Top 11 Best Hand Trucks on Sale in 2021 Reviews

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Moving your things from place to place
Is going to get easier this year. That is because there are top 11 best hand trucks on sale in 2021. These hand trucks can hold a lot of weight and are designed to carry a large amount of your personal or business items.
They are also made from strong, durable construction materials that have these hand trucks holding up under a variety of conditions for years. Plus, they move easily on the heavy-duty castor wheels rolling underneath the platform.

When you go with the top of the line hand trucks, you know your moving needs are being met by the best in the business. These hand trucks should make your life a lot easier when it comes to moving your items.

Our Best Hand Trucks on sale Reviews on Amazon in 2021 Reviews

11. MaxWorks 80876 Foldable Platform Truck

11. MaxWorks 80876 Foldable Platform Truck

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Once you employ this 29 by 19 by 33 inch approx., hand truck, you should be able to move your materials quickly and easily. The large reach of the handle makes sure your back is not strained as you work.

Also, once this hand truck is assembled, you can place up to 330 pounds on top of it. Its heavy-duty castor wheels can take the weight and keep on rolling. Two of the 4 inch wheels swivel to make maneuvering around your obstacles simple and easy to do.

In addition to that, the padded handlebar keeps your hands nice and comfortable as you push your load to your next destination. Then the crossbar support makes sure those handlebars do not bend or break under their heavy load.

As you walk, the rubber bumper protects your walls, doors, and shins from damage when the cart bumps into them.

10. Magna Cart Personal Aluminum Folding Hand Truck – Best Hand Trucks

10. Magna Cart Personal Aluminum Folding Hand Truck

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Get 150 pounds of personal or business items moved from pint A to point B with ease. That is what this hand truck will do for you when you use it to meet your moving needs. Plus, made from aluminum this cart is lightweight and easy to maneuver.

On top of that, the handle on this cart extends and collapses when you need it to. Once you press the right button, you can get the handle to reach 39 inches high. That gives you more vertical storage space to haul your items away.

In addition to all of that, the 5-inch rubber wheels do not need air to get them to roll. That makes them no flat tires and they should be ready for when you need to use the hand truck again.

With a 15 inch base can make sure you get those heavy objects lifted on the ground and carried away without hassle. It folds up to 2 1/2 inches when not in use.

9. Harper Trucks Glass Filled Nylon Convertible Hand Truck

9. Harper Trucks Glass Filled Nylon Convertible Hand Truck

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Versatility is one of the key characteristics a hand truck needs to be one of the top best models. This hand truck has that versatility. Not only can it hold 700 pounds, but it also has wheels where you least expect them to be.

The large 10-inch rubber wheels handle a lot of weight when you want to do vertical hauling. Then the smaller castor wheels help you do horizontal hauling as well. The built-in movable handle transforms this hand truck into a 4 wheel dolly in no time at all.

Then built-in stair guides help you navigate those nasty stairs when an elevator is not available. They also help you get over tall curbs with ease. Made from plastic this hand truck is lighter than most units its size. But the plastic is still strong and durable.

The glass-filled nylon and plastic frame makes sure this hand truck is not ruined by corrosion or other destructive elements.

8. Magna Cart Personal 150 lb Capacity Hand Truck – Best Hand Trucks

8. Magna Cart Personal 150 lb Capacity Hand Truck

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Once you are finished hauling your personal or business items 150 pounds at a time. You can store this top-rated hand truck with ease. That is because it is able to collapse in size to 2 1/2 inches. That makes using this hand truck vital to your moving efforts.

Also, you get rubber wheels that do not need air. That keeps this hand truck ready and willing to serve you every time you need to use it. Then the 15-inch base and the 5-inch tires work together to make sure your items are moved quickly and efficiently.

Plus, if you need the extra length, the handle extends to 39 inches long. Not only does that help your hauling efforts it saves your back from strain. It only takes a few seconds to get it to the sizer you want.

No assembly is required and this hand truck is ready to use right out of the box.

7. Wellmax Moving Platform Hand Truck – Best Hand Trucks

7. Wellmax Moving Platform Hand Truck

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The bright yellow color scheme on this hand truck means that you will see it when you need it. It cannot hide from you because yellow is one of the best colors people can see. With a foldable handle, you can make this cart compact in size when not in use.

Plus, once you get the handle back up, you can place about 660pounds on top of this cart without breaking it. Then for easy steering of that load, two back wheels swivel 360 degrees while the front two approx. 4-inch wheels remain locked in place.

After you have this hand truck loaded, the padded handlebar makes sure your hands are nice and comfortable. Your hands should not get fatigued or sore when you use that padded option.

On top of all that, your walls and doors are protected by the built-in rubber bumper. Normal bumps and impacts should not damage your building as you manipulate this hand truck through the halls, etc.

6. Cosco Shifter Multi-Position Folding Hand Truck

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Technology can be a wonderful thing. It has taken the simple immovable hand truck and turned it into a flexible hauling machine. This hand truck can handle about 300 pounds at one time.

But that is not its greatest feat. Technology has designed this steel and plastic hand truck in such a way that it can transform itself into a 4 wheel dolly in no time at all. This feature provides you with flexibility and lets you haul a variety of items without having to buy another hand truck or dolly.

Then the steel construction material is powdered coated. Not only does this keep the hand truck looking good, but it also protects the hand truck from rust and corrosion. Once you are done, the hand truck can fold up nice and small and fit inside your car trunk.

This portability makes this warehouse tool vital to most businesses and moving companies. No pins or tools are needed to make the conversion.

5. Vergo S300BT Model Industrial Folding Hand Truck Dolly

5. Vergo S300BT Model Industrial Folding Hand Truck Dolly

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When you have a lack of storage space, this folding hand truck comes to the rescue. Once you are finished your hauling task, you can fold this hand truck up so small it should fit in the trunk of your car. Or some other small empty spot you have available.

In addition to that, once you unfold it, this hand truck should be able to handle about 275 pounds of weight at one time. Made from aluminum this hand truck does not add a lot of weight to your moving.

After you take it out of its tiny storage spot, this hand truck will unfold easily reaching up to 43 inches in height. Your back should not be hurt when you use this unit to help you move your product.

With 7-inch solid rubber wheels, you do not have to worry about getting a flat tire. There is no air to let out thus this hand truck remains usable all day long.

4. Magna Cart Four Wheel Folding Platform Truck – Best Hand Trucks

4. Magna Cart Four Wheel Folding Platform Truck

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It looks like a common every day 4 wheel dolly, but in real life, it is a heavy-duty hard-working hand truck that meets your moving and relocation needs. For starters, it is so strong that it can lift and move up to 300 pounds at a time.

Next, its padded handle can be adjusted to several height positions, up to 36 inches, to accommodate the stature of the user. On top of that, the handle is comfortable to hold and should not hurt your hands as you work with the cart.

After that, the 27 by 16-inch platform holds a lot of boxes while working with the 4-inch wheels to get you to your next destination. The 2 360 degree rotating wheels make steering a snap while the fixed wheels keep you on track.

The wheels should not mark up yours or anyone’s floors when traveling across them. Foods up to about 3 1.2 for easy storing.

3. FCH Folding Hand Truck {LINK}

Look good while you are moving up to 165 pounds of materials from one place to another. This folding hand truck comes in some vibrant and bright colors to make your day a little better. Plus, you will look good doing it.

Once you get the handle from its 24-inch small size to its 39-inch extended size, you should be able to move a lot of stuff with ease. 2 tough rubber wheels make sure your move goes off without a hitch. They should be able to cover any surface you encounter throughout your day.

Besides warehouse and office work, this good looking hand truck works well at trade shows and craft exhibits and so on. You look professional while not looking old fashioned.

The hand truck is lightweight and easy to maneuver. Your work will be done before you know it.

2. Mount-It! Folding Hand Truck – Best Hand Trucks

2. Mount-It! Folding Hand Truck - Best Hand Trucks 

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You do not need to move a lot of weight at one time to get your hauling duties done. Sometimes all you need is a smaller hand truck to handle those smaller boxes and packages you need to get to a new location.

This hand truck will handle up to 264 pounds of weight using its lightweight plastic and aluminum construction materials. On top of that, this hand truck and fold up or down depending on what you need to be done or if you need to put it away for the night.

Then the telescoping handle reaches 42 inches when brought out to its full length. On top of that, the large rubber wheels should go across any surface you encounter without difficulty. With a padded handle, your hands should not get as sore as they used to. You should be able to haul for hours comfortably.

In addition to all of this, the hand truck is made to last you a long time under normal use. It is made to handle the stress and constant weight load you have to deal with at your job.

1. Wesco 220649 Steel Maxi Mover

1. Wesco 220649 Steel Maxi Mover

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Once you open this hand truck up to its fullest potential, you get 42 by 19 by 19 inches of cargo hauling space. Then once you get it loaded its steel and aluminum construction materials makes sure your load gets to where it is going safely and in one piece.

With 7-inch nonmarking rubber wheels handling the load, you can get a lot of boxes moved throughout your day. These wheels help you and the hand truck move 275 pounds maximum at a time.

Plus, you get built-in elastic straps to make sure none of your boxes falls off during transit. After you get this folding hand truck out of the box, its design and strength should have this product working with you for many years.

On top of all that, it should climb and descend stairs with ease. Just make sure your load is nice and secure before attempting that option.

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Using the right hand truck is the way to make a hard and heavy workload a lot simpler and easier to do. That is why you should use one of the top 11 hand trucks in 2021 to help you. They are designed to handle heavy loads with ease.

Plus, they come with some great features to make sure your work doe sot wear you out as fast as it once did, Go with the best to get your work done safely.

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