Top 10 Best Overhead Garage Racks in 2021

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It’s safe to say that the garage may be the dirtiest and messiest place in the whole house to many of those who do have one. It’s where you store your car which makes the place sound unclean already. And not to mention, all the items that most families generally place in their garage, it really does make the room seem like havoc. And, even worse, if a flood were to occur, all of your belongings which are set on the ground would inevitably get damaged.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way; your garage can be transformed to a much more organized, cleaner and safer area for storage, by getting one of these top tiers overhead garage racks. With one of these, your possessions will be kept safely and securely.

List of The Best Overhead Garage Racks:

Best Overhead Garage Racks Reviews:

1. FLEXIMOUNTS 4×8 Garage Rack

1. FLEXIMOUNTS 4x8 Garage Rack
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With a FLEXIMOUNTS overhead rack, you’ll be able to store your items by taking full advantage of your garage ceiling. Offering 105 cubic ft, it is connected above ground with the combination of 2 studs and six vertical posts that will provide total security. What’s more, thanks to the heavy labor 13 gauge cold-rolled steel structure, it is able to endure a maximum weight of 600 pounds safely off the ground. Moreover, hardware that is used in the making of this rack has all been tested thoroughly, with high quality M8 screws supplied.

Adding to these, you can include yourself with some hooks and clamps to the shelf for hanging your tires, bikes or other items. This rack is also suitable with various ceiling joists of both wood and concrete ceiling, and there’s also comprehensive instruction for convenient installation.

2. HyLoft Overhead Garage Rack

2. HyLoft Overhead Garage Rack
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Start keeping your items on HyLoft rack today and you’ll see improvement in organization of your garage. Being able to lift a total weight of 250 pounds off the floor with its four beams, it is entirely built in hard steel with anti-scratch white powder coat finish, capable of preserving large items, from bins to baskets, or even car tires.

In addition, providing more than 30 cubic ft of storage space, it comes with easily accessible height customization ranging from 17 inches to 28 inches. What’s more, necessary hardware is also provided along the package and it can be efficiently set up with no problems whatsoever.

3. SafeRacks 4×8 Garage Rack

3. SafeRacks 4x8 Garage Rack
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Customize your storage rack however you want with SafeRacks, constructed to be heavy load with powder coat finish and screws that are heat-treated and case-hardened. Capable of loading up your possessions at a full weight of 600 pounds above ground with height adjustment offered, which you can adjust the drop down distance between 18 inches to 33 inches from the ceiling.

And it is also able to function as freestanding shelves, simply by connecting the beams to how many racks you wish to stack. Or even better, it can mount against the wall, working as a wall shelf and enables you to hook your bikes or any items under the rack. Moreover, there are various size choices for you to choose from as well.

4. FLEXIMOUNTS 3×6 Garage Rack

4. FLEXIMOUNTS 3x6 Garage Rack
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If the first product was too big for you, here’s another FLEXIMOUNTS overhead storage, but comes in a smaller size, coming at 3 by 6, giving those with small garage or limited room a chance to arrange your stored belongings in a tidy order. Manufactured in heavy duty cold-rolled 14 gauge steel with a firmly stable frame and wire, it is able to store 550 pounds worth of items, with hardware that has been examined precisely.

Furthermore, the height can be adjusted from 22 inches to 40 inches, while also offering 105 cubic ft. Additionally, it is designed to be conveniently assembled with understanding stage by stage instruction diagrams, with best quality screws supplied.

5. FLEXIMOUNTS 4×8 Garage Rack

5. FLEXIMOUNTS 4x8 Garage Rack
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Similar to the first FLEXIMOUNTS product that was introduced, the only difference is, this one comes with four pcs flat hooks and two pcs utility hooks attached to it under and beside the rack, enabling you to hang your possessions or even your bikes for the utmost protection, and you can just easily unhook it anytime you are about to go on a ride. While constructed using the same material as the previous product, this one is also made out of cold-rolled 14 gauge steel.

And it is capable of loading up 600 pounds at maximum weight, allowing you to keep more items away from any possible danger while also allowing you to customize the drop down length from 22 inches to 40 inches from the ceiling. And lastly, it also consists of detailed diagrams, which are easily comprehended and installed.

6. FLEXIMOUNTS 3×8 Garage Rack

6. FLEXIMOUNTS 3x8 Garage Rack
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Make the most out of your storage space in your garage with another FLEXIMOUNTS rack. With everything else built identically to the seventh item, this one however comes at a slightly different size of 3 by 8. However, it uses the same heavy labor cold-rolled 14 gauge steel material, and is able to endure a weight of 550 pounds while offering you the ability to customize the height from 22 inches to 40 inches.

What’s more, the rack is also built in the same integrated grid design with excellent quality screws provided and simple installation instruction as well. And just like the rest of FLEXIMOUNTS products, the hardware in this one has also gone through a meticulous testing process.

7. MonsterRax Overhead Garage Rack

7. MonsterRax Overhead Garage Rack
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MonsterRax overhead rack will help maximize your storage space. Manufactured from 14-16 industrial steel, which ensures absolute safety, its huge lag bolts are also case-hardened and heat-treated. In addition, this product only offers you the frame of the rack, while the center can be installed with your own choice of decking instead of consisting of wire-like most racks do.

In addition, you can customize the height from 18 inches to 33 inches, and it can load up 250 pounds worth of weight.

8. SafeRacks Hooks Garage Rack

8. SafeRacks Hooks Garage Rack
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Coming at the same size of 4×8 as the first SafeRacks product, its only distinction is that this one also provides you with one pair of rail hooks and utility hooks and two pairs of deck hooks which you can use to hang any items or your bikes to avoid it from getting damaged or dirty as things tend to do more easily when insects or rodents get into contact, and it won’t take up much ground space in your garage, making the room has a less cluttered and messy look.

And, getting into the product, it is designed, with a powder coated finish, to have industrial strength which can hold up to 600 pounds of weight at maximum and also simple customization for the ceiling drop down, ranging between 24 inches to 45 inches.

9. SafeRacks 4×4 Garage Rack

9. SafeRacks 4x4 Garage Rack
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Just like the rest of SafeRacks products, this one is also steel-made with powder coating, designed to be heavy duty, which can store a total weight of 300 pounds worth of items. However, it is built in a much smaller size of 4×4. Moreover, there are a pair of hooks underneath the rack, which you can store even more things and access it efficiently. But you won’t have to worry about it being out of reach as the height can be adjusted easily between 24” and 45” from the ceiling.

What’s more, the span between the two beams is 27” apart, so despite its smaller size, it is still capable of storing many items. And you don’t have to worry about any complication in installation as step by step instructions will be given along.

10. SafeRacks 2×8 Overhead Garage Racks

10. SafeRacks 2x8 Garage Rack
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If you want a much wider storage rack in your garage, SafeRacks has just the product for you. Coming at the size of 2×8, you can store your possessions at three different ranges; customize the drop length from 12”-21”, 18”-33” and 24”-45”. Additionally, this overhead rack is made out of 14 gauge steel and is made to be safe and secure as it spans to two ceiling joists. Furthermore, it consists of heavy labor wire decking with “waterfall” structure for the purpose of convenient setup.

What’s more, the lag bolts in this rack have gone through grade 8 case-hardened and heat-treated, to ensure absolute connection to the ceiling for your home safety. And, not to mention, this rack can endure an item weight of 400 pounds.


Gone are the days when you have to randomly place your items in the garage and let it slowly deteriorate, and come with the new days of protecting your possessions by safely storing them in one of these states of the overhead garage racks. So with all the information regarding the products above, I hope you will find the garage storage that is to your liking.

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