Top 10 Best Fingerprint Door Locks In 2022

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Traditional locks are now becoming a thing of the past as home and office safety is gaining more importance. Avoid awkward fumbling at the door and keep intruders out with double the security offered with several innovative technological features. Modern-day homeowners now want the total security that Fingerprint Door Locks offer. If armored with these high tech door locks, any house will be protected in all aspects. If your homeowner curiosity is captured, leave your traditional physical key behind and compare these narrowed down Top 10 Best Fingerprint Door Locks.

Best Fingerprint Door Locks in 2022 Reviews

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10. Ultraloq Keyless and Fingerprint Smart Lever Door Lock

Ultraloq Best Fingerprint Door Locks

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Offering maximum convenience, this design allows you to be relaxed about the safety of your home. It entails a truly keyless experience, leaving everyday hassle at the door. By allowing the sharing of three options, which are key, code, or fingerprint, this lock gives a homeowner complete access over who, whether themselves or others, can come in and out.


  • Beepless touchscreen that allows for less than half a second for identification
  • Will only take ten minutes to install by oneself.
  • Makes efficient use of 3AA batteries that are able to be used 8000 times

9. AIGURD Biometric Fingerprint OLED Panel Door Locks


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Uncomfortable about untrustworthy neighbors who might take a peek at you when you type in your access code? This lock absolves that paranoia by allowing 6 random inputs after the first correct try so onlooking strangers will not know which one worked. This helps you be discreet in protecting house codes, and all inputted numbers are replaced with asterisks when typed in so no one can see the actual numbers.


  • 200 hundred fingerprints are able to be read. Unlimited access to home and office spaces.
  • Kid and elder user friendly, is consistent in recognition
  • Difficult to guess a 6 character password

8. Lockly Secure Pro Fingerprint WiFi/Bluetooth Keyless Door Lock

Lockly Best Fingerprint Door Locks

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Your finger has now become your new best friend in the tech age. From your phone to your door locks, they are your key to some of your most essential everyday items. Specially designed with high tech 3-d sensors for up to 99 storable fingerprints, this keyless entry is customizable. Barriers to guessing are given credit to the PIN preventing strangers from intruding private spaces. Enjoy the feature of locking and unlocking your house anywhere from the comfort of your phone.


  • Tracks and stores patterns about the movements of family members in your phone
  • Easy fifteen minute installation time
  • Digital keypad prevents snooping onlookers from memorizing your personal code

7. Ultraloq Bluetooth Touchscreen Fingerprint Lock


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One major benefit of this lock is the fact that it is free from the hassle of drilling and wiring. One needn’t fret over installation, as only a couple minutes and a screwdriver are required for unprecedented security. Customers who decide to install this key will find it has been standardized to match many doors that have only one borehole. Users are also offered the option of a deadbolt cover to replace their current one.


  • Its adaptability suits right handed and left handed doors, and is unproblematic for most users due to easy installation.
  • Phone does not have to be removed from a pocket to unlock the door. A knock four times feature allows the door to open from it remotely.
  • Beepless password averts all onlooking strangers who might observe patterns on worn down keypads

6. Touchscreen Fingerprint Keyless Door Lock

ARDWOLF Best Fingerprint Door Locks

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Unique OLED display highlights the visual experience of the user every time. Featuring an audit trail enables a homeowner to easily view who goes in and out of the house or office. A double verification security code elevates safety, as the smart lock can store as many as 256 different fingerprints. Designed to offer quick in and out movement for all users and the controller.


  • Owner can be guided through the steps for adding and deleting guests from OLED display
  • Two layers of security embedded against snooping code crackers in the double verification feature
  • Kids and older users get friendly with flexible technology mode made for everyone

5. Biometric Lever Fingerprint  Electronic Smart Door Lock


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Not every added member has to have equal access to your house at all times. Set specific windows of time when someone can or cannot get access to a private space. Can be used in four different keyless options, including ID card, smartphone, fingerprint, or key. This adds several barriers to those who will most likely unsuccessfully try and get access into the system


  • Fingerprint will be detected as soon as it is placed on the grid
  • Includes a total of five usable ID cards which are able to limit specific people’s access.
  • App can sync with your lock.

4. OLED Display Smart Lever Door Lock

HARFO Best Fingerprint Door Locks

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Designed to work for the new generation, this smart like is unprecedented. With an enhanced customer experience, the fingerprint scanner is assembled with durable and stainless zinc. Long term use, locking parts and sleek body structure will ensure its safety and is appealing for even many heavy duty users.


  • Advanced LED sensor for fingerprints straightaway rejects and non-human fingerprints, keeping pesky intruders out
  • OLED display offers voice guide in English and will walk user through entire processes step by step
  • Unique private locking feature can be turned on to allow an option for only admins to fully access some private spaces

3. Lockly Patented Keypad Keyless Door Lock

PIN Genie

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By ordering numbers randomly on the screen, intruders are thrown off by the unfamiliar organization when possibly spying. Numbers reshuffle themselves after every use, so strangers cannot recognize patterns. Design features consist of durable zinc alloy, stainless steel, and a scratch resistant high quality plastic.


  • Keyless feature makes unlocking faster and reduces awkward fumbling at the door
  • Safe at-home mode guarantees additional safety so that no one can barge into your protected space and the keypad is completely temporarily deactivated from outside users.
  • Every user who comes in and out can be tracked, and the lock will send notices to the owner’s phone when electronic keys are used.

2. Samsung Biometric RFID Touchscreen Digital Lock

Samsung Best Fingerprint Door Locks

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Usable for both offices and homes, this sleek design is classical to Samsung’s high performance products. Offering a digital touchscreen and fingerprint recognition, this key allows for easy user experience every time. To turn a key, one can use RFID. Will not disappoint customers who are seeking a modern door lock with both indoor and outdoor appearance.


  • No forgetting to lock to door anymore, a mortise sensor will do it for you automatically
  • Made to be electronic for more rapid open and close
  • Any incorrect inputs will be reported to you as an incident alert and will shock the intruder with an alarm

1. 2022 Model Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lever Door Lock


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Introducing a newer version of smart lock that works better than its ancestors. Including a new and improved fingerprint scanner, users will find their experience enjoyable. Stainless steel, durability, and long term use are ensured for by heavy duty zinc. Contains several locking mechanisms to increase safety and usage.


  • Rejects any fingerprint that is not recognized as live or living
  • Advanced sensor keeps intruders out from safe spaces
  • Accompanied by English voice guide for step by step processes
  • Admins only access can be achieved through private locking mechanism


Deciding on the perfect fingerprint door lock for you is a difficult endeavor. Having compared the advantages of various modern door and office locks, decision making can be daunting. Several locks fit ranges of personal needs based on safety level, intruder protection, and phone convenience, but regardless one should look to this list for reference on purchasing the right lock for them. Especially when so many options are made available to customers by various competing companies, it is often important to weigh one’s options for investing money in safety for home. Some may prefer sleek office interior design, whereas some may tend towards a more practical long term durability aspect. No matter what the priority for which customers, this list is comprehensive and includes an office or door lock for anyone’s everyday purposes.

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