Top 10 Best Portable Battery Pack with AC Outlet  in 2021 | Buying Guide

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Nowadays, most of us are depending more heavily on smart gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. We use these gadgets for almost every single thing throughout the day and we often encounter a scenario in which those devices run out of their batteries at places that do not have any charging points. However, there is a solution to this, which is to carry a portable battery pack or a power bank along with you.

A portable battery pack can help you charge your electrical devices whenever they run out of battery and wherever you go. It is a weight off your shoulders since you do not have to depend on the availability of electrical outlets anymore. Therefore, in this article, we would like to introduce you to ten best portable battery packs with AC outlets. At the end of this article, there is a buying guide that will give you an insight into what to expect in an ideal portable battery pack.

List of the 10 Best Portable Battery Pack with AC Outlet  in 2021

10. HALO Bolt 58830 mWh Portable Phone Laptop Charger | Car Jump Starter with AC Outlet and Car Charger

Car Jump Starter with AC Outlet and Car Charger

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To kick start the list, we would like to recommend Halo power bank with an AC outlet which comes in various colors. It can charge three devices at the same time. There are two 2.4V USB charging outputs for mobile phones. There is also a 120V AC outlet for your laptop. This battery pack weighs less than 3 pounds, yet its battery can last for long hours. Besides this, it also has LED flood light for emergency purposes.

Moreover, it can also be used to jump start the engine of your vehicles such as SUVs, trucks, or boats. Therefore, it is very useful for long road trips! Jumper cables are included in the package. You will also find a carrying pouch along with 2 USB phone chargers in the package.

Key features:

  • 2 USB outputs for phones + 1 AC outlet for laptops
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Safe, powerful, and reliable
  • Jump start your cars
  • Jumper cables, carrying pouch included
  • LED flood light
  • Three-month limited warranty

9. AC Power Bank RAVPower 30000mAh AC Outlet Portable Charger

Outlet Laptop Travel Charger Compatible with iPhone SE, iPad Pro, MacBook

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Next, we have a portable battery pack from RAVPower which has a battery capacity of 30000mAh. It is equipped with a 100W AC outlet that is compatible with all types of laptops. There is a 45W Power Delivery (PD) input and 60W PD output, serving as a fast-charging feature. RAVPower power bank is very convenient to use and it is compatible with almost every gadget such as your smartphones, cameras, tablets, and other electronic devices. It is important to note that when an AC device is connected to the battery pack, the two USB ports will automatically stop charging.

On the battery pack, you will also find LED lights which indicate the battery status. With RAVPower, safety is guaranteed and therefore, you will also find a fan that helps cool down the temperature of the battery. Each battery pack has protection systems such as overcurrent, over-voltage, over-discharge, and short-circuit protection.

Key features:

  • Capacity: 30000mAh
  • Great compatibility
  • 1 USB C-C cable provided
  • Carrying pouch, user manual provided
  • Safe, protection features
  • LED indicator

8. SinKeu Portable Laptop Charger with AC Outlet | A Super Travel Portable Battery Pack & Power Bank for HP, Notebooks, MacBook, Laptops

A Super Travel Portable Battery Pack & Power Bank for HP, Notebooks, MacBook, Laptops

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Now, let’s have a look at SinKeu’s 88.8Wh power bank that has a battery capacity of 24000mAh. The battery pack includes a 100V/65W AC outlet, two USB outputs, one DC 10A output. You can charge multiple devices at the same time. Moreover, you will also find a cigarette lighter and a car charger on this special power bank too. This battery pack can charge your smartphone up to eight times and your laptop up to two times.

Not to mention its portability, SinKeu products have been certified for safety systems that give you peace of mind. Please refer to the user guide before use. An 18-month warranty is provided when you buy this product. Additionally, you will also get free customer service too.

Key features:

  • Choices of color: Black, Grey
  • 24000mAh/88.8Wh
  • Fast charging
  • Safe and powerful
  • 1.5-year warranty + customer service

7. Portable Laptop Charger 40000mAh/148Wh AC Outlet

Laptop Power Bank With 45W Type-C PD Charger For MacBook Pro/Air, HP Spectre, Dell XPS, Nintendo Switch

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As for this portable battery pack from Panergy, it has a battery capacity of 40000mAh and 148Wh with multiple inputs for your devices. There is one AC port, one quick-charge USB-A port, two normal USB-A ports, and a USB-C port. Overall, it can support five outputs at the same time. Due to its compact size and lightweight, it is very convenient to bring this anywhere. Moreover, there is an LCD screen that indicates not only the battery status, but also its available time, the temperature, and overload alarm.

What makes this one even more special is its solar charging. Panergy has been tested for safety and reliability. You are recommended to read the user manual to enhance your understanding of the product. Plus, there is a friendly customer service that will help you 24/7.

Key features:

  • Capacity: 40000mAh/148Wh
  • Compact and lightweight
  • LCD display
  • 5 Output ports
  • AC/DC adapter provided
  • Solar panel (compatible)
  • Protection systems: surge protection, over-voltage, short circuit, overcurrent protection
  • User guide provided

6. Floureon Portable Power Station Solar Generator 146wh | Emergency Power Supply

200W/42000mAh Backup Lithium Battery with 110V AC Outlet

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Moving on, we have Floureon portable power bank that is also supported by a solar generator. This one has a battery capacity of 42000mAh and 146Wh. There are several charging ports such as 2 AC outlets, 3 DC outlets, 2 quick-charge outputs, 2 USB outputs, and a solar/car input port. However, the car charger and solar panel charger are sold separately. You will also find two LED lights on this one too.

On the side of this power bank, there is a small ventilator that helps cool down the temperature of the battery. Inside the full package of this product, you will also get one power adapter, one cigarette lighter adapter, and a user manual. You can ask for a full refund within two months or return within one year after your purchase.

Key features:

  • Capacity: 42000mAh/146Wh
  • 4 USB ports + Dual outputs
  • LED indicator lights
  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Solar panel (compatible)
  • Safety guaranteed

5. Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240, 240Wh Backup Lithium Battery

110V/200W Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet, Solar Generator (Solar Panel Optional)

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Next, we have Jackery portable power station that is known as an eco-friendly product. It operates at a quiet noise level. This one is ideal for outdoor power supply as it is designed for charging not only smartphones and laptops, but also small coolers, drones, and other outdoor electronic devices. It also has solar panels, but it is optional and is sold separately.

Moreover, this one is designed with a handle, making it easier to carry around. There is an LCD screen that will tell you the battery level accurately. For safety purposes, please note that this battery pack does not support devices that are rated over 200W. Its full package also includes an AC adapter, a car charger cable, and a user guide.

Key features:

  • Capacity: 240Wh
  • Perfect for outdoors (camping, etc.)
  • Multiple output and input ports
  • LCD screen
  • Solar panel (compatible)
  • Battery management system
  • Temperature, short circuit, voltage protection/control
  • AC adapter, car charger cable, user manual provided

4. AC Portable Charger | RAVPower 20000mAh 80W AC Power Bank with 30W PD USB C

AC Outlet Laptop Charger

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This is another model from RAVPower, but it has a capacity of 20000mAh. Its design is different from the previous one; however, the quality is the same. This one is smaller and can save more space. There are multiple charging ports including both AC and DC.

It is compatible with almost every model of laptops and smartphones. It has been upgraded so the recharging time is 2.5 times faster. This one also has an advanced protection system. Moreover, it also has blue LED indicators that will tell you the battery life status.

Key features:

  • Capacity: 20000mAh/74Wh
  • Input: USB-C
  • Output: USB-C and USB-A
  • AC output: 80-100W
  • LED indicators
  • Protection systems
  • Compact and space-saving

3. AC Portable Laptop Charger RAVPower 20100mAh | AC Outlet Power Bank

External Battery Pack Travel Charger for iPad Pro MacBook Surface Pro

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Let’s take a look at another RAVPower improved version of the previous one. This one has two-prong AC output and there is a switch indicator. It can charge two devices simultaneously. With the ismart USB ports, it can charge faster. Plus, this one has the capacity of 20100mAh. There are five LED light indicators that will tell you its remaining battery. It is equipped with protection systems such as overcharge, surge protection, and short circuit protection. Moreover, there are air vents that will maintain the operating temperature.

Key features:

  • Capacity: 20100mAh
  • Weight: about 3.5 pounds
  • Size: 10.1 x 8.5 x 2.7 inches
  • 3 USB charging ports + three-prong AC output
  • DC input: 19V/1.6A
  • LED light indicators
  • Fast-charging port
  • Protection systems

2. SinKeu 146Wh 42000mAh Portable Power Station, Quiet Rechargeable Generator Power Supply with Dual 110v AC Outlet

Quiet Rechargeable Generator Power Supply with Dual 110v AC Outlet

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Our top 2nd is the product from SinKeu. This portable battery pack has a capacity of 42000mAh and 146Wh. It has multiple ports for USB, AC, DC, and even quick-charge (QC) ports. Shaped like a hexagon, it is a lightweight power bank that has a carrying handle, making it easier to tag along. Additionally, it is safe and environmentally friendly as it is equipped with advanced protection technology. Moreover, it can be recharged by using solar panels and AC wall outlets.

Next to the outputs and inputs, there is a clear LCD screen that indicates the current status of the battery life. SinKeu has advanced the technology of this one by adding an energy control that could save more power. A 12-month warranty is provided when you purchase this product.

Key features:

  • Capacity: 42000mAh/146Wh
  • Color: Red and Black
  • Multiple ports (USB, AC, DC, QC)
  • Lightweight + Handle
  • LCD – battery indicator
  • Rechargeable: AC wall outlet or Solar Panel
  • Reliable and safety guaranteed
  • Warranty: One year

1. Powkey 200Watt Portable Power Bank with AC Outlet for Camping

42000mAh Power Supply for CPAP

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Last but not least, we would like to recommend a portable power bank with AC outlet from Powkey. This power bank has a battery capacity of 42000mAh and 210Wh. Weigh around 3 pounds, it is very compact and convenient to carry along. It is multi-functional as it has lots of ports and sockets for AC. There are four USB ports, 2 AC outputs, and one emergency socket. There is also a fast-charging DC input.

Similar to many others, this one also has LED indicators that tell us the remaining battery. It also has a built-in ventilator that will automatically cool down the temperature of the battery. Besides this, this product is certified as it meets the safety requirements. It has short circuit protection and more importantly, an auto power-off feature.

Key features:

  • Capacity: 42000mAh/210Wh
  • 4 LED indicators
  • Fast-charging input
  • 4 USB ports + 2 AC ports + 1 for emergency
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Short circuit protection + Auto power-off
  • Quality and safety guaranteed
  • AC/DC adapter, carrying bag, and user manual provided
  • Friendly customer service

Buying Guide

As promised, we will provide a buying guide that will give you an insight into how to choose the right product. Below are some key factors that you should take into consideration when you buy a portable battery pack with an AC outlet.

  • Battery capacity: Different power banks come with different charging capacity. Naturally, you would wish to have a battery pack that has a larger battery capacity. However, this actually depends on you as well. How many devices do you use with this battery pack? How often do you need it? If you are outdoors for a long period of time, we would recommend you buy a battery pack that has a high battery capacity.
  • Numbers of ports: This is essential since you may have multiple devices to charge simultaneously. Therefore, try to look for power banks that have at least three charging ports.
  • Size and weight: This factor depends on the first one in a way that battery packs with higher capacity tend to be heavier and bigger. But generally, portable battery packs should not weigh more than 2kg or else it will be a burden to carry around.
  • Protection systems: To ensure the battery packs operate safely, they should have protection systems such as over-voltage, overcurrent, short circuit, and temperature control.
  • Solar charging: This is actually optional, but it is indeed very environmentally friendly.


To sum up, we have looked at the ten best portable battery packs with an AC outlet by going through each product’s details and key features. All of these are narrowly selected based on their quality and price, so they are worth your money and experience. Therefore, we hope you find your favorite product after reading this review.

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