Top 10 Best Light Table for Tracing of 2021 Review

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The light tables are the top best gadgets for improving and providing excellent viewing power when working on various projects. The device offers a magnificent view of photographic files or artworks while placed on top of it. You can comfortably work on different artistic and tracing work such as 2D animations, sketching, tattoo drawing, and any other project with this device. The light table also improves visual reading for kids in preschool. The following are reviews of the top best light tables for tracing in 2021.

List of the Best Light Table for Tracing of 2021:

10. ME456 A4 LED Light Box 9 x12 Inch Light Pad

ME456 A4 LED Light Box 9x12 Inch Light Pad Only 5mm Ultra-Thin USB Power Light Table for Tracing   Get it now on

If you are looking for a lightbox that you can travel with, then this is the perfect model. It features a slim and sleek design which makes it super comfortable and easy to carry around. It has features that provide excellent eyesight regardless of the project you work on. So, you will not experience any shadows or glares when using this light. The light is adjustable to different levels to enable the user to get the appropriate working light. Some of the areas you can use this lightbox include stenciling, 2D animations, calligraphy, embossing and even scrapbooking, to name a few.

9. Huion L4s LightBox

Huion L4S Light Box - 17.72 Inches USB ADJUSTABLE Illumination Light Panel only 5mm Thin Light Table with 5 A4 Tracing Papers and 1 Non-woven Bag L14.17' x W10.63' x H0.2'   Get it now on

With a measurement of 14 x 10 inches and a thickness of 0.2, it is easy to carry this lightbox for all your field works or when traveling to new towns. The device has an LED dimmable option for regulating the level of the lighting. You can plug it to other devices like Pcs and power banks to charge since it comes with a 3.3 ft Micro USB cable compatible with these devices. The box light has an antiflicker mechanism that ensures a good supply of illumination when the lightbox is switched on. You can work for long hours without recharging it since it goes for up to 50,000 hours when used nonstop. The box light is packed with a 1-year warranty for quality assurance.

8. Gryiyi Tracing LightBox

Portable Wireless A4 LED Light Pad for Tracing,5600 Lux Tracing Light Box with Battery Power LED Light Table,Gryiyi Tracing Light Boxes for Diamond Painting,Weeding Vinyl (White)   Get it now on

This is a multipurpose tracing lightbox that can be used in a wide variety of applications. It has a durable battery which can run up to 18 hours when the pad is used nonstop. This gadget allows you to travel and use it from anywhere since it is wireless. Your eyes are fully protected regardless of how long you work under the light thanks to the antiflicker mechanism equipped on the lightbox.

The light illumination comes from all sides of the box to give even lighting. It is a multi-purpose gadget suitable for professional 2D animation copying, cartoon drawings, calligraphy tattoos drawing, and also for architectural designing. It is easy to operate the device since it comes with a button for control and switching on and off. It is packed with a USB cable which enables one to connect it to other devices such as PC for efficient working.

7. A4 Portable LED Light Box Trace

A4 Portable LED Light Box Trace, LITENERGY Light Pad USB Power LED Artcraft Tracing Light Table for Artists,Drawing, Sketching, Animation   Get it now on

This A4 sized LED lightbox enables you to perform a lot of activities from drawing, sketching, tracing, and even animation projects. It is light in weight and features a slim design; thus, carrying around is super easy. The light is adjustable to different lumens so you can choose the light suitable for your eyesight. You can connect this lightbox to other devices in case you want to recharge it. It is crafted of high-quality material that does not easily get damaged. It also comes with a one-year warranty plus lifetime customer care services.

6. Huion L45 17.7 Inches LED Light Box

Huion L4S LED Light Box A4 Ultra-Thin USB Powered Adjustable Light Pad for Tracing   Get it now on

The Huion LED lightbox is made of thin and lightweight design for comfortable carrying. It is made with an eye protection mechanism since it has ample light distribution for excellent viewing. Note that you can regulate the light you prefer to use to prevent damaging your eyes. It comes with a USB cable for charging which enables you to charge with other devices or a wall socket. It does not flicker when lighting, which is a bonus to safeguarding your eyesight. Some of the works you can do with the lightbox include drawing, tattooing, calligraphy, and any sewing project.

5. Voilamart A2 LED Light Box

Voilamart A2 LED Tracing Board Light Box Light Pad Illumination Light Panel, Dimmable Brightness w/Paper Clip 2 Cables, for Art Craft Drawing Stencil Sketching   Get it now on

Violamart ultrathin led lightbox has 12 V ultra-bright and three levels of dimmable lighting to choose from for excellent and comfortable working. It comes with other accessories such as carrying a bag, and a padded board for placing the device when working. It is designed in a small unit that makes carrying around possible. You can charge it with a power bank, a wall socket, or even other devices like PC with the use of provided USB cable.

The illumination from the pad does not flicker hence protecting your eyes. The color temperatures range from 10,000 to 12000k to choose the color you find appropriate for your sketching and drawing. It consumes less power and still provides excellent lighting since it can last up to 50,000 hours when used nonstop.

4. CO-Z A2 LEd Drawing Light Box Board

CO-Z A2 LED Drawing Light Box Board, Ultra-Thin Stepless Dimmable Brightness Tracing Tracer Artist Light Pad (A2)   Get it now on

The light table is equipped with two LED illuminations with adjustable brightness to ensure efficient lighting. It is quite easy to control and use the device with just one button press. It has less heat emission, which saves on energy, thus enabling it to work for up to 50,000 hours. Some of the jobs you can do with this table include drawing, animations, calligraphy, and tracing. It has an eye protection mechanism through antiflicker to ensure balanced lighting. The lightbox is super durable since the screen is made of anti-scratch and has an acrylic surface for continued use.

3. A4 Tracing Light Box Portable LED Light

A4 Tracing Light Box Portable LED Light Table Tracer Board Dimmable Brightness Artcraft Light Pad for Artists Drawing 5D DIY Diamond Painting Sketching Tattoo Animation Designing   Get it now on

The tracing board comes with different light intervals to choose from. This also allows the user to either dim or increase the level of lighting for comfortable working. It can be used in a wide range of activities such as 5D drawing, tattooing, sketching, animation designing, and even DIY diamond painting. It is made of lightweight and thin design which makes it easy to carry around. The light table is quite easy to operate, as it features a digital touch screen mechanism. You can easily charge the gadget when it runs out of power with the equipped USB cable that is compatible with a power bank, the Pcs, and a wall socket.

2. A3 Light Box,Magnetic Artcraft Tracing Light Pad LED Light Board Ultra-Thin USB Powered Brightness

A3 Light Box,Magnetic Artcraft Tracing Light Pad LED Light Board Ultra-Thin USB Powered Brightness Dimmable for Diamond Painting Tatoo Pad Animation,Sketching, Designing,Stencilling X-ray Viewing   Get it now on

One of the most outstanding features of this lightbox is the ultra-thin design that makes it comfortable and easy to carry around. It is equipped with a dimmable LED light which allows one to control the illumination on the device. It can be used for a variety of activities which include; drawing, sketching, animations, drawing, among others. It has a special inbuilt filter that protects the eyes from fatigue and pain by blocking the spectrum from the light. The package comes with a USB cable for charging it and can be powered by different devices including a PC. Ones you buy the gadget you will be provided with a one-year warranty against manufacturers’ defects.

1. Tikteck A4 Ultra-thin Portable LED Light Box

tiktecklab A4 Size Ultra-Thin Portable Tracer White LED Artcraft Tracing Pad Light Box w dimmable Brightness for 5D DIY Diamond Painting Artists Drawing Sketching Animation, Black   Get it now on

The antiflicker mechanism on this pad protects your eyes even when working for long hours. It is comfortable to work with even for people with eyesight problems since the light is dimmable. The lightbox comes with a USB cable for charging it using different devices such as PCs and power banks. Some of the activities you can carry out using the lightbox include; tattoo drawing, sketching, animations, stenciling, and X-ray viewing.


If you are involved in DIY or commercial drawing, sketching, and even tracing jobs, the above reviews consist of top best light tables to use. They have reliable features that allow you to work comfortably and efficiently. The lights are dimmable to different levels, plus they have an antiflicker mechanism that provides efficient and even lighting illumination. Read the provided user manual to learn how to work with the light tables on different projects.

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