Top 10 Best Light Up Shoes For Kids In 2022

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Mainly kids get attracted to the flashy items that they can wear and attract attention. Back in 1992, the illuminating lights up shoes for kids were discovered. These cool and fashionable shoe trends are back again.

It is indeed fascinating for your child when you gift the best light up shoes for kids. These shoes always create light flash while walking. They are also safe and comfortable for both girls and boys. While buying these shoes, you should keep in mind the skin safe materials so that it does not cause any irritation.

Here, we are presenting the exclusive review of the top ten light up shoes in 2022, which are highly demanded by everyone.

Best Light Up Shoes For Kids to Buy in 2022

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10 – adituo Flashing Led Lighting Shoes For Boys & Girls

adituo Best Light Up Shoes For Kids

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The builders have used a high-quality rubber in the making of this breathable shoe. It is ideal for boys and girls. Cotton is used in the shoe fabric so that it can absorb the foot sweat well.

Again, a premium rubber sole is there for accurate gripping. It also has impressive anti-skid technology. You can present this beautiful bright light shoe to your child on their birthdays/ Christmas. They will love it!

Key Features

  • You can get 11 light patterns with the seven static colors and four dynamic colors.
  • There is the presence of a hidden switch in this shoe. All you have to do is long-press on it, and the color change happens.
  • Charging the battery is a smooth task. There is a USB port that you can use while charging the shoe from any location. Mostly after 2 hours of charging, the shoe lights can function until 7-8 hours.

9 – AoSiFu Breathable Flashing Led Toddler Light Up Shoe


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Many times canvas shoes for kids did not look much attractive. It is seen they are built with cheap quality materials. Therefore, your children do not feel comfortable wearing such shoes.

The builders have paid particular attention to such issues while making these toddler shoes. The fabric used in the shoes is flexible and breathable. Again, it is lightweight, so your little one will not feel any unwanted heavy weight on their feet while moving.

Key Features

  • There is a color change option in these lighting shoes. You can change to 11 colors with the help of a hidden switch installed in it.
  • With the help of a single long press, you can operate the color-changing switch.
  • USB charge cable comes along with this product. With this one time charge, the light will stay for 8-9 hours.

8 – Yunicus USB Upper Charge Flashing Led Light Up Sneakers For Toddlers

YUNICUS Best Light Up Shoes For Kids

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A cute spider designed LED shoe, which your child will fall in love with. The comfortable adjustable hook up makes it easier to lock the shoe and stays tight. Breathable cotton fabric is used in the design of this shoe. Therefore, it keeps the germs and sweat away from your child’s feet. You can consider this product a great gift item for kids during Christmas or their birthdays.

Key Features

  • There is a wide range of colors available in these shoes- green, red, yellow, sky blue, and purple.
  • With the help of USB cable, you can recharge the battery of the shoe. It is an overall safe and reliable shoe, which you can rely on for a long time.

7 – WONZOM USB Light Led Flashing Toddler Sneakers & Boots


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For regular use or casual wear, you can style up your kids with this bright color sneaker. The design is ideal for both boys and girls. Moreover, the appealing led lights installed in the shoe make it look incredible.

Soft, breathable cotton is used in shoemaking. It is beneficial for your kid’s skin, as it never causes any irritation. Again, it will help to channelize the blood circulation properly in the body. The sneaker design allows your kid to wear them in any season without any worries.

Key Features

  • Cotton fabric helps to absorb sweat easily.
  • PU leather is used in the top part of the product that makes it long-lasting.
  • You can charge the battery of this shoe with your mobile charger. There is an automated notification alert button inside in this shoe, which will turn off once fully charged.

6 – COODO Glittering Flash Sneakers and Shoes For Girls

COODO Best Light Up Shoes For Kids

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It is the perfect rock star led bright shoes for your girl child. There is a glittering finish on the upper part of the shoe. Again, for an adjustable secured lock, there is a lace style. Therefore, you can alter the tightness of the lace according to your kid’s comfort level.

Key Features

  • It is lightweight
  • The light color can change smoothly with the switch technique.
  • The quality and design of the shoe are appropriate for nay school events or parties.

5 – Ufatansy Mesh Finish Rechargeable USB Skating Wheels Shoe For Kids


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If you are looking for a fashion-forward sneaker pattern shoe for your kids, then it is the right choice. The comfortable design of the mesh is the main attraction in this product. Again, the upper PU part is breathable. This entire shoe is lightweight and gives a comfortable feel to your child’s feet.

Another reason to go for this option is the wheels in the shoes. Therefore, you can pair up your kids with these sneakers during any casual events or parties.

Key Features

  • The Led lights installed in this shoe are bright and cool colors
  • Design of the lace is stable
  • It arrives in various sizes and many color ranges.

4 – Sanyes Light Up Led Charging USB Shoes For Dancing

SANYES Best Light Up Shoes For Kids

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It is one of the coolest and fashionable shoes that you can gift your kid. There are different color lights installed in this product that makes it attractive. You will get a comprehensive set of sizes of this bright light-up colored shoe.

Key Features

  • It is made of soft cotton fabric, and the sole is coated with rubber for a comfortable fit.
  • As PU leather is used in the design of this shoe, you can expect durability from this product.
  • With the help of a single switch, you can change the colors of this shoe light.

3 – SLEVEL Dazzling USB Led Lighting Rechargeable Dancing Sneakers


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Slip-on this fancy lace-up shoes for kids to get ample comfort. In case you are searching for a trendy shoe that comes with long-lasting benefits, then it is a decent item to invest in. The lightweight material used in the upper part of the shoe is fantastic. There is a thick rubber sole, which is useful for children when playing or roaming outside.

Key Features

  • The super breathable texture of this shoe is the best part of this shoe. Therefore, your child’s feet remain dry.
  • There is a well-built cushion induced in the design of this product to maintain an excellent grip.
  • You can recharge the power of the battery in the shoe with USB cable attached to your computer. It is safe. The only thing you have to remember while charging to pull the plug slowly to the front connector.

2 – Voovix Unisex High-Top Flashing Led Chargeable Shoes

Voovix Best Light Up Shoes For Kids

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It is one of the popular shoe brands when it comes to kid’s fashion and unique style. The colors have neither too much shimmer nor dull look. It is a casual pair of shoes that you can gift your child, which he/she can also wear at different parties.

The super-comfortable design and synthetic fabric make it brilliant. Again, it is lightweight. However, there is no chemical used in the making of this product. Therefore, you can rely on this flashing shoe when it comes to skin benefits.

Key Features

  • With the help of remote control, you can change the color and pattern of this shoe. There are seven static colors with four dynamic colors available in this product.
  • With a fast USB recharge of 2-3 hours, your kid can use the lighting of this shoe for about 6-7 hours.
  • It is adjustable and has lace on the top part to make it party style.
  • The hook and loop strap is fit inside the shoes for a secured lock and fit.

1 – Odema High-Top Unisex LED Shuffling Unisex Shoes


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The manufacturers have designed this shoe with attractive style features. These sneakers are available in various colors like black, white, red, gold, and silver. The flawless, lightweight shoe is true to size for your children’s feet. One of the best advantages of buying this shoe is its unisex look; therefore, both girls and boys can wear them.

Key Features

  • There is a hidden switch installed in this shoe. You can operate it with a single log press to get various colors and patterns.
  • You can quickly charge the battery of this shoe with the USB port. Once you charge it, then it will work for 2-3 hours.

Now you can select the best light up shoes for kids from the list mentioned above. For proper feet support and style, you can rely on these products as they have all the essential features necessary for your little ones.

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