Top 10 Best Cheap Golf Balls in 2022 Reviews

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Gone is the era when golf was considered a super expensive game to play. Well not entirely, to some extent golf is still quite expensive to play because a good set of clubs can cost you a small fortune if you do not want to go for the cheap generic knockoffs. However, even if you do not save a lot of cash on other things like clubs you can still get value for your money on others like golf balls.

If you tend to lose your golf balls during your games, then you might feel that you are losing money every time you get on the course to play, and if you are a beginner or a recreational golfer, then you might also find that it is unlikely that you can make significant differences in your play when you use expensive or cheap golf balls. And to help you find some good cheap golf balls, here are reviews of the 10 top-rated options out there.

List of The Top 10 Best Cheap Golf Balls:

Top 10 Best Cheap Golf Balls:

01. Callaway 50 Mix Near Mint AAAA Used Golf Balls

Callaway 50 Mix Near Mint AAAA Used Golf Balls

  Get it now on These are near mint recycled golf balls that will ease the pain of playing golf. The golf balls will have slightly noticeable imperfections, which compare to how a new ball would appear after 1 to 3 holes, and this means they will have some scuff marks. Despite having slight discoloration and some cosmetic blemishes, these do not affect the flight characteristics of these golf balls.

The golf balls might have player markings or team and corporate logos. However, the near mint bulk mixture includes the top Callaway models, with the exact percentages being arbitrary. These are very popular golf balls among the pros, and this mix offers you the chance to hit a variety of these balls as a discounted price.

Conclusion: The near mint mix offers you the great Callaway models, which give you the chance to play with quality at a reasonable price.


  • AAAA quality balls
  • Highly affordable
  • Flexible
  • Soft feel


  • Unplayable balls might be included in the mix

02. Nike Mix AAAA Golf Balls

Nike Mix AAAA Golf Balls

  Get it now on If you are a fan of Nike Golf equipment, more so the balls, then you should get yourself this mix of golf balls. This is an AAAA quality set of 50 golf balls with the bulk count, including but not limited to models such as juice, mojo, karma, Crush, ndx, IGNITE, Velocity, and Tour control.

Sure enough, the golf balls might have slightly noticeable imperfections, which means that they will have some scuff marks. However, the slight discolorations and cosmetic blemishes do not affect the flight characteristics of these golf balls.

Conclusion: These golf balls are perfect for a golfer that wants high-quality balls in bulk for an excellent price. The mix offers you the best value and represents a great way to use many of Nike’s popular models at a great price without having to compromise on the quality of your golf game.


  • AAAA quality
  • Offers some of Nike’s top models
  • Affordable and flexible
  • Soft feel balls


  • Few noticeable imperfections

03. Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

  Get it now on With this, you get one of the softest golf balls by Callaway. It offers you a low compression that goes as low as These balls are constructed using an improved core that has been improved to provide faster speeds with limited spinning, which makes it the perfect golf ball for a golfer that wants a ball that will offer a straight and longer flight after a hit.

It comes with the HEX Aerodynamic technology, which helps it reduce the amount of drag while also enhancing the lift required for a longer flight. Also, the cover of these golf balls is made from a tri-ionomer formulation that adds a softness to the feel and offers you more control.

Conclusion: These golf balls offers you excellent quality at a very reasonable price. They are ideal for long-distance flights and have a soft feel.


  • High quality
  • Nice, soft feel
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Works well for senior golfers


  • Not as soft as a one-piece

04. Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

  Get it now on If you are a beginner, these are the perfect golf ball for you. They also work well for senior golf players as they come with an ionomer cover that makes it more responsive, while about 302 aerodynamic dimples help in increasing the stability of the flight while also offering softness on the green.

They also have an advanced rubber core, which allows them to perform well when the players require them to cover longer distances with higher greenside spins. The pack comes with 12 balls, and they are available in different colours for your convenience.

Conclusion: These golf balls are designed to give you incredible responses, even when you use a low driver spin. They will be your best companion due to the soft feel and enhanced stability.


  • Enhanced stability
  • Longer ball flight
  • Highly responsive cover
  • Low drive spin
  • Available in different colors


  • Not as durable

05. Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

  Get it now on These golf balls offer you a soft feel and even longer distance. They are designed to suit golfers who like using both irons and driver performance with a soft feel. Besides, these golf balls are suited for short game control but can also be as effective in the longer game as well.

The golf ball comes with a graphene Dual Soft-Fast core, which is a dual-core that includes a thin outer core and a larger inner core. It helps in increasing the ball’s speed while also reducing the long game spins to give you longer distances.

Conclusion: These golf balls perform well in almost all areas of the golfing game. They are a soft option that is a must-try for people who prefer the short game.


  • Excellent short game control
  • Longer flight distances
  • High ball speeds
  • Great value for cash


  • The softness is not for everyone

06. Titleist Pro V1 Prior Generation Golf Balls

Titleist Pro V1 Prior Generation Golf Balls

  Get it now on This is a top-rated brand that suits all the golfing skill levels, which means that despite your swing speed, this golf ball will match your style. The golf ball provides for great driving distances and is excellent in short game control. Also, it allows you more driving length that the other distance oriented balls will give you, which gives you great control of your short game.

Aside from the long distance, the golf ball also gives you longer spins with the solid shots. It also lands firmly on the green with a long hop. What’s more, the single-core and softcover make for a very soft feel with exceptional control. It also gives you impressive durability for a softball។

Conclusion: This is an amazing golf ball that will be worth your money. It is more expensive than the other option, but the quality and durability it offers makes it worth it.


  • Great performance on longer shots
  • Excellent consistency
  • Durable overall construction
  • Soft and flexible feel


  • A little pricier
  • Suitable for high-level amateurs

07. Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball

Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball

  Get it now on This golf ball offers you great benefits with a well-designed golf ball that is constructed using smart-core technology. The golf ball gives you a reactive performance every time you swing, which gets you a unique spin and distances that match the style and speed of your swing. This is an advantage that you get from the smart-core golf ball, which allows the ball to react differently with every unique swing.

The golf ball has a great design that reduces spin and can be a great aid as you have a practice session. This allows you to get long-distance shots with more accuracy with your swings.

Conclusion: This is one of the best golf balls in terms of golf ball design. It is also a very durable golf ball that is suitable for the novice and amateur golfers.


  • Comes with Smart-Core technology
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Low spinning balls
  • Great for novice golfers
  • Greater distances
  • Reactive responses


  • A bit pricier

08. Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball

 Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball

  Get it now on This is one of the most affordable golf balls, and as the title suggests, it is designed to get you the maximum distance. They come with aerodynamic technology as well symmetrical dimples on the surface of the golf ball, which offer you great lifting while also reducing the amount of drag on the ball. This is what gets you faster travel and longer distances.

Apart from a well-deigned exterior, the golf ball also comes with a reactive interior design that enhances energy use. As a result, the golf ball reacts to the instance it is hit with the club head.

Conclusion: The golf ball offers you an aerodynamic exterior, which, when combined with a reactive interior design, offers the best quality and great performances at a cheap price.


  • Long flight distance
  • Cheap and good-lookin
  • Great design
  • Excellent lift for longer shots


  • Not the best for amateurs

09. Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

  Get it now on The Callaway brand is not known for providing the market with inexpensive equipment, but this does not mean you cannot get a bargain from the brand, including these golf balls. These are value golf balls that come in a pack of a dozen and offer you some of the most innovative technology.

They have the HEX Aerodynamics technology that allows for greater launches, speed, and distance. With these balls, you get the extra yard because of a large high-energy inner-core. Also, the ball has a two-piece construction that is covered by ionomer, which makes for a soft feel ball with great control for every shot.

Conclusion: These golf balls give you excellent long-distance performance. They are a soft long distance golf ball option that you should try out.


  • Low drag leading
  • Greater flight and distance
  • Great soft feel and control
  • Long carry and distance
  • More affordable


  • Not so soft in terms of feel
  • Best suited beginners

10. TaylorMade TP5X Prior Generation Golf Balls

 TaylorMade TP5X Prior Generation Golf Balls

  Get it now on These golf balls give you great and efficient performance when you hit the greens. They have 5 layers with varying firmness, which makes them unique and places the quality of performance on the player’s skills, the other equipment, and the condition of the course.

The golf balls offer exceptional shock control as well as feeling for the short game, such as putting. It is these qualities that make their golf balls seem like pro tour balls. Also, the exterior core has a dual-spin technology that offers you more power on its flight, without compromising on the control.

Conclusion: These are golf balls that have the most advanced five-layer technology. However, this makes the pricier than the other golf balls on the list. But considering the quality, then the expenditure will be well-advised.


  • Reactive technology
  • Great balance of power and control
  • Durability design
  • Dual spin tech


  • Much more expensive

Final Conclusion

You do not need expensive golf balls to enjoy the beautiful game because even cheap ones still play well enough. Better yet, with inexpensive balls you never have to worry about losing some out in the course. But, to make sure you still get something top quality while still saving money, you still need to go for something from a renowned brand. And with our top 10 reviews above this should be easy.

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