Top 10 Best Donut Makers in 2020

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Millions of people in the whole universe love to eat donuts. You can eat donuts anywhere and any time of the day, and you can eat it with coffee, tea, juices, water, sodas, and all other drinks. There are even people who are kind of weird and like to mix beer with donuts. Without a doubt, the donut is a universal treat that is perfect for kids and adults, regardless of age or status.

No matter how tasty donuts are from the bakery, café, or donut stores, it is still better to eat them while they are still hot. And to do that, you should consider buying your very own donut maker. To help you choose the right appliance for you, we have done our research and listed the top 10 best donut makers in 2020.

10 Best Donut Makers A Complete Guide:

10. Lavohome 7 Mini Donut Maker

Unique Imports Donut Makers

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Unique Imports Donut Maker is the perfect product for making healthy donuts. Cooking donuts in this appliance does not require frying them in deep oil, so you will have 7 mini donuts that are good for the health.

And the best part is, it only takes a maximum of five minutes to accomplish the donut making process. You and your whole family can enjoy hot and tasty donuts from the comforts of your home. This product has a dimension of 12L x 12W x 5H. Plus, it has a non-spill lid for a better cooking experience.

Key Features

  • It has a non-stick cooking surface
  • This product is space-saving
  • It is backed with a 3-year warranty
  • Power and smart preheat indicator light is included

9. Bella Cucina 13466 Donut Maker

Sensio Bella Cucina

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The Sensio Bella Cucina is a great option for cooking your favorite donut. It is made from premium materials that make this appliance extremely reliable, highly functional, and long-lasting. This donut maker is your method of creating simple treats for your kids.

You can bond as a family with this product since you can teach your children how to make simple donuts. Your young ones can learn how to expand their imagination since they can think of many ways to design their mini donuts.

Key Features

  • It can make 7 tasty mini donuts
  • This donut maker is easy and safe to use
  • The non-stick baking tray is durable and very easy to clean
  • The feet of this appliance ensures stability

8. Takoyaki Pan and Ebelskiver Maker

CucinaPro Donut Makers

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The CucinaPro Donut Maker is a multi-purpose appliance that is designed to cook takoyaki, Ebelskiver, Aebleskivers, cake pops, octopus balls, and of course, donut holes. It evenly distributes heat to all 7 spots when you cook donuts, which results in tasty and delicious treats for you and your friends. The non-stick surface makes it possible for you to cook your donuts seamlessly ad clean up easily after.

Key Features

  • It is multi-functional
  • This donut maker is safe to use
  • It has an indicator light for determining the power and readiness of the donuts
  • This product is very easy to operate

7. BELLA 13547 Cake Pop & Donut Hole Maker


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The BELLA Donut Maker has a small and compact size that is perfect for creating enjoyable mini donuts. It is not complex in design, and you can easily learn how to use it through the detailed instruction manual that is included in the package.

The non-stick coated baking plates are durable and reliable in placing your donuts, as well as the cake pops. You will never have an issue this appliance it is very easy to get rid of residues thanks to the non-stick surface.

Key Features

  • This donut maker allows you to cook donuts easily and fast
  • It is perfect for beginners
  • Indicator light shows if the appliance is on or off, and when cooking is done
  • It is capable of making 12 mini donuts in one go

6. Oster Mini Dessert Maker

Oster Donut Makers

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The Oster Donut Maker is perfect for cooking many kinds of desserts, especially donuts. It is so easy to cook 6 donuts at a time using this appliance, and after you are done cooking, it is very easy to clean. This donut maker is lightweight and compact, so you can bring this anywhere you want.

You can take it with you for a picnic, provided there is electricity available. This product runs on 110V power, and at 1400W, it maxes out. Moreover, this donut maker is made from China.

Key Features

  • It has a non-stick surface trays
  • The indicator lights are a huge help in telling if the power is on, and if the donuts are ready
  • It is perfect for personal use or as a gift
  • This product includes detailed instruction on how to use it properly and safely

5. Chef Buddy Hot Donut Maker

Chef Buddy

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The Chef Buddy Donut Maker is the perfect solution for creating delicious mini donuts that are still hot when you serve them for you and your family. It is made from high-quality materials that make this appliance extremely durable. The superior performance of this donut maker is loved by many homeowners and even businesses.

Key Features

  • It has a non-stick coating that can make 7 donuts
  • It has an indicator light for power on and when the donuts are done cooking
  • This product has a cool-touch handle
  • It has a 30” cord

4. Brentwood TS-250 Mini Donut Maker Machine

Brentwood Donut Makers

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The Brentwood Donut Maker is capable of making 7 mini donuts in less amount of time. It is equipped with nonstick pans to help you create smooth and perfect donuts for your whole family. This product is perfect for making tasty donuts during family gatherings, birthday parties, breakfast, reunions, and other occasions. And this donut maker is affordable yet has high quality.

Key Features

  • It has a 750-watt power for fast cooking
  • This product can make 7 donuts at the same time, in less time
  • It has non-stick cooking surfaces that ensure you get smooth and perfect treats
  • This donut maker is very safe to use
  • It has indicator lights to tell you about the power and when your cooking is done

3. VonShef 12 Mini Donut Electric Maker Kit Set


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The VonShef Donut Maker is capable of making 12 mini donuts simultaneously. It is designed to have an automatic temperature that allows you to create perfect donuts. With this appliance, you can cook donuts in just minutes since this donut makes heats fast and cooks fast.

Your eager appetite is satisfied quickly with sumptuous donuts. Plus, you can see if the power is on or off in this appliance, as well as know when your donuts are cooked already. The durable handle of this donut maker is perfect for transport and storage.

Key Features

  • It features ultra-quick heat uptime
  • This donut maker is equipped with an automatic temperature control
  • The handle has a cool touch that does not burn you

2. Sunbeam Full Size Donut Maker

Sunbeam Donut Makers

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The Sunbeam Donut Maker has a donut shape and it even has sprinkles on top. It is capable of cooking up to five donuts that are not minis but smaller than the standard size donut. This product has a non-stick baking surface that allows you to make perfect donuts, as well as for easy cleaning.

It has a latching lid that makes this donut maker compact and easy to store in a drawer or cupboard. You and your kids will surely have a great fun time making donuts in a donut maker that looks like a donut.

Key Features

  • It includes two light indicators for power and ready mode
  • This product is space-saving thanks to the latching lid
  • It has non-stick plates for seamless cooking and maintenance
  • Making donuts takes only minutes

1. Babycakes Donut Maker


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The Babycakes Donut Maker has a striking yellow color that is quite adorable and eye-catching. It has a round shape with two lights for an indication of power and ready light. And so it is easier for you to know when the donut maker is on or off, and when your donut is ready to serve.

By buying this appliance, you can cook donuts in your kitchen without the disarray of cords everywhere, thanks to the cord wrap that is designed for this product.

Key Features

  • It is crafted with baking plates that are nonstick
  • This donut maker can create four to six delicious mini donuts
  • It has rubber feet that are non-skid and latching handle that is convenient for storage and transport
  • This product has a beneficial cord wrap

Making your own donuts is an easy thing to do, especially if you love following cooking channels or reading cookbooks. And it is a very rewarding experience to eat your own creation and share them with your family and friends. Plus, you can incorporate your own design, recipe, and style in your cooking when you have enough experience. Bottom line is, the best donut maker can help you accomplish your desires in donut making.

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