Top 10 Best Egg Chairs in 2021

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Life can be hectic and stressful at times. You will need a perfect getaway without having to travel, to take your mind off your duties, and ease your mind. How about a cup of your favorite beverage, your limbs stretched out, while you sit in a relaxing chair with cozy cushions? You can even play some soothing music in the backdrop, reading a book you’ve meant to start but didn’t find the mood to.

Perfect, isn’t it? You can have evenings like this with the ideal chair intended for relaxing – egg chairs. Don’t mistake them for just another chair as these hammock type swing chairs are the best stress relievers.

Take a look at the best egg chairs of 2021 that are in high demand in the market, being reviewed by us.

Best Egg Chairs to Buy in 2021

10 – Nobrand Aluminum Frame Egg Chair with UV Resistant Cushion

nobrand Best Egg Chairs

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Nobrand’s Aluminum frame hanging swing chair is the quintessential chair that you would want to own. You can place it outdoors in your patio or porch, or indoors in your living room, study, or any room of your choice. The setting up of this egg chair is child’s play. All you need to do is attach the wicker chair to the stand provided.

The material of this egg chair is a weather-resistant, polyethylene rattan resin wicker, which is paired with sturdiness and durability due to its Aluminum frame. To avoid rusting, the Aluminum frame of this chair and the stand that holds this chair are painted with a combination of powder coating and electrophoretic paint. The cushions that come with this hammock chair are not only UV resistant but also have removable covers for cleaning. You have two color variants – grey and dark grey – to choose from. As a bonus, apart from the headrest pillow and seat cushion, this egg chair package includes a safety strap to hold it place while you sit or rise from the chair.

Key Features

  • The Aluminum framed, polyethylene rattan resin wicker, along with the cushions, are weather-resistant with lasting durability.
  • Cushioning, both for headrest as well as the seat, comes with the box.
  • All the cushions have zippers to remove the inner cushions for cleaning them up.
  • Safety strap that holds your egg chair in place and refrains it from moving every time you get up or sit down is included in this package.

9 – MOTRIP Hanging Egg Chair with Olefin Cushion


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Who wouldn’t want a stylish hanging swing chair with a comfy cushion made of olefin fabric? This perfect indoor/outdoor hanging egg chair by MOTRIP is the right choice to rid you of tension and stress. The hand-woven, resin wicker with an all-black, powder-coated steel frame is entirely weather resistant with durable olefin strips. The fluffy cushion that comes with this egg chair is a stunning grey, 100% UV-resistant, and eco-friendly cushion that has 6-inch padding. A safety buckle is provided to give you a pleasurable swinging experience.

A salient highlight of this, easy-to-setup and dismantle, egg chair is the fact that it is foldable; it can withstand up to 330 lbs weight. The firm bearing that holds this hanging egg chair to the steel frame is adjustable to different heights.

Key Features

  • Hand-woven resin wicker with a powder-coated, sturdy steel frame has a resistance to all weather.
  • The 6-inch padded, grey, olefin fabric, fluffy cushion inclusive with this chair is 100% UV-resistant and eco-friendly.
  • The egg chair is easy to assemble and disassemble and is foldable for secure storage.
  • The bearing that holds the chair to the frame is adjustable and adjusted to different heights.
  • The weight capacity of the swing chair is 330 lbs.

8 – Ulaxfurniture Wicker Hanging Basket Egg Chair

Ulaxfurniture Best Egg Chairs

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Ulaxfurniture has designed this swing chair in a tear-drop shaped, basket style weave in beige, which gives it a classy look. The cushions that are provided with this chair are in a complementing white color. The wicker used in the construction of this egg chair is synthetic wicker combined with a sturdy steel frame. The stand to which this hanging hammock chair is attached is also made of durable steel. The soft cushions, made of premium polyester fabric, included in this high-quality swing chair can be removed and washed.

Ulaxfurniture guarantees that this tear-drop shaped chair is highly durable and is likely to last for years. Setting up this hanging egg chair to be placed indoors or outdoors is so easy that anybody can do it.

Key Features

  • The chair constructed with synthetic wicker with a durable steel frame that is guaranteed to last for years.
  • The stand to which this egg chair is attached made up of all-weather, sturdy steel.
  • Deep, soft, easily removable, and washable cushions made of a premium quality polyester fabric.

7 – YeSea Swinging Egg Chair with UV Resistant Dark Grey Cushion


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If you’re looking for a classic swinging egg chair with a soft, deep seat of 38 inches and a functional weight capacity, try YesSea’s hanging chair. The weight capacity of this hammock chair is 350 lbs. Polyethylene rattan resin wicker, which is wrapped around a sturdy Aluminum frame, is used to construct this egg chair. The wicker and the stand to which it is attached is all-weather resistant. The stand, made of steel, is coated with a paint made of a combination of electrophoretic and powder-coated paint.

All the cushions are made up of polyester fabric and can be washed. This classic egg chair makes up for great furniture to relax in, placed either indoors or outdoors. A safety strap is present to hold your egg chair in place.

Key Features

  • A 38-inch deep soft seat that can hold up to 350 lbs of weight
  • All-weather-resistant polyethylene rattan resin wicker with a durable Aluminum frame and the pole from which the chair hangs are painted with a powder-coat+electrophoretic paint.
  • The UV resistant cushions are washable.
  • Inclusive of a safety strap used to hold the egg chair in place whenever you get in or get out of the chair.

6 – Belham Living White Swinging Egg Chair

Belham Living Best Egg Chairs

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Belham Living’s white hanging egg chair is an exotic addition to your home furniture. Depositing this voguish egg chair anywhere, either on your porch or indoors, can uplift the ambiance of that particular place by a notch. A plush blue cushion that finely complements this comfortable white chair gives it a splendid overall look.

What gives this chair its vibrant outlook is its craftsmanship. The ritzy white resin wicker weaved over its white frame, and the white stand that is ideally in sync with this hanging chair gives this egg chair a grandiose appeal.

Key Features

  • The capacity of the swing chair in terms of weight is a good 330 lbs.
  • The plush blue cushion is soft and can be gently washed.
  • Easy assembly goes into setting up this egg chair in any place of your choice.
  • The chain that aids in hanging this white wicker resin from its stand is robust and sturdy.

5 – Christopher Knight Teardrop Lounge Wicker Chair

Christopher Knight Home

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Decorate any part of your home, from your patio to your living room, by simply adding a single piece of furniture – this contemporary lounge egg chair. The fashionable vibes that this teardrop-shaped chair spreads have a prominent positive effect on the aura of the place it sits in. This egg lounge chair comes with a guarantee to become your best pal, especially during your leisure hours.

The beige cushions that line this multi brown Dermot egg chair are resistant to all weather. Likewise, the rich brown wicker wound around a sturdy metal frame is also weather resistant. From afternoon power naps to some quality ‘me time’, this teardrop might just be your favorite go-to chair.

Key Features

  • The all-weather brown wicker constructed chair requires a minor setting up to do with the help of the tools and instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  • All the beige cushions, including the padded pillow seat and backrest cushion, are all weather-resistant.
  • The recommended maximum weight capacity of this Dermot lounge chair is 300 lbs.

4 – Luckyberry Hanging Wicker Egg Chair

Luckyberry Best Egg Chairs

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Be it in your patio, by the pool, in a garden, or your living room, wherever you position this chair, it gives the entire atmosphere a contemporary demeanor.

Luckyberry has used dark brown rattan wicker over a substantial iron frame, which is not only easy to maintain but also all-weather resistant. This chair comes with brown cushions that are undeniably a great match to this egg chair. The cushions, used to make this egg chair cozy, are made of UV-resistant, weather-resistant polyester fabric. For a relaxing evening, this hanging hammock chair is ideal.

Key Features

  • The polyester cushions, the contemporary rattan wicker, the sturdy iron frame, and the stand that holds this swinging chair are all weather-resistant and durable.
  • The bearing that attaches this wicker to the stand has a weight capacity upper limit of 330 lbs.

3 – YeSea Hammock Hanging Egg Chair with Grey Cushion


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If you’re looking for a simple yet elegant, modern egg chair, YeSea’s swinging egg chair is a great option to consider. From the classy grey cushions to the all-black frame that supports this chair, there’s nothing that can go wrong with this chair. This egg chair will flawlessly blend in with the theme of your home and also standout in an outdoor backdrop.

The seat padding, headrest, and arm cushions are all removable and washable, all the while being UV-resistant and weather-resistant. YeSea has constructed this swinging egg chair using a black polyethylene rattan resin wicker wrapped over a durable Aluminum frame. The weather-resistant wicker with Aluminum frame, along with the stand to which the wicker is connected, is applied with powder-coated+electrophoretic paint to prevent rusting, too.

Key Features

  • The maximum capacity this egg chair, with a 38-inch deep seat, can bear is a solid 350 lbs.
  • The UV-resistant classy grey cushions can be washed and are weather-resistant.
  • All-weather-resistant polyethylene rattan resin wicker with Aluminum frame and supporting stand have a powder – coated+electrophoretic paint that prevents rusting.

2 – Modway EEI-739-TRQ-SET Swinging Egg Chair

Modway Best Egg Chairs

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Modway’s EEI-739-TRQ-SET hanging egg chair is an ultra-modern piece of furniture that paints an artistic, avant-garde look while blending in with your home’s interior design. The highlight, however, is the all-weather-resistant cushions available in 8 different, trendy colors that kicks this modern egg chair up a notch, making it stand out from its competitors.

The brand has woven, synthetic rattan wicker with an organic appeal, over a substantial Aluminum frame, for this stand-alone swing. Apart from being sturdy, this hanging contemporary egg chair is resistant to all weather. The design of this egg chair with a seat depth of 37 inches can withstand up to 265 lbs weight. You can now enjoy your evenings, in your patio or indoors, in your new favorite chair.

Key Features

  • The washable, weather-resistant cushions of this lounge egg chair have eight trendy color options to choose from
  • The egg chair, made of synthetic rattan wicker woven over an Aluminum frame, and the supporting stand are all weather-resistant
  • The maximum weight that this hanging swing chair can bear is 265 lbs, and it has a seat depth 37 inches

1 – Island Bay Espresso Hanging Egg Chair with Tufted Khaki Cushion

Island Bay

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Island Bay’s espresso swinging egg chair is furniture you’d love to bring home. With the fashionable cushions that pad this lavish egg chair, this piece of furniture is going to make a statement. If you like sitting outdoors in the evenings in your patio, your garden or by the pool, you will enjoy your leisure time even more with this egg chair. But, if you’re more of an indoor person who loves to watch TV or listen to music and relax, then you can have this chair deposited indoors as well.

The most desirable highlight about this modern stand-alone swing is its plush tufted khaki cushions that superbly match the brown resin egg chair. Island Bay has artistically crafted this chair made of a steel frame with brown resin wicker woven on it, having an espresso finish. Without a doubt, this chair is going to be your most favorite retreat.

Key Features

  • The artistically woven brown resin wicker over a steel frame with an espresso finish will give the environment in which it placed a posh appeal
  • The tufted khaki cushions that line this lush swinging chair are plush and incredibly cozy

Opt for one of the ten best egg chairs listed above for the best way to find peace in your hectic routine life. You will soon feel considerably relaxed, fresh, and full of positivity on getting this perfect buy.

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