document up to a length of 8.27X98-inch. Furthermore, you can conveniently use a USB cable to connect this device with your Windows and Mac Operating Systems. The scanner has a card slot to hold a micro-SD card up to the capacity of 32GB.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Compact design for easy carrying.
  • Optical Character Recognition software for easy handling.
  • Allows selecting from three resolutions.

5. Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Scanner

VuPoint Solutions

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With a compact size, this portable scanner consumes lesser space on your desk. The machine also comes along with an auto-feeding dock. Moreover, you can scan the documents with the maximum dimensions of 8.5X125-inch. With the help of a color LCD screen, you can conveniently operate the scanning functions.

The scanner also allows you effortlessly scan, archive, and keep the documents organized with no delay. Furthermore, you can easily use this device for scanning documents up to the resolution of 1200dpi. By using a micro-SD or micro-SDHC card with a maximum storage capacity of 32GB, the scanner stores a few documents.

Reasons To Buy

  • Helps to organize files.
  • High resolution scanning for better results.
  • LCD panel to preview scans.

4. Brother Mobile Scanner

Brother Portable Scanners

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This portable scanner comes with duplex scanning technology, so it automatically scans double-sided sheets. The faster scanning process of this device is also able to scan a sheet up to the speed of 8ppm. Moreover, the duplex model can scan a sheet up to a speed of 5ppm. This lightweight device offers colored and black-n-white scanning with a resolution of 600X600dpi.

The unit also comes with an operational temperature range of 41 to 95-degree Fahrenheit. Furthermore, with the help of multiple media handling, this device lets you scan documents, receipts, photos, ID-cards, and other content. You can scan a document up to the dimensions of 8.5X32-inch.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Ability to handle multiple media.
  • Precision scanning for user advantage.
  • Includes multiple software and wide compatibility.

3. Brother Mobile Color Page Scanner


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With the help of the fast-scanning process, this portable scanner scans colored and black-n-white documents with the speed of 8ppm. This device also comes with a daily duty-cycle of 100 pages. Moreover, the best operational temperature of this device ranges from 41 to 95-degree Fahrenheit. This scanner is compatible with Windows Operating Systems before version 10.

The portable scanner is also able to scan pages up to the resolutions of 1200X1200dpi. Furthermore, this device majorly works with Windows, Mac, and Linux Operating Systems. With the help of a USB cable, you can hassle-freely recharge this device. The compact design of the scanner makes it suitable for busy office desks.

Reasons To Buy 

  • USB port for easy connectivity.
  • High performance and large work cycle.
  • Lightweight construction and fast scanning.

2. Fujitsu ScanSnap Portable Color Duplex Scanner

Fujitsu Portable Scanners

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This color duplex scanner is able to scan documents from several sources. The unit also supports both-side scanning of a single sheet. Moreover, the unit allows you to scan documents directly from several cloud sources. The machine can scan up to 12 dual-sided sheets within a minute. You can effortlessly scan files from both your PCs and Macs.

The device also comes with an automatic document feeding capacity of double-sided 10 sheets. Furthermore, the smart and portable scanner comes with an auto-rotation function for up-side-down documents. This device easily removes the blank page for faster scanning. The device comes with software for monochromatic, grayscales, and colored scanning at your convenience.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Auto-rotation and intelligent scan.
  • Double-sided scanning for superior performance.
  • Automatic document feeder and large paper chute.

1. Doxie Smarter Wi-Fi Scanner


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This Wi-Fi-enabled scanner comes along with a rechargeable battery with a rapid charging function. The smart device is also able to synchronize with most of the devices. Moreover, you do not need any computer to set up this machine to work. With the help of supportive applications for Macs and PCs, this scanner lets you scan from different sources by using wireless technology.

The device is also highly efficient in storing up to 4000-pages. Furthermore, with a single charge, this portable scanner can scan up to 400 pages. The unit lets you save your scanned documents to your desktop, preferred cloud services, and local applications.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Wireless scanning for user advantage.
  • Ability to support multiple software.
  • Easy to use and ultra-portable design.

Buying Guide Choosing on Portable Scanner

The following list contains the main factors to keep in mind.


The resolution determines the quality of the scan. You will have to be very careful while selecting the resolution as it can vary from one model to another. The standard resolution is 300 DPI, but some can even come with a higher resolution of 600 to 900 DPI.


The speed is an important factor that you need to consider while buying a portable scanner. Some of it has the ability to scan within seconds. You need to get a scanner that scans faster so that you can save time.


Since it is in a portable design, it must allow you to use it conveniently. Make sure that it has a lightweight construction and comes with multiple ports so that you can have easy connectivity.

Duty Cycle:

The duty cycle determines the overall performance of the unit. You need to see if it deliver efficient performance and allows you to use it for a long time. Some of it can handle editable files so that you can make the most out of the portable scanner.


If a portable scanner lets you use its different operating systems, then you can have a better advantage. Go for the one that lets you use it with both Windows and macOS and comes with hassle-free portability.

Power Supply:

The power supply can be either from electricity or with a battery. If you want to have a wireless scanner, then go for the one that comes with a powerful battery. However, you need to consider the overall performance and then make your selection.


There are different types of portable scanners in terms of features and functionalities. Some are electrically powered through USB while others are battery-powered. The size and weight also differ and therefore, you must be clear about the type of portable scanners you need so that you can choose the best one for you.

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