Top 10 Best Dry Erase Markers in 2021

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Whether you are a professional, student, or parent, you do have the need for dry erase markers. And it can get confusing to choose from hundreds of items. So we narrowed down your choices to the top 10 best dry erase markers in 2021. These are versatile products that can be used on different non-porous surfaces. The ink dries fast and you can easily erase the markings when needed. Plus, the markers are of high quality, and they do not run out of ink quickly.

Top Best Dry Erase Markers in 2021

10. Emraw Super Broad Line Washable Dry Erase Marker

Emraw Best Dry Erase Markers

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200 counts of colored markers are absolutely great for multiple uses. And that is what you get from the Emraw Super Broad Line Washable Dry Erase Marker Set. It is designed for classroom use, but of course, you can use them at home, or in the office. The markers are washable, which is great for removing stains from clothing. And the ink dries easily and can be erased effortlessly. Also, this product is safe to use thanks to the non-toxic construction.

Reasons to buy

  • Designed with conical fine point tip for superior writing and drawing performance
  • Multifunctional dry erase markers that are perfect for home use, school, conferences, office, and other settings
  • Premium grade product that is crafted with 8 different colors

9. Avery Marks-A-Lot Dry Erase Markers, Assorted Colors


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A versatile product is what you need for your presentation needs. And the Avery Marks-A-Lot Dry Erase Markers can be used at home, office, or school. The reliable tips produce bold markings, which has a long lifespan unless they are intentionally erased using a cloth or eraser. And the good thing is even if you forget to put the cap back on the ink will not dry out. Also, the bullet tips allow you to write or draw in small surfaces.

Reasons to buy

  • Dry erase markers dimension of 6.1” L x 5.1” W x 0.8” H
  • Abides by the strict standards of ASTM D 4236, and certified by the ACMI
  • Low odor and non-toxic dry erase markers with bullet tips for non-porous surfaces

8. Cra-Z-Art Kids Washable Broadline Dry Erase Markers, 6 Counts

Cra-Z-Art Best Dry Erase Markers

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If you are looking for a perfect drawing material for your kids, then the Cra-Z-Art Kids Washable Dry Erase Markers is what you need. It is a high quality product that is safe for kids, and the vibrant colors are alluring and clear to see. Plus, the ink dries quickly, and the erasing process is quite seamless. And when your kids put marks on their clothes, you can easily wash them out.

Reasons to buy

  • Made from non-toxic materials that make this product exceptionally safe for kids and adults
  • Lively and intense colors that entice users to use them often
  • High quality dry erase markers that are backed with a 100% money-back guarantee

7. ARTEZA Dry Erase Markers Pack of 36 with Fine Tip 12 Assorted Colors


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The low-odor and vibrant colors of the ARTEZA Dry Erase Markers Pack of 36 are exceptional features that are perfect for kids and adults. The exquisite details of the drawing and writing are clearly visible even across the room. It is a safe product to use. And the ink can be easily removed from any dry surface using a cloth or eraser. This product is compatible with non-porous surfaces such as plastics, glass, and whiteboards.

Reasons to buy

  • Dry erase markers meets and even exceeds the strict standards of EN71 and ASTM regulations
  • AP certified product that is made from 100% non-toxic materials for superior safety
  • Backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which allows you to get a replacement or refund

6. Mattel Board Dudes SRX Dry Erase Markers Medium Point

Mattel Best Dry Erase Markers

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It is quite easy to remove the markings on any surface when the Mattel Board Dudes SRX Dry Erase Markers is used. This is a premium product that provides superior performance in your writing or drawing. It is easy to erase if you make any mistake, which makes you more productive with your presentation. Plus, the ink lasts long, so it is cost-effective to purchase this product.

Reasons to buy

  • Proudly made in the United States, with 10 pieces of high quality dry erase markers
  • Equipped with a large clip for a seamless attachment to writing or drawing surfaces
  • Designed with medium point tips and low odor that is perfect for kids

5. Crayola Dry Erase Markers, Fine Line, Classroom& School Supplies


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Made by one of the popular brands in the industry, the Crayola Dry Erase Markers is designed for kids. It is extremely safe thanks to the non-toxic construction. There are 6 effervescent colors in this set, which are definitely attractive for kids. Even if children accidentally draw markings on their clothes, the ink is washable so parents do not need to stress about stains. Also, this product can be used by adults for office use.

Reasons to buy

  • Dry erase markers that are easily washable and easily erased
  • Designed with bullet tips and recommended for children 3 years and beyond
  • Available colors: infra red, black, laser lemon, orange circuit, blue bolt, and green

4. BIC Intensity Advanced Dry Erase Marker

BIC Best Dry Erase Markers

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Ink transparency is a great feature that the BIC Intensity Advanced Dry Erase Marker has. The ink does not run out quickly, and you can see if you need to purchase new set of markers. This product is made from non-toxic materials, so it is extremely safe to use, especially for children learning their lessons through aboard. This versatile marker set can create different types of lines, which is absolutely convenient. Plus, the vibrant and strong colors make your markings super visible.

Reasons to buy

  • ACMI approved dry erase markers that produce bold lines and consistent color
  • Designed with a transparent liquid ink level, and compatible with non-porous surfaces like glass and whiteboards
  • Crafted with adaptable chisel tips that are perfect for fine lines as well as broad lines

3. Quartet Mini Magnetic ReWritable Dry Erase Markers


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As a fine tip marker, the Quartet Mini Magnetic ReWritable Dry Erase Markers 6 Colors includes a built-in magnet system. It is designed that way so you have superior convenience in using this product while you work on your presentation. The markers easily attaches to any metal surface, so you can simply put them on the whiteboard or glass surface and access them when needed. And by using this product, you can create super-fine and accurate lines and markings.

Reasons to buy

  • Non-toxic dry erase markers that have a very low odor, and the colors are extremely vivid
  • Available in various colors of yellow, blue, purple, red, green, and black with fine tips
  • Designed with an anti-roll cap, and this product passed the ACMI AP standard

2. U Brands Low Odor Magnetic Double Ended Dry Erase Markers

U Brands Best Dry Erase Markers

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Zero toxicity is utterly important in any product. And top safety is what the U Brands Low Odor Magnetic Double Ended Dry Erase Markers offers you. There are 12 vibrant and bold colors in the bullet tips, and the markings can be erased instantly without a hassle. It is designed for glass boards and whiteboards, and the ink dries fast so you can proceed with your board presentation without delays. And the magnetic feature certainly makes work easier to do.

Reasons to buy

  • Designed with bullet tips, and these dry erase markers come with efficient felt erasers
  • Package includes 6 markers that have double ends in order to accommodate 12 colors
  • Equipped with built-in magnets for the durable marker caps for seamless connection to magnetic surfaces

1. EXPO 1884309 Low-Odor Ultra Fine Tip Dry Erase Markers


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For excellently fine detail, use the EXPO 1884309 Low-Odor Ultra-Fine Tip Dry Erase Markers. It comes with 8 assorted colors that provide exceptional markings on your chosen surfaces. This product is equipped with fast-drying inks that are very easy to erase. By using this dry erase marker set, your office meeting or school presentation becomes easier and smoother. Plus, the ink does not run out quickly, so this product is definitely cost-effective. And the fine tip certainly makes your whiteboard writing convenient and comfortable.

Reasons to buy

  • Ink is alcohol-based, which offers zero odor, and the marking can be erased using an eraser or cloth
  • Designed for non-porous and whiteboard surfaces, and the inks dry fast without any smudges
  • Made from high quality materials that are non-toxic, and safe for kids and adults


All the details that can help you decide which one to buy are included in this post. But rest assured that every item listed here provides superior performance. More importantly, these dry erase markers are made from non-toxic materials. And so you can completely trust in the expert composition.

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