Buying Guide: Top 10 Best Electric Candles for Christmas in 2021

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With the festive season inching closer and closer everyday, it is time to start thinking about how to level up your Christmas decoration and make your house feel even jollier than previous years. What better way to do this than to look for some electric candles to add a bit of chic and style to your Christmas celebration.

Electric candles comes in all shapes, sizes and style and as such it can be quite a daunting task to look for the perfect one for your home. Some electric candles are more suited to the traditional Christmas turkey and jam vibes while others are more suited for upscale and sophisticated celebrations. Whatever the type of Christmas celebration you are looking to host, this list of electric candles will certainly help you elevate your Christmas party to a whole other level.

We have enlisted help from our team of expert to make this highly curated list of electric candles so you be informed of some of the best looking electric candles available in the market.

List of the Best Electric Candles for Christmas in 2021

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10. NONNO&ZGF Battery Powered Candles

NONNO&ZGF 10 inch Flameless Battery Powered Ivory Wax Taper Windows Candles

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These elegant electric candles will fit in perfectly with any of your christmas decoration with its timeless and classic look of a standing candle. These candles are ivory in colour with a gold base and are covered in wax. They are completely flameless and can create the illusion of real flame with a new 2021 flame technology.

It comes with a remote control that allows you to set the time for when it turns on or off each day for your convenience. You can also use this remote to manually to turn it on or off. Being electric, they will not drip or create any fire hazards like the regular candles. This is because the wax covering the candle is made of dripless, unscented, 100% paraffin wax.

9. Lamplust Christmas Window Candles

Christmas Window Candles with Gold Holders - Battery Operated White Flameless Taper

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Similar to the previous electric candle in aesthetics, it features a white taper and a golden base. These battery powered flameless candles using just your standard AA batteries. Again, similar to the previous electric candle, it also comes with a remote control that allows the user to control when it turns on or off. However, the remote can also change the way the flame operates as the candle has two different modes for its flames – Flicker and Steady On.

The flames of the candles comes from an LED light source that produces a nice warm glow at the color temperature 2700K. These electric candles are also cordless and so is extremely portable and safe.

8. Holiday Joy Electric Window Candles

Holiday Joy - The Original Corded Electric Window Candles Lamp Kit

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This set of 6 electric candle kit made by Holiday joy is rustic and very robust. It is made of really strong and tough material allowing it to last for many holiday seasons to come. The candle has an auto sensor that will turn on automatically when it gets dark or if there is enough light coming in from the outside it can turn off by itself. This can tremendously save energy and cut down on your electricity bill when using these electric candles as opposed to other electric candles.

However, one big disadvantage of this candle is that it is corded and so it can be a bit of a hassle as you can only place these candles close to an electric outlet. Furthermore, it can cause danger by tripping. The kit comes with one extra bulb and also a suction cup allowing you to stick these candles on all kinds of surfaces and not having to worry about them falling over and causing any forms of danger.

7. Enchanted Spaces Flameless Electric Candles

Set of 10 Flameless Battery Operated LED Ivory Taper Window Candles

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This specially designed electric candles made by Enchanted Spaces is indeed one of the safer choices of electric candles on this list. It has an ivory taper look with a silver base meaning that it will go extremely well with other silver and shiny christmas decorations. It especially makes a great backdrop to your christmas tree, putting emphasis on all the leaves and decorations on the tree.

The silver stands it comes on especially adds a nice contrast to the ivory taper and it is even removable. These candles also comes with a remote control allowing you to turn it on or off from afar. It also has an auto-on and auto-off feature that can be set at a specific time using the remote control. These candles are also cordless and has a long battery life perfect for the holiday season.

6. Xodus LED Window Candle

Xodus Innovations Battery Operated LED Window Candle

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These Xodus LED candles come in a pack of fours full of features that make your life easier in giving you ambient light in your home or during Christmas. All Xodus LED candles comes with a dusk and dawn sensor that allows it to automatically turn on when the sun sets or there’s not enough light in the room and vice versa. These candles are about 7 to 8’’ tall in height and requires just your standard AA battery to operate. One incredible thing about these candles is that, one set of batteries will last you up to a month so you will not have to always worry about running out of battery.

The LED light gives a nice warm and flickering glow of light emulating real flames and yet they still stay cool to touch therefore it is very safe for a household with children. You will not regret getting this candle as it will certainly make your Christmas celebration more attractive with the addition of these candles.

5. LB International Window Candle

Electric Sensor Window Candle - On at Dusk/Off at Dawn 7 Watt Bulb


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This window electric candle made by LB International is another electric candle that features a dusk and dawn sensor to save electricity and ensures that it will only turn on when it is needed. The main part of the candle is white with the bulb emitting the light as a tip while the base is a brass handle with a gold finish.

One big disadvantage about these electric candles though is that they are needed to be placed in a certain way next to window in order for the sensor to work properly. Since the candle itself, it also not cordless, this makes it extra inconvenient for its placement.

4. Holiday Joy Electric Window Candles

Holiday Joy - 5 Light Candle Candoliers Extra Bulbs - Great Electric Window Candle Lamp

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This set of electric candles is definitely one of the more unique electric candles to be features on this list in terms of its look and shape. It comes in a beautiful and elegant creamy white colour and sits on a base that connects all 5 candles. This base supplies the electricity for the candles to light up through a corded plug. Its elegant and classic church design is a surefire way to make your Christmas celebration a unique and complete experience.

3. Kithouse Christmas Window Candle Lights

Kithouse 10 Set Christmas Window Candles Lights

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These candle lights from Kithouse come in a set of ten and are the perfect addition to your Christmas decoration. They have a built-in timer to allow you to set a time to turn the candle lights off and on automatically. Requiring only two triple-A’s batteries for each candle, all ten of the candles will light up through the whole of the Christmas season!

2. Darice Crafts Country Electric Window Candles

Darice Crafts # 6419 9-1/2" Country Electric Window Candle



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Coming as a set of six, these electric candles from Darice Crafts are corded and therefore are sure to last for as long as they are connected to a power switch. Their lights shine brighter than the Kithouse candles and its only inconvenience is the electric wire which would have to be placed strategically to avoid tripping.

1. Laura Ashley Electric Candle Set

Laura Ashley 3-Piece LED Candle Set with Daily Timer

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Coming at the top of our list is this electric candle set from Laura Ashley. Different from many on our list, these candles are designed to mimic a true wax candle. Its true to life effect is due to the outer part of the candle being manufactured from wax itself. They are a gorgeous addition on your window sill and their lights don’t dim or wane out owing to them being powered by electricity. The candles have embedded string lights which give the candles a realistic and yet beautiful artsy effect.

Electric Candles Buying Guide

Some of the electric candles out on the market today just are not up to par with others while still being in the same price range. We’ve put together this buying guide to help you look out for certain features about electric candles to help you decide which one you want to buy most.

Material- This is extremely important especially for its durability and look. Some candles come with a brass base giving it a strong foundation and ensures that it stays tough and stable throughout its usage.

Type of light source-  You will want to look out for candles that use LED lights. Although they may cost slightly more, the trade offs are well worth it. It usually gives a nice ambient light whilst keeping the temperature glow emulating the flames of a candle. On top of this, they tend to have less energy consumption and so will save you some money in the long run.

Design- This is probably the most important of all the categories as the purpose of these candles is to add to the aesthetics of your christmas decorations. You generally want to look out for candles that are less flashy and blends well into the background but still fits into the whole vibe of your christmas decorations. Look out for colours that stand out less but remains beautiful and attractive.


Tis’ the season to be jolly and what a way to make your Christmas even jollier than the last than to add some festive Christmas candles to your set of decorations along with your Christmas trees and lights as well. No Christmas celebration or home is completed without these Christmas candles and they are a definite staple in your collection of Christmas decorations.

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