Top 10 Best Food Processor Blender Combo in 2020

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Food processor blender combos are one of the essential kitchen tools that bring about countless benefits and superb convenience. Not only can the combo be used to blend food or ingredients, it can also make drinks like smoothies, milkshakes and more.

In this article, we are going to delve deeper into the product. After spending hours on research and testing, we are going to present to you the 10 ten food processor blender combo units, and we will also list down each product’s key feature for you a quicker understanding of the products, too.

List of the Top 10 Best Food Processor Blender Combo in 2020

10. Ninja Mega Kitchen System Blender/Food Processor with 1500W Auto-iQ

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If you are looking to change your food processor blender combo, Ninja is one of the best choices for you. The material chosen is plastic. The power of this blender is about 1500 watts. This blender can crush ice as well as frozen fruits into snow and smoothies in a matter of seconds with its horsepower.

Furthermore, there is a food processor bowl that you can use to chop or make dough in less than one minute. Besides that, it also comes with a nutria cup with its lid, which you can use to blend fruits, seeds or nuts. Last but not least, you can clean it with just soap and warm water. Plus, it is also safe to put it in the dishwasher as well.

Key Feature:

  • It is BPA-free for the user’s health safety
  • 1500-watt motor for an outstanding performance
  • Blend food and drink in a few minutes
  • Comes with a nutria cup and lid
  • It is dishwasher free, and easy to maintain

9.Oster Blender Pro 1200 with Glass Jar, 24-Ounce Smoothie Cup and Food Processor Attachment

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One of the most popular food processor blender combos is from Oster. The power of this blender is about 1200 watts. This product is designed to have a setting technology, and it consists of 7 speeds for added flexibility. Moreover, there are three more programmed settings such as milkshakes, touch salsas, and smoothies. Plus, this machine has a dual direction blade that can be blended in two ways such as reverse or forward.

The power of this dual blade technology is 50% stronger than any other regular blender, so that it can blend the food or fruits much faster than regular products. It is made of stainless steel, and its cord is about 15 inches long. The package also provides a 5-cup food processor bowl that you can use to chop, slice, shred nuts, veggies, or seeds easily.

Key Feature

  • It is durable, which guarantees long-term service
  • Features a setting control that makes it easier for you to control
  • 5-cup capacity
  • Create three types of food such as salsas, smoothie, and milkshakes.
  • A Dual blade technology that is very powerful and strong.

8. Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper with Bowl Scraper

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Up next, we have a food processor blender combo from Hamilton Beach. To make it easy for you to use a spatula without lifting its lid, at the side of this bowl, they have added additional scrape to it. Besides that, you will not need to waste your time to remove its lid when you are pureeing or chopping. Additionally, it has a large capacity that you can add about 10 cups of food in it.

The power of this product is 450 watts. Moreover, there is a two-speed setting, which is high and low speed. It is BPA free, and also dishwasher safe. Adding to that, the model offers different types of blades more for different types of food and veggies — such as slicing disc, shredding disc, mixing or chopping blade and more. Plus, its shredder and disc slices are reversible.

Key Feature:

  • Made of high-quality plastic
  • Added with special attachment scrapes to save time
  • It could fit about 10 bowls of food
  • Easy to use and clean

7. Cuisinart Smart Power Duet Blender/Food Processor, Brushed Chrome

BFP-703BC Smart Power Duet Blender

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Cuisinart is one of the food processor blender combos that should be on your to-buy list. The main material that is used to make this product is plastic. This blender is so powerful that it could blend or crush the ice in a few minutes and without needing any liquid. The power of this machine is 500 watts. Additionally, they have designed to have a 7-speed touchpad control such as puree, pulse, chop, food processor, on, off, ice crush and stir.

There is a light indicator that will turn on when you use it. In addition, its cord is about 36 inches. There is a food processor that you could put about 3 cups of food in there. It also comes with a shredding disc, feed tube, chopping blade, and pusher. Although it is made of plastic, its blender jar is made of glass. It features a sharp stainless blade as well. Furthermore, you can put it in a dishwasher for a quick and easy clean-up, too.

Key Feature:

  • Motor power: 500 watts
  • Control it with ease through a 7-speed touchpad control
  • Brushed in chrome
  • Can put 3 cups of food in the food processor
  • Boasts an LED indicator
  • Easy Clean-up

6. FOCHEA 3 In 1 Blender and Food Processor Combo

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FOCHEA is another unit that is packed with features. The motor power of this product is 700 watts and 24 000 RPM. This product has three functions which are a chopper, blender, and grinder. Furthermore, this machine lets you chop cheese, meat, and frozen ingredients very quickly. It also takes you only a few minutes to grind spices, coffee, and nuts.

Moreover, its blade is made of stainless steel, which you can use to blend or chop all types of food and veggies no matter if it is dry, wet or frozen. Also, it is very easy to use and clean it as well. They also provide you with a blender bottle which is 570 ml that you can carry around with you easily. Adding to that, you can use it to make shakes, cereals, fruit yogurts, smoothies, and baby foods without a hassle as well.

Key Feature:

  • Approval from FDA and ETL
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Equipped with three functions which are blender, smoothie, and grinder.
  • Leak-proof

5. Ninja blender food processor with 450-Watt Base

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Ninja is another exceptional food processor blender combo. This product is removable and you can put it in the dishwasher too. The power of this blender is 450 watts. Black is the only color that has been offered. You can blend food, veggies, fruits, and ice in a matter of minutes with its pulse technology. The capacity that the pitcher could handle is 48 oz.

Besides the pitcher, Ninja blender food processor also has a processor bowl that you could hold about 40 oz of food. There is a chopper bowl that you can add about 16 oz of food in it too. In addition, it comes with a 6 blade set and 4 blade set. Last but not least, it also provides you lids to keep your food, or smoothies, fresh after blending or grinding. The unit is also BPA free for your safety.

Key feature:

  • Motor power: 450 watts
  • BPA free
  • 6 cups capacity for the pitcher
  • 5 cups capacity of the processor bowl
  • 1-year warranty

4.vHamilton Beach 12-Cup Stack & Snap Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper

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Another food processor blender combo that you do not want to miss is from Hamilton Beach. The motor power of this blender is 450 watts. Besides that, there are plus controls and two speeds which can help the blender to blend very fast and quick according to your needs so that you do not waste your time.

Assembly is required but it will be very easy and fast. To prevent the mixture from leaking, the bowl is designed to be sealed too. Plus, it is BPA free. Additionally, its blades are made of stainless steel. The S blade of this blender can be used to chop meat, garlic, bread, herb, cracker and more. Adding to that, it also has a shred disc and reversible slice that you can use to slice food such as mushroom, tomato, cucumber, peppers, etc.

Key Feature

  • Features an S blade for mixing, cutting, chopping food and veggies.
  • Reversible slicing
  • BPA-free materials
  • 2 speeds and other quick controls
  • Capacity: 12 cups of foods
  • Leak-proof

3. Oster Pro 1200 Blender with Professional Tritan Jar and Food Processor attachment

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The top third food processor blender combo is from Oster. This blender has 7 speeds functions which you can adjust to whichever level you want. Moreover, it has three capabilities which are grinder, blender, and smoothies. This blender could hold about 8 cups of food. In addition, it is made of high-quality plastic and it is also BPA free. It is safe to use and also durable and last longing as well. Plus, it has a dual-direction blade that the blade works both ways forward and backward which makes the mixing to be more precise and fast.

In addition, the blender is so powerful that its power is 1200 watts. The power that it uses to make crushed ice is about 900 watts. Lastly, it also has a food processor which you could add about 5 cups of food in it. It is also equipped with a shredding blade and a handy slicing blade.

Key Feature:

  • Dual direction blade
  • 5-cup capacity for food processor, 8-cup for the blender
  • 3.5 inches jar which is quite large
  • Tough, long-lasting and safe to use
  • 7 speeds featured

2. Amazon Renewed Ninja BL773CO Food Processor Blender all-in-one

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The top second food processor blender combo is from Amazon Renewed. This pitcher could hold about 72 oz. of food. The motor power of this machine is about 1500 watts. It also has two dynamic horsepower, which means this product will work faster and more precisely. Furthermore, the food processor could hold about 8 cups of food in it. It could chop veggies and fruits as well as make the dough within less than 60 seconds.

Besides that, it has a crushing technology that could crush the frozen fruit and ice to make smoothies and frozen drinks in a few minutes. It also has a shredder disc and reversible slicer that you can use to slice food like cucumber, potato, tomato, pepper, celery and more. This product is perfect to use to prepare drinks for a family. You can put this blender in the dishwasher. It also comes with some getting-started recipes, an instruction book, and a quick start guide.The company offers a 90 days’ full refund warranty.

Key Feature:

  • Full refund
  • Features the advanced crushing technology
  • 8-cup capacity
  • Material: stainless steel
  • 2 horsepower and 1500 watts of motor power

1. Ninja 400-Watt Blender/Food Processor for Frozen Blending

Chopping and Food Prep with 48-Ounce Pitcher and 16-Ounce Chopper Bowl

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The food processor blender combo that tops the list is from Ninja. The unit comes in only one color which is silver. It is very easy to use as you only need to touch a pulsing function and it will start operation. There are two sized jars which you can use whichever you want. Furthermore, it is resistant to spill — thanks to the splash guards offered. The pour spout is also very easy to flip and it also has a non-slip base. There is a food processor that you can add about 2 cups of food in. Adding to that, you can use it to chop, dice, blend, mince and puree the food as well.

You can wash it by using a sponge. All of the parts of this blender is dishwasher free. The motor power of this machine is about 400 watts. It is BPA free too. Besides that, this pitcher can be added to about 6 cups of food. In the package, it comes with a 6 blade set and 4 blades. It provides a one-year warranty too. If you have any problems with this food processor blender, come to Ninja. and they will fix it for you until you are pleased.

Key Feature:

  • Motor power: 400 watts
  • 2-cup capacity
  • BPA-free and dishwasher-safe
  • Splash guard, and prevent spills
  • Non-slip base for added stability
  • Easy clean-up for enhanced convenience
  • A reliable 1-year warranty

Buying Guide

There are so many food processor blenders online, and that can make it hard for you to choose the product that you want. But don’t worry, our team will provide a buying guide that will assist you in finding a food processor blender combo that meets your needs the most.

Dual Blades

For most buyers, they prefer the blade to be able to be used both forward and reversed, so that the ingredient that has been mixed can be mixed better with enhanced consistency and more precisely.


If you live with other people, and you are willing to share the food with them. The blender food processor combo should hold at least 3-cup capacity.

Speed Setting

Different foods require different blending speeds. Hence, it is recommended to get a blender with an adjustable speed.

Motor Power: Regardless of the motor’s watt, the motor of the blender should be strong and powerful.

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