Best Car Ramps in 2020 Reviews

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Laptops are not the only items that need a lift. Sometimes you need to lift your car to get over those high curbs in front of your home. Having one of the top 10 best car ramps in 2020 on hand to help you, no road obstacle should be too high for you to get over.

On top of that, these car ramps are quite strong as they handle a lot of weight for you. With their anti-slip design, you should be able to climb those curbs without damaging your tires.

You need to use the best to make sure you have the least amount of trouble.

List Of Our Best Car Ramps Review On Amazon.Com

10. Reliancer 2 Rubber Curb Ramp For Car

 Reliancer 2 Rubber Curb Ramps Heavy Duty 44000 lbs

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You may not have a high opinion of rubber, but these rubber car ramps hold about 22,000 pounds each. That is more than enough to get your car, truck or SUV over tough and high curbs.

Measuring roughly 17 by 19 by 4 inches in size, these two car ramps should get you over those curbs without any hassle. Their non-slip traction also keeps your tires from sliding back down if the path is too slick.

Also, the rubber car ramps are waterproof so you know that the surface will not be slick when you take your car up and over them. Two holes help you stake them in place to give you added stability. Worry-free climbs make driving your car a lot easier and help you avoid hitting the fence or the garage.

9. Guardian Rubber KR36R CurbRam

 Guardian Rubber KR36R CurbRamp

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Bright yellow coloring makes sure you can see where the ramps are when you need to use them. The yellow coloring stands out and gives you something to aim for as you pull your car onto your property.

Weighing only 35 pounds, this ramp for car can let 60,000 pounds of weight use it with ease. There should be no collapsing while you take your car over the obstacle. On top of that, your ramp measures 14 by 23 inches in size approx., making sure you hit it every time you make an attempt to get off the road.

Two channels help you keep wires protected and two security holes help you keep the ramp in place so you do not push it away on a bad attempt to get in your yard.

8. Mophorn Curb Ramp

 Mophorn Curb Ramp Heavy Duty 5 Ton Rubber Curb Ramp 4" High 23-1/2" Length Car Ramp for Loading Dock Bike Mower Cart

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This nice and handy curb ramp comes with pre-formed channels to help whisk the water away. That means that even on raining days, this ramp should not be slick or slippery when you drive up.

Also, the 23 by 10 by 4-inch ramp gives you plenty of room to hit it each and every time you drive up. With 2 stake holes, you can drive a couple of steel stakes in place to make sure the ramp does not move when your car is on top of it.

With a 5-ton weight limit most vehicles including forklifts can use this ramp without it breaking on them. That is good news when you have a lot of construction traffic around your property.

7. Mophorn 2 Pack Rubber Curb Ramp

 Mophorn 2 Pack Rubber Curb Ramp 4.3" Height 16.7" Width Rubber Threshold Ramp Heavy Duty Rubber Ramp for Loading Dock Driveway

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2 is always better than one. Especially when you have 2 pairs of wheels that need to use these car ramps.. Once you bring this set of car ramps home all you have to do is set them in place, drive the stake in and you are good to go.

Your vehicle should easily go over these approx. 19 by 17 by 4-inch non-slip car ramps. The grid pattern makes these ramps easy to drive over when you have a tough curb to navigate.

In addition to all of that, you get a lot of versatility with these car ramps. They will work in manufacturing plants, supermarkets, and other high traffic areas without batting an eye. When you have obstacles to overcome, you go with the best to get the job done.

6. Pyle Portable Lightweight Plastic Curb Ramps (Portable Car Ramp)

 Portable Lightweight Plastic Curb Ramps

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One yellow and one gray curb ramp make up this set. Yellow is supposed to be the easiest color to see so once you get your wheels lined up with that one the other should be no problem.

Then the 20by 11 by 4 inch approx., tire ramps hold about 6,600 pounds without complaint. Your truck or SUV is not a challenge to it and neither is your sedan. You should be able to mount those high curbs with ease once you have these car ramps in place.

Rear cutouts allow for any wires to cross underneath the ramps safely. After you get that straightened out, you can nail the ramps permanently in place for stability and security.

5. MAXSA 20031Curb Ramp

 MAXSA 20031 (23" Wide) Curb Ramp for Driveways, Sidewalks, Steps

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The almost 2-foot width of these car ramps almost ensures that you will not miss them and fail to get your car over that tall curb. Not only can it hold about 10,000 it will help delivery people get their heavy packages up to your doorstep without hassle.

On top of that, you can stake this ramp in place making sure they are always available when you need to use them. The grooves and raised portions help provide your car’s tires with the traction they need to make it uphill.

Plus, their 13-inch width keeps the angle of your approach realistic and not too steep. You should be able to climb these car ramps without any trouble or slipping backward.

4. Discount Ramps Low Profile Plastic Car Service Ramps

 Discount Ramps 6009-V2 Low Profile Plastic Car Service Ramps

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These ramps are a little long to be used to get over a high curb. But they are perfect if you need to work on your car without using a jack. They give you enough lift so you can slide under with ease.

Plus, their honeycomb design makes sure they do not get slick or slippery. They hold about 4,400 pounds each making sure your car work gets done quickly. As you drive up (drive up car ramp) you will know when to stop moving once you feel your tires hit that tire stop at the end.

With a low profile, these car ramps should be easy to store in your garage until you need them the next time. That makes owning these ramps worth their weight in gold.

3. Electriduct Heavy Duty Rubber Curb Ramp

 Electriduct 5.2" Heavy Duty Rubber Curb Ramp 20,000 lbs Weight Capacity

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The approx. 5-inch lift you get from these car ramps should get you over most high curbs without hassle. Once you have them in place, you can drive onto your property with peace of mind. A couple of stakes and you are ready for action.

Measuring approx. 13 by 19 inches you should not miss these car ramps even with your eyes closed. Also, they hold up to 20,000 pounds making your car or RV life a lot easier to live.

Then the raised surfaces on the face of the ramps provide extra traction so you do not slip back down if the weather is not that great. This heavy duty car ramp made from recycled rubber you are also doing your part for the environment and your car’s wear and tear.

2. RhinoGear 11912 RhinoRamps MAX Vehicle Car Ramps

 RhinoGear 11912 RhinoRamps MAX Vehicle Ramps - Set of 2

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High curbs are not the only reason you need a top-quality car ramp. There will come a time where you have to do a lot of work on your vehicle and these ramps are ready to assist you.

With rain channels to direct the water away from the surface, these raised ramps should be non-slip[ and keep your car from sliding off. Also, they hold up to 8,000 pounds with ease each giving you a total of 16,000 pounds to work with.

Once your car is on the ramps, you will know when to stop. The high tire breaks at the end will let you know when your tires hit them. When that happens just put your car in gear and go to work.

1. RhinoGear 11909ABMI RhinoRamps Vehicle Car Ramps

 RhinoGear 11909ABMI RhinoRamps Vehicle Ramp - Set of 2-Car Ramps

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They may only hold about 6,000 pounds each but that is still more than enough for most cars. Once you have your car in place, these car ramps provide you with enough lift to work safely underneath your vehicle.

Traction channels and rain grooves make sure moisture is directed away from the surface of these ramps. They also provide you with great traction so you can get up and down the ramps with ease.

Two lips on each ramp let you know when to stop moving your car. Just remember to feel the bump when your car is at the end of the ramp. Made from solid and sturdy plastic for your protection.

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Some final words

Fixing your car or getting over that high curb is no longer a problem. Not with one of the top 10 best car ramps in 2020 helping you out. These car ramps are tough, sturdy, and strong. They will handle a lot of weight to help make your life a lot easier to live in.

When you have high curbs to navigate, you go with the best to make it all happen

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