Top 10 Best Cot Mattresses in 2021

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There are no better mattresses for your newborn than a cot mattress of superior quality that provides ultimate comfort. A cot mattress has an ergonomic design which helps the newborn to develop in the best possible way. It will ensure that your newborn always gets that healthy sleeping experience that will boost the mental growth and immune system development. They are highly breathable and waterproof. Check out the top 10 best cot mattresses in 2021 below.

List of Best Cot Mattresses Review

10. REDCAMP XL Cot Pad

REDCAMP Cot Mattresses

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Suitable for most of the extra-large cots, this cot mattress comes with the dimensions of 75X28-inch. The foam bed also comes with 3 different velvet, suede, and corduroy pad choices. Moreover, the filling of the mattress comes with cotton-blended fabric to offer durability and coziness. Therefore, you can sleep with peace.

The foldable design of this mattress also makes it suitable for several outdoor activities, like hiking or camping. Furthermore, this lightweight foam bed mostly fits the camping cots, flat cots, or folding cots with pillows. You can use this foam bed as a daybed or a bed for guests.

Reasons To Buy

  • Lightweight construction and better comfort.
  • Wide compatibility and easy cleaning.
  • 1.2-inch thick and multiple colors availability.

9. LEISUIT Rollaway Bed Cot Mattress


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With the thickness of 3-inch, the memory foam of the cot mattress keeps you breathable and comfort for hours. You can also use this foam bed for your guest room, dorm room, and other spaces. Moreover, the roll-away design of the mattress helps you to assemble in with no tool. Therefore, you can simply take this bed from one place to another.

The high-density foam bed also lets you sleep peacefully by maintaining a healthy body posture throughout the night. Furthermore, the heavy-duty 600D mesh oxford cloth of the bed offers enough elasticity to hold the mattress in a place.

Reasons To Buy

  • Tool-free assembling for user advantage.
  • High-quality material for long-lasting use.
  • Thick memory foam for better comfort.

8. Customize Bed Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Customize Bed Inc Cot Mattresses

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This customized cot mattress comes along with a 6-inch gel memory foam. Therefore, you can sleep comfortably for hours without any discomfort. Moreover, the gel pad stays cool and breathable even after a long time sleeping. Therefore, the mattress comes along with a bamboo cover. This cover is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.

You can also use this gel-infused memory foam for trundles, daybeds, guest beds, and cots. Furthermore, this 30X74-inch mattress comes with foldable design. So, you can store and transport it almost everywhere. This soft, high-density and comfortable foam bed come with bounce-back technology. So, this bed can relieve back pain and supports lumbar.

Reasons To Buy

  • Unique design for better comfort.
  • Perfect for lumbar and back pain issues.
  • Hypoallergenic material and safe to use.

7. Gilbin Cot Size Mattress


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With the dimensions of 30X74-inch, this cot mattress involves the construction of the poly-blended cotton fabric. The cotton fabric of the foam bed also feels soft and offers enough breathability. On the other hand, the polyester fabric makes the foam bed exceptionally flexible and long-lasting. Moreover, the mattress is perfect for your camp cots.

The padded layer of the mattress also helps you to maintain an ideal body position while sleeping. Furthermore, the mattress pad is easily machine-washable. So, the foam pad does not shrink, wrinkle. The mildew and the mold-resistant mattress is hypoallergenic and hygienic. You can sleep comfortably on this stain-resistant foam pad.

Reasons To Buy

  • Resistant to mildew and non-allergenic.
  • Dries quickly for user advantage.
  • Easy maintenance with machine-washable design.



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Suitable for most of the guest beds, RV bunks or cots, this cot mattress offers exceptional durability. Therefore, this foam bed also makes a perfect replacement for the traditional beds. Moreover, the 4-inch thick foam mattress comes with the dimensions of 30X74inch. So, an adult can sleep comfortably all night long.

The foam bed also comes along with a long-lasting and stitch bond fabric-made cover. Furthermore, the foldable design of the mattress makes the storage and transportability comfortable. The flame-retardant foam bed is free of mercury, ozone depleters, lead, formaldehyde, and other heavy metals. You can simply use this mattress as a daybed.

Reasons To Buy

  • High-quality material and better support.
  • Easy to store due to folding construction.
  • Long-lasting use and free from mercury.

5. Linon Home Dcor Folding Bed Mattress

Linon Home Dcor

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This folding cot mattress comes with high-density foam layers. So, you can enjoy a comfortable sleep for hours. The foam bed also makes an ideal replacement for the traditional guest bed, dorm bed, and more. Moreover, the top layer of the mattress consists of memory foam. Therefore, the foam bed retains its shape for years.

The foldable mattress also comes along with a foldable steel frame with caster wheels. Therefore, you can move the entire bedding set form one place to another. Furthermore, the mattress has smooth and cozy polyester and polyurethane foam. The wood slats, along with the steel frame, make the bed comfortable to sleep fatigue-freely.

Reasons To Buy

  • Easy portability due to rolling casters.
  • Sturdy frame for long-lasting use.
  • Ultimate comfort and easy to use.

4. Zinus Memory Foam Twin Mattress

Zinus Cot Mattresses

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This narrow-twin size mattress comes along with the dimensions of 30X75-inch. Therefore, an adult can sleep comfortably for hours. This cot mattress also consists of a 5-inch memory foam which easily bounces back. So, this foam bed can retain its original shape for years. Moreover, this mattress offers the ultimate support to your back.

The natural seed oil in the place of traditional petroleum in the mattress also keeps your bed fresh for years. Furthermore, people who suffer severe allergies or asthma will surely find this foam bed helpful for a peaceful sleep. The 3-layer mattress consists of 1-inch memory foam, 3-inch base foam, and 1-inch pressure-relieving foam. So, you can keep your back straight while sleeping.

Reasons To Buy

  • Memory foam for high performance.
  • Durable construction and CertiPUR- certification.
  • Attractive design and low maintenance.

3. Zinus Cot Size Spring Mattress


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This 6-inch spring mattress comes with a narrow-twin size to offer enough space to accommodate one adult. The high-density and textured foam also equally distributes your body weight. So, you can also sleep fatigue-freely and comfortably during this night. Moreover, this versatile cot mattress is usable as a guest foam bed, dorm bed, or a bed for RV bunk.

With the dimensions of 30X75-inch, the mattress also makes an ideal alternative to the traditional mattress. Furthermore, the castor seed oil in the foam bed protects your mattress from odor, mildew, mold, and bacteria. So, you can enjoy pure sleep and achieve a good immune system.

Reasons To Buy

  • High-quality materials and durable construction.
  • Castor seed oil for better performance.
  • Easy maintenance and enhanced comfort.

2. Milliard Tri-Folding Mattress

Milliard Cot Mattresses

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The triple-folding system of this mattress offers space-saving storage while offering a perfect sleep at night. With the help of detachable jacquard upholstery, you can also keep the cot mattress clean and protected for years. Therefore, you can simply remove the cover for easy cleaning and maintenance. The foldable design of this mattress allows you to unfold at any time.

The tri-fold design also helps you to carry this foam bed along with you for peacefully sleep at night almost everywhere. Furthermore, the ultra-soft and high-density foam makes an ideal alternative to the air mattress. So, you can simply use this temporary mattress as a guest bed, camping bed, or a dorm bed.

Reasons To Buy

  • Folding design for compact storage.
  • Anti-slip bottom and removable cover.
  • Wide application and high-density construction.

1. Zinus Memory Foam Cot Size Mattress


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The narrow-twin size of this cot mattress comes with the upholstery of knitted jacquard. The green tea memory foam also protects the buildup of the mold and mildew in your mattress. Moreover, this mattress, with the dimensions of 30X75-inch, offers enough space to accommodate an adult. Therefore, the mattress consists of 5-inch airflow high-density base foam helps your body to stay stable on it.

You can also sleep comfortably on the 1-inch soft and sturdy memory foam of this mattress. Furthermore, the natural seed oil of the mattress keeps it fresh, odor-free, and bacteria-free for years. So, people with allergy problems and asthma can peacefully sleep at night.

Reasons To Buy

  • High performance and improved durability.
  • Enhanced airflow and thick memory foam.
  • Lightweight design and easy maintenance.

Buying Guide Choosing on Cot Mattress

The following is the list of the factors to check when buying a cot mattress.


The size of a cot mattress can vary accordingly, and you will have to get the one that offers a perfect fit. Look for the one that comes with a non-slip bottom that makes it stay perfectly in the place. Some of it can also come with a cot allowing you to have better convenience. However, this is completely a user preference and could cost you more.

Removable Cover:

If a cot mattress comes with a removable cover, then it will give you the advantage of having easy cleaning. You can even have better convenience of changing the prints from time to time. However, you need to see if it let you use it conveniently.


For easy storage, you need to see if the cot mattress comes in a folding design. The folding structure will let you take it anywhere you want making it perfect for camping. You will also have to see if the folding is twice or thrice and check if it has a lightweight structure.


Undoubtedly, the construction has to be strong enough that allows you to use it for a long time. You need to see if it allows you to have a comfortable experience and come with thick padding. The thickness has to be a minimum of 10 cm.


The materials have to durable, and it has to be safe to use. Look for the one that comes in a hypoallergenic design making it suitable for all. Go for the one that allows you to clean it hassle-free.


There are a few factors to check while you purchase a cot mattress. First of all, you have to check the specifications to get the size correct. Apart from that, the filling, the construction and design, and the storage factors and various such other parameters need to be checked. Hence, we have provided the buying guide briefly to help you out and spot the best cot mattress for your newborn.

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