Top 10 Best Insulated Snowboard Jackets of 2020 Review

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If you enjoy outdoor activities like snowboarding or skiing during the winter seasons, the one essential gear you must buy is an insulated jacket. Insulated jackets snowboards are specifically designed for outdoor activities during the cold seasons and thus, they consist of high quality and warm materials. The jackets come in different styles for both men and women. This review features the top 10 best-insulated snowboard jackets on the market today. The jackets have excellent insulation material and are waterproof to keep you dry as you enjoy your snow activities.

List of the Best Insulated Snowboard Jackets of 2020:

10. Volcom Men’s 17 Forty Insulated Snow Jacket

Volcom mens 17Fourty Insulated Snowboard Jacket, black, Large   Get it now on

Keep yourself warm during the cold seasons with this highly insulting jacket. The jacket comes in a standard size that can fit the majority of people. You can also get it in a variety of colors to choose from. The jacket has toggle cinch hood to keep your head secure from rain and cold, and the safety guard that extends to the chin area to prevent the body from cold. The jacket has a zipper closure design for easy putting on and off.

9. PHIBEE Bog Boy’s Waterproof Snowboard SKI jacket

PHIBEE Big Boy's Waterproof Breathable Snowboard Ski Jacket Print1 8   Get it now on

This is the perfect jacket for those who enjoy snow activities like skiing or snowboarding during the winter seasons. The jacket has waterproof material to prevent water penetrating the interior and to completely seal in heat to keep you warm while outdoor. It is super light in weight, and so, you don’t feel much bulkiness when wearing it. This jacket has polyester material that allows air in for breathability purposes. The interior has zipper pockets where you can keep your small accessories like the phones or keys. Note that you can acquire this jacket in a variety of patterns and color shades.

8. Volcom men’s VCO Inferno Insulated two-layer Snow Jacket

Volcom Men's VCO Inferno Insulated 2 Layer Stretch Snow Jacket, Camouflage, Medium   Get it now on

One of the most outstanding features on this jacket is the double layer design to provide excellent warmth insulation. It stretches, so you acquire a good fit and comfort as well. The warmth guard extends to the chin area to prevent any cold penetrating through the neck area. The jacket has a zipper closure for comfortable wearing and taking off the jacket. Note that this jacket is recommended for machine washing only.

7. GEMYSE Women’s Mountain Waterproof Ski Snow Jacket

GEMYSE Women's Mountain Waterproof Ski Snow Jacket Winter Windproof Rain Jacket (Acid Blue,Small)   Get it now on

This is a beautiful winter jacket to gift your wife or fiancee. The jacket is quite durable, and the material insulates the heat to keep one warm throughout. The jacket is waterproof; hence, you can go snowboarding or skiing at any time since it dries up pretty fast. The jacket has insulation materials on the interior and the head to prevent you from cold. The jacket features a zipper closure and adjustable hood bands to ensure good coverage of the head part.

6. Volcom Women’s Mission insulated 2 Layer Snow Jacket

Volcom Junior's Mission Insulated 2 Layer Shell Snow Jacket, Black Floral Print, Extra Small   Get it now on

This is another beautiful snow jacket ideal for women. It is made of pure polyester material that provides good insulation and allows breathability for comfort if you wear it for long hours. The jacket has hips length to provide ample coverage. The presence of the micro-fleece liner ensures good insulation to the wearer. One drawback to note about this jacket is that a machine can only clean it.

5. Men Women’s Waterproof Ski Jacket Outdoor Jacket

Mden Women's Insulated Jacket Snowboard Hooded Waterproof Mountain Ski Jacket Winter Coat(White, Large)   Get it now on

This is a year-round jacket that you can wear during the cold and chilly seasons. It safeguards you from wind, rainwater, and cold. You can wear this jacket when skiing or snowboarding because it is waterproof. The zipper closure extends to the neck area to prevent the cold from penetrating through the neck. The jacket is super light and hence can be worn at any time of the day during the cold seasons.

4. 686 Men’s Woodland Insulated Jacket

686 Men's Woodland Insulated Jacket - Waterproof Ski/Snowboard Winter Coat, Rusty Red Plaid, X-Large   Get it now on

This is a man’s versatile jacket that you can wear at any time of the day. It features waterproof material to protect you from wetness during the chilly and snowy days. The interior of the jacket has insulation material to keep you warm, and the hood safeguards your head area and ears from cold as well. It features a lightweight design so you can enjoy your outdoor activities such as skiing without feeling bulkiness. Note that the jacket is quite comfortable and can be worn at any time of the day. It also comes in different colors to choose from.

3. ROXY Women’s Billie Snow Jacket

Roxy Snow Women’s Junior Billie Snow Jacket Outerwear, Warm Heather Grey, M   Get it now on

Every woman deserves a warm jacket during the cold seasons, and this is one of the best to buy. It is light in weight so you can comfortably enjoy your outdoor activities like skiing or mountaineering. It has pure waterproof material that dries up pretty easily while protecting you from any wetness. The jacket has a neck length zip closure to prevent you from wind and cold penetrating through the neck area. Hands can wash it and takes little time to dry up.

2. Burton men’s Ski Snowboard Covert Jacket

Burton Mens Covert Jacket, Bog Heather New, Large   Get it now on

This jacket has double layer fabric material that allows excellent breathability and keeps you warm during the cold seasons. It has a contoured hood that extends to the neck area to safeguard you from cold. This jacket is ideal for snow activities because it regulates the body’s warmth. There are some stitched pockets on the sides where you can keep your skin goggles or gloves. The jacket is long to cover up to the hip areas.

1. Volcom Mission Insulated Snowboard Jacket

Volcom Mission Insulated Snowboard Jacket Womens Sz M Black   Get it now on

This is everywoman’s jacket, especially if you live in snowy areas. It has insulated material on the interior that safeguards you from cold so you can enjoy your outdoor activities. It has a hood with warm fluffy material to cover the head from cold. The exterior of the jacket is made of waterproof material that prevents your body from wetness. This jacket has a neck length zip closure to safeguard you from the wind.


If you are looking for a jacket that you can wear during the winter seasons, consider the above-reviewed ten jackets. They are ideal for snow activities thanks to the waterproof materials and the insulation design that safeguards you from cold and wetness. These jackets are suitable for men and women.

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