- Last Updated : August 8, 2019

10 Best Digital Tire Inflator with pressure gauges In 2019

When tires or sporting equipment go flat it is not that difficult to get them pumped up again and ready for action. Using one of the top 10 best digital tire inflator with pressure gauge in 2019 is the way to rejuvenate your tires and bring them back to life again.

These tire inflators work well and come with digital readouts so you can see how much pressure you are putting inside. Your sporting equipment will bounce hire and your tires can get you rolling down the road again after you give them the right air pressure to function on..

To keep your tires and sporting equipment in top shape, you need to use one of the best air inflators around. These vital tools make a very positive contribution to your safety as well as your fun.

Our digital tire inflator with pressure gauge review

1. AstroAI Digital Tire Inflator with Pressure Gauge

AstroAI ATG250 Digital Tire Inflator with Pressure Gauge, 250 PSI Air Chuck and Compressor Accessories Heavy Duty with Rubber Hose and Quick Connect Coupler for 0.1 Display Resolution


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With this digital tire inflator and pressure gauge on the job, your car should ride smoother and save more gas. Properly inflated tires use less fuel than under-inflated ones. The digital readout goes up to 250 psi in clear letters.

One quick glance and you know exactly where your tires are at. These gauges are accurate to within 1 percent at all times. Plus, the back lit LED screen lets you see each number clearly. Made from both steel and brass, you can use this tire inflator with a variety of items that need inflation.

To do that, you get a lot of top accessories included in your purchase, including 4 caps and a couple of adapters. Once you finish your inflating duties, you can store this small tool away in your tool box until you need it again.

The digital gauge will give you readouts in the following measurements- PSI, KPA, Bar, and Kg/cm². An auto on and auto shutoff keeps this tool ready for action.

2. Oasser Digital Tire Inflator with Pressure Gauge

Oasser Digital Tire Inflator with Pressure Gauge 255PSI Tire Pressure Gauge Inflator Deflator Compressor Accessories with Brass Air Chuck Dual Head Air Chuck Quick Connect Coupler Backlit LCD

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Teflon tape is included in this kit to help make sure you have no air leaks as you pump your tires or sporting equipment. Also, you get 2 AAA batteries to power the digital display and let you see how much air you are actually using.

After you put the batteries inside, the digital LCD gauge will give you readings from 0 to 255 psi. Also, you can get your readings in BAR, KG/CM², KPA. No matter what, you are covered when it comes time to do your inflation chores.

If by chance you put too much air inside, a bleeder valve is included in this kit to help you remove it before the high air pressure does any damage. Made from heavy duty steel and brass, you should get a lot of years of service from this unit.

A 15 second delay in use triggers the automatic shutoff feature protecting your power supply. The easy to use tire inflator is a one button operation that keeps tire inflation simple and quick.

3. DIYCO Digital Tire Pressure Gauge and Inflator Air Tool

 DIYCO D3 Digital Tire Pressure Gauge and Inflator Air Tool

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Just about everything you need to inflate your tires is included in this 7 piece set. You get 3 air chucks to make sure all your tire inflating needs are covered. Plus, a 90 degree adapter is part of your purchase. Your tire inflation duties just got simpler.

2 AAA batteries power the digital display and makes sure the gauge works to your expectations. The LCD display illuminates the numbers so you can get an accurate reading. To get readings in different measurements all you have to do is press the unit button.

Also, the brightly lit screen makes sure those numbers are clear and easy to read at a glance. On top of this, you get accuracy to 1% of the maximum 200 PSI this gauge registers. One power button gets this gauge going.

Plus, you have only one inflation button to press to start the inflating process. Hook your tires up now and get on the road faster than ever. This tire inflator works on a variety of tires.

4. AstroAI Digital Tire Inflator

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A built-in light helps you see the registered numbers on this tire inflator with digital gauge. The button sits ncxt to the power and unit button to make turning this light on nice and easy. Once the light is on, you get a clear view of the numbers.

Plus, the other button lets you go between a variety of different measurements to make sure you are filling your tires correctly and to their maximum pressure. With a range of 0 to 250 psi, you will need to check your gauge often.

Inside this kit, you get a the tire inflator with pressure gauge, teflon tape, adapter and 4 caps. You also get a bleeder valve just in case you need it. After 20 seconds of inactivity the tire inflator and gauge will shutoff to conserve your battery power.

With an easy to pull trigger you can inflate a variety of tires and use this tire inflator on a variety of vehicles with ease. Made from top quality steel and brass for durability.

5. Rhino USA Heavy Duty Tire Pressure Gauge

Rhino USA Heavy Duty Tire Pressure Gauge

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This is an analog tire pressure gauge but that does not matter. It still provides you with accurate readings and it goes up to 75 psi. Once you place it on your tire\s nipple you should get a quick read out letting you know if you need to add or subtract air or do nothing.

On top of that, the 2 inch gauge glows in the dark so you can get a good read when the lights go out or you are on the road. Then the braided hose is flexible enough to let you attach this gauge and get a good look at its dial.

By using this gauge to monitor your tire’s air pressure, you can save wear and tear on them. Plus, you can save money by not using a lot of fuel. Made from solid brass, this tire gauge should last you a long time.

If not the lifetime warranty protecting your investment should help you out.

6. Gerch Tire Inflator with Pressure Gauge

Tire Inflator with Pressure Gauge and Longer Hose - Most Accurate, Heavy Duty Air Chuck with Gauge for Air Compressor Tire Inflator Attachment

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This easy to use and read tire inflator with pressure gauge makes sure you have your tires at their proper inflation levels. One quick push of the trigger lets a blast of air through that is designed to inflate your tires without delay.

The included teflon tape makes sure you seal your connections and block any attempt by the air to escape. Plus, you get easy to use accessories in this kit to make your tire inflation job go by fast.

On top of that, this analog air pressure gauge registers air pressure up to 100 psi. More than enough for the tires you have to deal with. In addition, your readings should be within 2% + or – of the gauge’s reading.

After you get this tool out of your toolbox, the large dial will glow in the dark. This helps you when you are on the road and no street lights are close by. The easy to use trigger makes sure the air flows when you want it to.

7. JYSW Digital Tire Inflator with Pressure Gauge

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4 tire valve caps, a bleeder valve and adapters are all included in this tire inflator with pressure gauge kit. You get all the tools you need in one package to make sure all your tires and equipment are properly inflated.

Then the large digital readout makes sure you can see the numbers clearly day or night. A built-in light illuminates the dial for an accurate reading. Also, on the face of the gauge is your battery life indicator. This indicator lets you know when the 2 included AAA are running out of power.

In addition to those features, the automatic shut off kicks in when 60 seconds of inactivity have passed. Also included in this kit are teflon tape to stop air leaks and a 90 degree adapter to help you inflate those tires that are in difficult positions.

Multiple measurements are available just in case you need to have readouts in them.

8. Rhino USA Digital Tire Inflator with Pressure Gauge

Rhino USA Digital Tire Inflator with Pressure Gauge

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Get your air pressure readings between 0 and 200psi in no time at all. Once you place this tire inflator and pressure gauge on your tire’s valve and push the button, you should get a reading. Then if you need the reading in other measurements just push the conveniently located button.

A no leak braided hose and a 360 degree gauge lets you get your air pressure in a variety of tire positions. Once the gauge is attached, the bright green LED backlight lights up the dial so you can read your results clearly. A battery life indicator is also on the face of the dial.

Also, the 2 inch dial comes with a power, unit and light button to make operation simple. 3 accessories are included in your purchase to make sure you have all the tools you need to get the job done right.

The triggers are easy to use and you can fill your tires up fast once you make the connection.

9. JACO ElitePro Tire Pressure Gauge

 JACO ElitePro Tire Pressure Gauge - 60 PSI

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Most tires hold less than this air pressure gauge’s maximum air pressure reading. That makes this tire pressure gauge valuable and very useful to you. With an analog dial going up to 60 psi, you can make sure all your tires are inflated properly.

After you connect5 the gauge t your tire, you should get a reading. If the lights are low or non-existent, then the dial glows in the dark for your convenience. Once the lighting is just right, you should not make any mistakes in reading the clear 2 inch dial.

This is a simple tire pressure gauge that is designed to work with those people who like simple things. Just place the knob on the tire valve and you are good to go. Once your gauge is connected, the reading you get should be within 2 to 3%,plus or minus, of the actual air pressure.

A lifetime guarantee protects your purchase and gives you return options just in case there is a defect.

10. TiGaAT Digital Tire Inflator Pressure Gauge,

TiGaAT Digital Tire Inflator Pressure Gauge,200 PSI Tire Inflator Air Chuck Compressor Accessories

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Work like a professional once you get this tire inflator and air pressure gauge home. Everything you need to handle all the tires you use or come your way is inside the box. You should not have any trouble checking the air pressure in any tire with this kit around.

Plus, the digital gauge is accurate to within 1% of its 0 to 200 psi reading. Also, a quick press of the power button gets you different measurements. To read each one you have to press the power button several times.

Then the ergonomically designed handle is easy on your hands as it gives you a spot for your thumb, 3 fingers while your index finger is on the trigger. Your hand should remain comfortable wile you are inflating all those tires.

In addition to all of that, the green backlight illuminates the dial so you can read the numbers clearly. This is a tire inflating tool for those people who are serious about keeping the air pressure in their tires at the correct levels.

Some final words

No matter what you do in life safety should be your prime focus. Especially when it comes to tires. Without your tires inflated to their proper levels you are putting yourself and your family at risk.

These top 10 digital tire inflators with pressure gauges in 2019, help keep you and your family safe. They provide accurate readings and make sure you have the tools needed to inflate your tires properly. Nothing but the best should do