Top 12 Best Camera Sliders in 2022 Reviews

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When you need a variety of angles Or to follow your actors’ movements, you need a good camera slider to help you. One of the top 12 best camera sliders in 2022 are easy to employ and can be on the job in minutes.

These top camera sliders are ready to work when you are. They allow for fast camera attachment as well as smooth movement. Plus, they are very durable and easy to use in the process.

In addition to that, their lightweight makes them easy to handle as you get ready for the day’s shoot. When you want professional film making results, you go with the top camera sliders to get the job done right. That way you can build confidence in yourself as a film maker.

Our Best Camera Sliders Reviews on Amazon in 2022 Reviews

12. Zecti Camera Slider

12. Zecti Camera Slider

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Measuring about 16 inches in length, you can get this top rated camera slider to the set in its handy [protective case. The handle in in the middle keeping the slider nice and balanced as you relocate it.

Once you get the slider out of its case, you can use the 4 precision bearings and the 2 carbon fiber rails to slide your camera up and down as you need. After your camera is attached to the easy to use holder, you can use this camera slider vertically or horizontally.

Non skid feet help hold this camera slider in place when you use it horizontally. This feature should help relax your mind so you can concentrate on your work. A bubble level lets you know when the slider is in proper position. Removable legs gives you some placement options as well.

11. GVM Motorized Camera Slider

11. GVM Motorized Camera Slider

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Take the work out of sliding your camera with this motorized unit. Just use the handy remote to get it into the right position before you start your filming. Then use the remote to move it as you are filming your next video.

Made from aluminum, the lightweight camera slider is durable and versatile. It has many positioning options including attaching it to 2 tripods. How you position it is up to you. That versatility is not limited to camera positions.

You can use this slider to capture action scenes, time released photos and a lot more film imaging options. The 27 inch camera slider is at your mercy and you can use it in just about every imaginable way you need to.

Also, you can use a variety of cameras on its movable platform. Your creativity will be enhanced.

10. Neewer Aluminum Alloy Camera Track Slider

10. Neewer Aluminum Alloy Camera Track Slider

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This easy to use camera slider lets you attach your cameras easily. One tightened screw holds your camera in place while you concentrate on getting that perfect shot. Made from aluminum, this camera slider should handle any normal treatment sent its way.

In addition to that, you get a flexible camera slider to use. Once you are set up you can get place this device in a variety of positions to make sure you capture the whole scene the way you want to see it.

Plus, you get adjustable legs. These legs go from 8 cms to 10 centimeters quicker than anything,. Then the rubber feet help keep this camera slider steady while you work. Then with 45 degree, horizontal and vertical positioning options, your films should be creative and innovative.

4 ball bearings help the attached camera move smoothly and effortlessly. Top shots require top camera equipment.

9. GVM Wireless Motorized Camera Slider – Best Camera Sliders

9. GVM Wireless Motorized Camera Slider - Best Camera Sliders

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Not only does this camera slider slide your camera where you need it, you can position your camera to face any direction you want. This allows you to capture every scene perfectly.

On top of that this motorized camera slider gives you 10 hours of effortless and smooth siding without needing a recharge. Having a hands free slider makes film making less difficult than it already is.

A Bluetooth feature lest you operate the attached camera and platform through your smart phone. All you need is the app to make sure it runs right. 4 bearings and carbon fiber rails make sure there is no hitch in this slider’s operation.

In addition, the motor does not make a lot of noise while operating. That way it doe snot interfere with your sound technician as he tries to capture top quality audio.

8. Neewer Portable FilmMaker System With Camera/Camcorder Mount Slider

8. Neewer Portable FilmMaker System With Camera/Camcorder Mount Slider

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Flexibility is what you need when it comes to taking some of the best videos possible. That flexibility in this camera slider comes when you can change cameras to get the right shots you need. After you change cameras you have a top slider working for you not against you.

On top of that versatility, this camera slider can be customized to fit your filming needs. Handing levers make sure you can lock the platform and camera in place while keeping them from moving and ruining your shot.

The attachment screw fits 1/4 inch camera thread hols. This allows you to get a firm . tight and secure fit so the camera does not move. The shoulder and hand grip provide the movement you need to work with the action taking place in front of the camera.

Its lightweight metal construction keeps the weight off your shoulders while keeping you comfortable.

7. ASHANKS Motorized Camera Slider – Best Camera Sliders

7. ASHANKS Motorized Camera Slider - Best Camera Sliders

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You can move your up to 17 pound DSLR camera with ease once you set it on this motorized camera slider. Just press a button on the wired remote and you can move your camera where you need it.

In addition to that feature, you can get up to 120 degree panoramic shots once you have attached the camera. Also, you can film vertically, horizontally as well as on a 45 degree angle using this camera slider. The threaded holes make this all possible.

Plus, the 1/4 and 3/8 screws allow yo some camera positioning options. A quiet motor makes sure you do not record the motor in action as you film or try to capture sound. Adjustable legs, also provide you with some unique position alternatives helping you get that look you want everyone to see in your video.

A battery is not included with your purchase.

6. Neewer Aluminum Alloy Camera Track Slider

6. Neewer Aluminum Alloy Camera Track Slider

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Once you employ this camera slider to help you film your next great video, you get 32 inches of sliding action. Plus, you can film vertically or horizontally while attaching it to your tripod. That is versatility and flexibility

Then when not attached to the tripod, you can raise the slider up an additional 2 inches by putting the adjustable and removable legs on the slider. Rubber feet hold the slider still and give it stability while in use.

To make it all work, two tough and durable rails combine with 4 bearings to keep your camera sliding as you want. This camera slider will hold cameras weighing up to 11 1/2 pounds.

With 1.4 and 3/8 threaded screw holes, you get a wide variety of mounting options that propel your creativity to new levels. Let your imagination influence your us of this slider and help you obtain great angles as well as shots.

5. GVM Portable Aluminum Alloy Camera Slider – Best Camera Sliders

5. GVM Portable Aluminum Alloy Camera Slider - Best Camera Sliders

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The aluminum construction material keeps the weight off without taking away any strength or durability. Once you bring these 2 camera sliders to your film sight, you get 2 sizes to capture those tough angles.

Measuring about 16 and 31 inches in size, you get film options like never before. Plus, you save time by leaving both set up and ready to go. A handy carrying cases protects these sliders when not in use.

After you attach your camera to the 1/4 or 3/8 threaded hole, you get lots of filming angle options. These sliders work horizontally, vertically as well as at a 45 degree angle.

4 precision bearings makes sure the platform your camera is attached to slides effortlessly as well as smoothly. There should be no bumps ruining your shot. Also, you can use these camera sliders on table tops, light stands as well as tripods. The choice is yours to make.

4. Neewer Camera Slider Carbon Fiber Dolly Rail – Best Camera Sliders

4. Neewer Camera Slider Carbon Fiber Dolly Rail - Best Camera Sliders

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Capture all the action when you turn to this top quality camera slider to handle your filming needs. With 16 extra inches to play with, your camera angles should upgrade your videos and give them that professional look.

4 bearings and two carbon fiber rails lets your camera move without a bump or hesitation that would make you re-shoot the scene. You get top quality film and time saved when you use this camera slider.

4 rubber feet also help provide stability and steadiness to the camera slider. You are in good hands when you turn to this device to help you film. In addition to that, a handy carrying case protects your new device from damage when in transit or not in use.

Go with the best to get perfect films.

3. GVM Great Video Maker Camera Slider

3. GVM Great Video Maker Camera Slider

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Get great video or still shots by placing your camera on top of this top notch camera slider. You can position your camera in a variety of directions to make sure you do not miss any great photography moments that arise from time to time.

After you attach your camera, you can position the adjustable legs on the slider to make sure you have level as well as a balanced shot. Those rubber feet help provided stability and keep the slider steady.

Once you are ready to shoot, this 31 inch camera slider gives you 6 filming options to choose from. Your still shots and videos will look better than ever. Those options are accompanied by a 120 degree panoramic feature that makes filming worthwhile.

An included remote control provides operating options.

2. Neewer Carbon Fiber Camera Track Slider – Best Camera Sliders

2. Neewer Carbon Fiber Camera Track Slider - Best Camera Sliders

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The yellow color highlights lets you keep an eye on your new camera slider. It stands out from the crowd and keeps it from walking away unnoticed. Then the 31 inch slider can hold up to about 17 pounds of camera to make sure you can get a variety of looks with different camera models.

On top of that, the carbon fiber rails and 6 bearings supply the smooth slide you need from a top rated camera slider. Then the adjustable legs and rubber feet help you maintain a level camera field while holding the slider steady.

Then when you need some extra height, you can move this device from its position on the ground and attach it to the tripod you want to use to get the next shot.

1. IFOOTAGE 31″ Carbon Fiber Camera Slider

1. IFOOTAGE 31" Carbon Fiber Camera Slider

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When it comes to filming, size may matter. The longer the camera slider, the more options you have. This 31 inch camera slider should provide yo with enough length to get all those great shots you have been working all day to get.

Plus, adjustable legs give you a boost in filming and hold your camera slider steady as you film. By holding up to 15 1/2 pounds, this camera slider is also providing you with camera options.

The flywheel makes moving the camera simple and easy while not making any noise during filming. 1.4 and 3/8 threaded screw holes also allows this device to work with a variety of photography tools.

6 bearings help the device to move smoothly and not ruin your shot.

Some final words

Upgrading your filming quality is not that difficult. Not when you switch to one of the top 12 best camera sliders in 2022.

These devices make sure you have a smooth operation and options when it comes to film positioning.

These camera sliders are made from tough lightweight construction materials that do not weigh you down and without sacrificing durability and strength. For top professional results, use the best photographic equipment available.

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