Top 10 Best Portable Car Jacks in 2022

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Have you ever been stuck in the middle of someplace with a burst tire? It must have been a nightmare changing the tires by yourself. The hardest part must have been putting in the manual effort and energy it takes to lift the car. And sometimes, the quality of the car jack may be so poor that it snaps, or the clamp may slip, making the whole process harder than it already is. You may not even be able to lift your vehicle as high as you find it convenient.

To help make changing tires by yourself easy, without any assistance, let us review the ten best portable car jacks in 2022 that is gaining increasing popularity.

Best Portable Car Jacks to Buy in 2022

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10 – STANDTALL Portable Electric Car Jack

STANDTALL Best Portable Car Jacks

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STANDTALL offers a portable electric car jack for sedans in an all-in-one toolbox for changing tires. With this electric car jack, it takes no more than the push of a button to lift your car. And, unlike the regular car jacks, it would not take hours. Being relatively easy to use, following the instructions given, all you must do is to connect the battery lines to the car battery for powering up this electrical jack. Press and hold the symbol resembling an “A” to lift the car higher. To lower it back to the ground, press and hold the symbol that resembles “V.” You can also power up your car jack by connecting it to your car’s cigarette lighter with the cigarette lighter power line.

Now, changing car tires wouldn’t be as difficult a task that you may need assistance for. You can do it all by yourself, no matter what time of the day it is.

Key Features

  • The electric car jack kit includes 2 battery clips and a cigarette lighter power line to power up the jack and a remote controller to operate it
  • A pair of gloves provided to avoid getting your hands dirty
  • The electrical car jack made of durable, heavy-duty steel that is rust-resistant and doesn’t wear off
  • The LED flashlight that is an in-built feature of this car jack makes changing tires convenient in the dark
  • The minimum lifting height is 4.7,” and the maximum height you can lift is 13.8″, in less than 2 minutes
  • The maximum weight capacity of this car jack is 2 tons.

9 – KINGCAV Multifunction Portable Hydraulic Electric Car Jack


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KINGCAV has designed a robust, multifunctional, hydraulic electric car jack with a tire inflator, LED light, and an electric impact wrench. Power this portable electric car jack using your car’s battery, and you can lift a 5-ton car to 17.7 inches. Power up the impact wrench to unscrew the flat tire’s nuts effortlessly. The inflator comes with 2 heads – American and British – and a needle to inflate other products like basketballs, footballs, etc.

To top it off, the in-built LED light can brighten up dark places and make changing tires convenient. A safety hammer included in its compact toolbox. Carefully follow the instruction manuals provided, for using both the electrical impact wrench and also the electric car jack, for a smooth experience.

Key Features

  • Height range between which the electric jack can lift your car is 6.1″ – 17.7″ from the ground
  • The maximum weight this car jack can bear is 5 tons
  • The compact toolbox comprises a 13 ft power cord, a pair of gloves, 2 fuses, and safety hammer, apart from the electric car jack and impact wrench

8 – BIG RED T820014S Torin Hydraulic Car Jack with Trolley

BIG RED Best Portable Car Jacks

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Why use a regular car jack when you can be using a hydraulic car jack with a trolley instead? BIG RED’s T820014S Torin hydraulic car jack is a portable, mighty jack that requires minimal effort to lift your car. Being hydraulic, this car jack can lift to greater heights with less effort. Some of the attractive features of this car jack are the trolley, which helps you move the car jack painlessly and a fancy handle for convenient carrying of the jack.

The heavy-duty steel used to construct this hydraulic car jack makes it sturdy and long-lasting.

Key Features

  • Effortlessly lift cars with this hydraulic car jack from 5″ to 13″.
  • The maximum capacity of weight this car jack can hold is 2 tons.
  • Suitable for most cars, SUVs, and trucks
  • Trolley with 4 casters that rotate move to the hydraulic Jack convenient
  • Just to ensure safety, by preventing overloading, a safe bypass system is installed
  • Provided with a durable plastic blow mold for carrying this car jack around
  • Guaranteed 1-year warranty

7 – ROGTZ Portable Electric 3 Ton Car Jack for Sedans and SUVs


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The days where you must put in so much manual effort are long gone. Meet ROGTZ’s automatic electric car jack that lifts your car for you with a simple push of a button. If your sedan or SUV weighs under 3 tons, you can effortlessly change your flat tire with this electric car jack. All it takes is a simple connection to your car’s battery with the battery clamp provided. Use the remote controller provided to lift or lower your car within 2 minutes.

A compact toolbox is provided with additional tools such as a pair of gloves, three fuses, and a cigarette lighter power connector. The in-built LED light helps you change tires even in the dark.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty sturdy steel constructed electric car jack can lift to 3 tons with a 12V power supply via a remote device
  • The maximum height you can lift to is 17 inches
  • The car jack’s auto-stop function provides safety in operation
  • In-built LED light for working in dimly lit areas

6 – Pro-Lift  F-2315PE Grey Hydraulic Floor Jack

Pro-LifT Best Portable Car Jacks

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Pro-LifT happens to be a leading brand in launching innovative carjacks. Pro-LifT’s F-2315PE falls under this category of carjacks with innovative designs and great functionality. You can lift cars under 3 tons of weight without breaking a sweat due to the portable car jack’s hydraulic design. Additionally, the trolley provided with this car jack makes maneuvering it extremely convenient.

The F-2315PE hydraulic car jack can be easily carried with the firm and compact blow-molded case.

Key Features

  • All-welded, rust-resistant steel frame is used to construct this hydraulic car jack
  • Lift effortlessly from a minimum of 5.25 inches to a maximum of 12 inches above the ground
  • The handle used to lift cars with the hydraulic jack is sturdy and easy to carry
  • 2 large casters and 2 small casters help maneuver the trolley around while changing tires
  • The compact blow-molded case makes storing and transporting this car jack convenient

5 – Arcan Hydraulic Floor Jack with Dual Piston Pump


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Arcan offers a sturdy floor jack that has dual pistons and is made of aluminum. If that’s not sufficient, the reinforced lifting arm is sure to impress you. Don’t be fooled by the lightweight of this portable car jack. You will be surprised to hear that it can lift to 3 tons. The superior quality, wide base, has casters that help glide around this hydraulic car jack. The two-piece handle enables convenient storage.

In terms of safety, this hydraulic car jack complies with the ASME PASE-2014 certificate.

Key Features

  • The sturdy, lightweight aluminum frame with a dual-piston pump helps easy and quick lifting of the car.
  • The reinforced handle is durable, secure, and considerably increases the chassis torsion control
  • For vehicle protection and easy positioning of the car jack, the jack designed with a rubber saddle, a foam handle bumper, and a side-mount handle
  • The minimum height to which the car can be lowered is 11.8,” and the maximum height to which it can be raised is 17.5.”
  • A safety bypass is present which prevents the over-loading of the hydraulic car jack
  • In compliance with an ASME PASE-2014 safety certificate, the car jack has a 1-year warranty

4 – Powerbuilt 620471 Unijack for Unibody Vehicles

Powerbuilt Best Portable Car Jacks

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Powerbuilt takes pride in being the world’s first and perhaps the only unijack that is capable of lifting both regular cars and also heavy unibody vehicles like SUVs and trucks. In terms of the weight lifting capacity, this Powerbuilt 620471 unijack can lift to 6000 lbs. For a safe lifting, this unijack has been designed to lift and hold a vehicle using a single lifting point.

Offering both concave lifts and floor lifting, this unijack costs and weighs lesser than a floor jack. The Powerbuilt unijack is safe and meets both ASME and PALD standards.

Key Features

  • 2-in-1 unijack as it combines both hydraulic bottle jack and jack stand
  • The lifting range between which the unibody vehicle can be lifted is 11″ – 21.”
  • The maximum load capacity of this unijack is 3 tons or 6000 lbs
  • Ideal for all unibody vehicles for both floor lifts and concave lifts
  • A safety bar provided to lock the unijack unit at the height you desire

3 – Blackhawk B6350 Black and Red Hydraulic Floor Lift


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The B6350 black and red car jack designed by Blackhawk is a widely favored floor jack that provides a fast lifting service. You can lift cars that weigh under 3.5 tons or 7000lbs with this floor jack. The 4 built-in casters allow easy maneuvering of this floor lift wherever you need.

The material used for constructing this fast hydraulic lift is heavy-duty steel which makes it durable.

Key Features

  • The Blackhawk B6350 has a swivel saddle for perfect positioning of the floor jack
  • An in-built safety valve and bypass device enables safe operation and prevents overloading of the car jack
  • The load lifting capacity of this fast hydraulic lift is 3.5 tons or 7000 lbs
  • The maximum height this jack can lift a car is 22,” while the minimum height is 5.5.”
  • Four casters are attached to this car jack for convenient maneuvering

2 – Pro-LifT F-767 Low Profile Portable Floor Jack

Pro-Lift Best Portable Car Jacks

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Adding yet another feather to its cap, this model F-767, designed by Pro-LifT, is a handy, low profile floor jack. The weight of the car that can be lifted using this floor jack is 2 tons. The construction of this hydraulic floor jack uses heavy-duty steel, which is also resistant to rust. The bypass device that is present in this car jack is unique and patented by Pro-LifT.

The highlight of the floor jack, however, is the extra low profile that allows it to reach a clearance as low as 3.5 inches.

Key Features

  • The low profile of this floor jack gives it the capability to reach a chassis height as low as 3.5″ and lift the car as high as 14 inches
  • The maximum weight this floor lift can handle is 2 tons
  • The handle that is attached to this hydraulic lift used to lift the cars can be detached to carry this floor jack easily
  • 4 casters fixed to this low profile floor jack to maneuvering convenience
  • Built-in safety bypass valve stops the overloading of this hydraulic car jack

1 – Torin BIG RED T10152 Scissor Lift Car Jack


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Torin is a top-class brand that has been manufacturing car jacks since 1968. BIG RED T10152 is one of their quintessential models that is a realization of their expertise and industry experience. The scissor lift design of this red car jack is compact and straightforward. The material used to engineer this collapsible scissor jack is a drop forged alloy steel that makes it substantial and durable.

This budget-friendly car jack won’t burn a hole in your pocket and therefore is an ideal buy for those who own cars that weigh under 1.5 tons. Keep this as a rugged replacement or a utility car jack in your vehicle’s trunk.

Key Features

  • Drop forged alloy steel is used to construct this sturdy and durable jack
  • Scissor jack design, which makes it collapsible, includes a single piece of handle that enables quick lifting
  • The wide range of lifting that is possible with this car jack is 4.8″ to 15.8.”
  • The extra-wide base accounts for its stable grip on the ground
  • At par with the ASME and PALD standards in terms of safety
  • Offered with a 1-year warranty

Choose, from the list, the best portable car jack to rid you of the tiring ordeal of having quite literally to throw your body on it to lift your car. With these latest car jacks, you can lift your car with minimal physical effort and with no assistance required.

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