Top 10 Best Glass Door Refrigerators Reviews and Buying Guide In 2020

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If you want to store beverages and you want to display them or see for yourself, you need to opt for a glass door refrigerator. The traditional refrigerators do not come with a glass door as glass is fragile. However, if you have a shop where you sell beverages, and you want to showcase your collection of beverages to your guests, a glass door refrigerator is the only option. The following list contains the top 10 best glass door refrigerators to choose from.

List of Top 10 Best Glass Door Refrigerators Reviews and Buying Guide In 2020

#10. NewAir Beverage Glass Door Refrigerators

10. NewAir Beverage Glass Door Refrigerators

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Do you love summer camps and beach picnics? Then you must buy this compact refrigerator. It is one of the best fridges for keeping wines, soda beer, and other drinks. This refrigerator maintains an inner temperature of fewer than 34 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, you can get chilled beverages within a few minutes.

In addition to that, it has a compact size and beautiful design. You can keep this mini fridge in any corner of the kitchen or tabletop. Apart from that, the refrigerator also comes with 5 removable racks to place bottles of various sizes. Furthermore, it does not make an irritating and loud sound.

  • Detached design fits in many spaces.
  • Design is smooth and chic.
  • Accompanies any home decoration.
  • The packaging could be better.

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#9. Ivation Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

9. Ivation Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

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You can carry this small refrigerator while going for a family picnic. It can easily hold 18 bottles of wine or beer. Apart from that, this fridge comes with digital controls. It also has an LCD screen to view temperatures in a clear way. This lightweight and portable refrigerator is easy to carry in vans and cars.

Additionally, this fridge has no compressor and saves energy bills. It also keeps the taste of wine and beer fresh for many hours. Besides that, the thermopane doors also do not cause bad odors inside the fridge. Furthermore, it is good for homes, offices and small shops.

  • Comes with exterior digital touch function.
  • Gentle interior lighting with on/off power.
  • 100% customer satisfaction.
  • The temperature control is inconsistent.

#8. Whynter Beverage Refrigerator

8. Whynter Beverage Glass Door Refrigerators

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You can enjoy a chilled drink every hour. This is one of the most wonderful fridges for homes and offices. Further, this refrigerator includes a stainless steel frame. It enhances your home or kitchen décor. Besides that, you can place cans of weight 12 oz in this mini-refrigerator.

In addition to that, you can easily control the inner temperature with the help of settings. It contains a soft LED light that provides convenience to find wine bottles at night. Moreover, it is comfortable to carry this mini beverage cooler in cars or vans. It is one of the best appliances to enjoy hot summers.

  • LED lighting with flossy interior.
  • Correctable door and detached style.
  • Door framework is stainless steel.
  • The average rating is low.

#7. Vremi Beverage Glass Door Refrigerators

7. Vremi Beverage Refrigerator

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This is one of the best fridges for family picnics and trips. It is small in size and can hold easily up to 120 cans. The compact size simplifies your task to keep this fridge anywhere in the home. It has a length of 3.2 cubic feet. Besides that, the double pane glass door will let you view your bottles easily.

Additionally, the refrigerator contains 3 removable shelves. You can remove them for cleaning or placing taller bottles of wine. Moreover, the memory function automatically sets the temperature. Furthermore, it is a lightweight refrigerator to carry anywhere in cars or vans.

  • Capable with a beer and wine chiller.
  • Control panel is digitally adaptable.
  • Chilling system and compressor-based.
  • There is no negative point.

#6. Antarctic Star Beverage Refrigerator

6. Antarctic Star Beverage Refrigerator

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Having the capacity to hold 60 cans, this is one of the most beautiful glass door refrigerators. You can place this mini-fridge in the homes, offices, or garages. Apart from that, it has a lovely shape that enhances your home décor. It can maintain the inner temperature of about 61 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition to that, it comes with the airtight sea for good insulation. This mini fridge has a double-paned glass door to see your bottles clearly. The soft LED light also helps you to remove or keep bottles during night hours. Furthermore, it comes in different sizes for different places.

  • Storage perfect for your small rooms.
  • Adjustable thermostat with control knob.
  • Small size and accommodates everywhere.
  • There is no cons at all.

#5. Joy Pebble Beverage Refrigerator

5. Joy Pebble Beverage Refrigerator

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You can keep all your favorite drinks in this small refrigerator. It is available in various sizes. Further, the black color bodysuits your kitchen or home décor perfectly. Apart from that, the glass door will show the chilling process of your bottles. It can hold more than 85 cans at a time.

In addition to that, you can remove the shelves to place the larger bottles. The double-paned glass door stops the harmful UV rays from entering the fridge. It also keeps drinks and foods fresh for a long time. Moreover, it is perfect for homes, offices, and bars.

  • Maintains a design multiply modified.
  • Holds up to 60 can drinks.
  • Debar moisture with adaptable footpad.
  • There is no negative point.

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#4. Northair Beverage Cooler and Fridge

4. Northair Beverage Cooler and Fridge

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This is a unique mini fridge for trip lovers. You can easily keep up to 60 cans in this refrigerator. The stunning glass reversible door allows you to view your bottles from outside. Besides that, it includes a blue LED light that helps you to see your bottles at night. This mini refrigerator does not make a loud noise which disturbs your sleep.

In addition to that, the racks can be easily removed for cleaning tasks. You can also arrange taller bottles of wine and beer in this fridge. Furthermore, this mini refrigerator comes with 1 year of warranty from the manufacturer.

  • Racks can be removed and adjusted.
  • Door has a single glass hinged.
  • Black exterior with transparent glass.
  • The shelves could have a better design.

#3. Beverage Glass Door Refrigerators by Tavata

3. Beverage Glass Door Refrigerators by Tavata

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You can now enjoy family picnics with this mini-fridge. It is a free-standing appliance for the kitchen and playroom. Apart from that, this refrigerator has a length of 2.3 cubic feet. The beautiful LED light makes the look of this fridge more attractive. You can get chilled drinks anytime during the summer season.

In addition to that, it can cool down up to the temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, it keeps snacks and drinks fresh and tasty for a long time. It also includes an energy-efficient system to bring down energy bills. You can also carry it from one place to another.

  • Refrigerator attributes an elegant see-through.
  • Front door consists of stainless steel frame.
  • It is energy-efficient and innovative technology.
  • There is no drawback.

#2. Beverage Glass Door Refrigerators by BOSSIN

2. Beverage Glass Door Refrigerators by BOSSIN

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This is the modern refrigerator for homes and offices. You can place up to 85 cans in this fridge. It has easy touch functions to control the inner temperature. Besides that, the mini-fridge maintains a temperature of 61 degrees Fahrenheit to keep the foods fresh. You can also remove shelves of this fridge for cleaning purposes.

Further, the double-pane glass door stops UV rays from passing inside the fridge. It provides quiet operation so that you can sleep well at night. Moreover, this refrigerator also includes an LED light that enhances its look. Furthermore, it can fit in small spaces and therefore, ideal if you have space issue.

  • Modifies the temperature of the refrigerator.
  • Sustains up to 85 regular size sodas.
  • Conserve an ideal humidity degree.
  • The quality could have been better.

#1. COSTWAY Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

1. COSTWAY Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

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Glass door refrigerators enhance your kitchen look. This is one of the best fridges for keeping bottles of beverages. It has a height of 1.73 cubic feet with a premium quality stainless steel frame. Besides that, the refrigerator has a black interior to clearly view the bottles of wine and soda beer.

In addition to that, it is perfect for keeping this mini-fridge in a small kitchen, playroom, and RV. You can comfortably remove chrome shelves for cleaning and washing. Moreover, it comes with a control knob for controlling inner temperature. Furthermore, it has an efficient cooling system for keeping the foods fresh and healthy.

  • Movable mini size beverage cooler.
  • Comes with double pane glass door.
  • Adaptable and extractible slide-out chrome shelves.
  • There are few reviews available.

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Buying Guide for Glass Door Refrigerators

Check out the following points when you opt for a glass door refrigerator.

Types of Refrigerator:

The market offers different types of glass door refrigerators, these are:

  • Single Door

The refrigerators with a single door usually come with a capacity of 150 to 250-liters. These models are cost-effective and offer enough freezer space. The single door refrigerators offer direct cooling, and some manufacturers are adding digital auto defrost options to their models.

  • Double Door

With a usual capacity of 200 to 250-liters, the refrigerators with double doors have separate compartments for a freezer and regular use. Generally, these models are highly power-conserving and offer frost-free operation every time.

  • Triple Door

Suitable for any residential spaces, the triple door models require smaller floor space. The three doors have three different sections for the freezer, regular use and crisper. Most of the time, these models have 250 to 300-liters capacity. However, these refrigerators come with robust glass shelves and frost-free technology.

  • Side by Side

The capacity range of these models starts from 550 to 850-liters. Therefore, the refrigerators offer enough space for and multiple storage sections. Many of the models include water and ice dispenser in the front panel. Usually, the models are not frost-free but come with sturdy glass shelves.

  • Mini or Compact

Just like the name, these refrigerators are small in size and can have 100-liter of capacity. Mostly direct cool in nature, these models have limited freezer space.

  • Compressor

The compressors are generally divided into Inverter and General Compressors. By starting at higher speeds, the general ones deliver consistent speed during running hours. With no cooling-loss, these compressors also stop work every time after reaching the optimal cooling temperature. The inverter compressors start at slow speed and operate the mechanism whenever these compressors detect cooling loss.

Additional Features:

The water/ice dispensers are very much available side by side models, so you can fetch icy cool water or ice direct from the fridge door without opening the door. However, the toughened glass shelves are the ideal alternative to the cheap and toxic plastic shelves. Some models also have a convertible design to convert the freezer space into the fridge and vice-versa.

The adjustable shelves also help users to convert the fridge space accordingly. Many models include cool pack features to keep the freezer cool for 12-hours, even without power supply. The deodorizer function with powerful filters keeps the refrigerators free of odor. For the safety of refrigerators, some manufacturers also include voltage stabilizer.


There are different types of glass door refrigerators available to pick from. You should keep the buying guide in mind so that you can judge the products better and take a pick that can fulfill your requirements. Moreover, they are sure to showcase your collection of beverage bottles and cans out clearly. The place where you keep it, it is going to enhance the look and feel of the place widely.

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