Top 10 Best Budget Electric Bikes In 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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Electric bikes have gone on to become very popular in recent times. With it, you don’t have to worry about any emissions. It comes with an electric motor and lets you use it just like a normal bike. An electric bike has multiple features, and some of it can be suitable for both kids and adults. You will find different types of electric bikes as some will let you use it for cruising or for cargo purposes. Here is the list of the top 10 best budget electric bikes to pick from.

List of Top 10 Best Budget Electric Bikes In 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

#10. ANCHEER Electric Bikes with Professional 24 Speed Gears

10. ANCHEER Electric Bike with Professional 24 Speed Gears

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This electric bike brings you 24-speed gear transmission systems. Therefore, the e-bike also offers smooth riding on hilly surfaces. Moreover, the beautiful metal structure enhances the sophistication of the bicycle. The LCD screen shows real-time battery status, speed, and other info. This e-bike comes with a 350-watt, super-speed brushless motor.

Therefore, the super-smooth motor helps you to run this bike noiselessly. Furthermore, the mountain bike has a 21-speed gear transmission system. Therefore, the speed of this bike is widely adjustable for multiple riders. The dual mechanical disc brakes let you stop this bike in any condition. This bike has textured rubber tires to offer smoother sloppy climbing.

  • Easy controlling mechanism for hassle-free functions.
  • Eco-friendly construction for user comfort.
  • Sturdy construction for strength and durability.
  • There is no such cons.

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#9. nakto Foldaway City Electric Sport Mountain Bicycle

9. nakto Foldaway City Electric Sport Mountain Bicycle

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This budget electric bike comes along with a user-friendly charging system. The e-bike also has a folding structure. Therefore, the storage and portability become trouble-free for commuters. Moreover, you will never have to face difficulty while riding on paved roads. The folding structure has a rapid-release clamp.

Hence, this bicycle also offers quick and easy folding or unfolding. Furthermore, the battery-powered 2-wheeler offers quick charging within 4-hours. The e-bike comes with three different modes. You can choose the modes from the pedal, assist, and electric. Therefore, this bike is easily operable by every cyclist. The battery system has protections against overcharging and short circuit.

  • Multi-functional design for superior comfort.
  • Anti-slip handlebars for enhanced maneuverability.
  • Ergonomic design for superior gripping power.
  • The design could be more ergonomic.

#8. Hicient Electric Bikes with Battery Charger

8. Hicient Electric Bike with Battery Charger

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The e-bike makes commuters happy with its undeniable performance. The structure of this 2-wheeler also matches the lifespan of urban persons. Moreover, you can use this bike as a manual or assisted bicycle. A single charge makes this e-bike run for almost 22 to 28-km. This bicycle has a 250-watt high-speed brushless motor.

Therefore, the bicycle also makes riding easier on rough roads. In cases of battery outage, you can pedal this bike as a bicycle. The 21-speed gear transmission system makes this bike suitable for multiple riders. Furthermore, the motor of this e-bike has a super-bright headlight for safety.

  • Improved power support for superior performance.
  • Terrain-friendly construction for added comfort.
  • Advanced rust-proof construction for enhanced satisfaction.
  • There is no cons at all.

#7. Cyrusher Electric Mens Sports Mountain Bikes

7. Cyrusher Electric Mens Sports Mountain Bike

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This budget electric bike is the ideal e-bike for mountain riders. The 2-wheeler also consists of hefty, fat tires. Hence, these big tires make riding on the hills convenient for riders. These tires let you ride smoothly on snowy, sandy, or muddy surfaces. The 3.7-inch, large LCD screen keeps track of battery status and more.

The aluminum-alloy, hydraulic callipers, and 180mm rotor improve the brake system. Therefore, this system offers additional control over your bike. Furthermore, the gear system offers a smoother speed transition up to seven levels. However, the gear also offers shock-free speed adjustment. This bike has adjustable handlebars, an electric horn, and an LED headlight.

  • Premium class material for enhanced durability.
  • Spacious design with improved grip for safety.
  • Advanced power pack design with improved backup.
  • It is a relatively new product.

#6. ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bicycle

6. ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bicycle

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This budget electric bike comes with bulky, skid-resistant tires. However, this bike consists of 26-inch aluminum wheels. Hence, this bike also offers smooth sloppy terrain riding. The frame of this 2-wheeler easily tackles the weight up to 260-lbs. Moreover, the electric bike comes along with an ergonomic handlebar.

Therefore, riders will have a cozy grip over this bike. Furthermore, the smoother, brushless 500-watt motor makes cycling smoother and silent. The bike has a 36-volt lithium cell charging system. Hence, the powerful motor lets you reach the speed up to 23-MPH. This electric bike consists of an adjustable, padded seat.

  • Sturdy structure for durability and stability.
  • Highly advanced construction with improved satisfaction.
  • Easy weight design for enhanced performance.
  • There is no negative point.

#5. FIIDO Professional Aluminum Folding EBike

5. FIIDO Professional Aluminum Folding EBike

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The unusual look of this e-bike grabs the minds of passers-by. This budget electric bike also comes with a folding structure. Hence, you can store and carry this bicycle with ease. Moreover, the dual disc brakes on each wheel make stopping easier for riders. The electric bike offers three different riding modes.

Therefore, this 2-wheeler also supports the riding styles of individuals. Furthermore, the high-strength aluminum-alloy body enhances durability. Hence, the lightweight construction lets your ride effortlessly on high hills. The rechargeable, detachable lithium battery system makes this bike run for 50-km. This aluminum-alloy body does not catch rust and corrosion easily.

  • Enhanced collapsible design for effortless storage.
  • Dynamic groove design for improved stability.
  • Robust construction for enhanced durability.
  • The batteries could be better.

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#4. Macwheel Electric Mountain Bikes

4. Macwheel Mountain

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The ergonomic frame makes this budget electric bike ultra-durable. This e-bike also comes with a powerful 500-watt motor. The LCD monitor keeps you updated about battery statuses. Moreover, the 27.5-inch, textured tires rapidly run on even and uneven terrains. The 10-Ah lithium battery system offers rapid charging.

Hence, you can also run for almost 31-miles in electric mode. The smart controller allows riders to control the power output with precision. Furthermore, the motor makes this bike run smoothly on rough, sloppy roads. In pedal-assist mode, this e-bicycle runs for almost 50 to 62-miles. This bike comes with an electric horn and an LED headlight.

  • Sturdy rust-proof material for long-lasting experience.
  • Improved safety design for consumer satisfaction.
  • Dynamic grip design for enhanced stability.
  • The speed could be greater.

#3. ENGWE Upgrade Fat Tire Electric Bicycle

3. ENGWE Upgrade Fat Tire Electric Bicycle

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The 500-watt motor brushless gear motor increases the functionality of this e-bike. This 2-wheeler also consists of a leather-upholstered seat. Hence, the riders can sit on this seat for hours while riding. Moreover, the mechanical lock, front-suspension fork matches the riding styles of everyone. The gear transmission system lets riders adjust the speeds up to eight levels.

This electric bike also comes along with a removable 12.5-Ah battery. The folding frame lets riders fold down and store this bicycle easily. Furthermore, the 20-inch aluminum wheels glide on the trail and urbane streets. The brushless gear motor reaches the speed up to 22-MPH.

  • All-terrain construction for enhanced satisfaction.
  • Powerhouse mechanism for superior performance.
  • Hassle-free controls for easy comfortable functioning.
  • There is no such cons.

#2. KUAFU Fat Tire Folding Electric Bikes

2. KUAFU Fat Tire Folding

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This budget electric bike has a 20-inch aluminum frame. Hence, the expert cyclists can ride on the bike on rough terrains. Moreover, the budget electric bike smoothly glides on sloppy roads. Hence, this motorcycle offers the best climbing performance. The DJ bike comes with both mechanical and failure braking systems.

Therefore, you can stop your bike at any point. The high-quality front fork ensures safety while riding on snowy, sandy surfaces. Furthermore, the battery and power-lock functions let you ride this bike easily. The electric 2-wheeler includes a regular-sized disc brake seat. At 20-MPH speed, this bicycle runs for almost 8-hours.

  • Ergonomic design for improved load capacity.
  • Sturdy grip wheel design for superior hold.
  • Effortlessly maintainable design for longevity.
  • There is no such cons.

#1. DJ Power Folding Electric Bike

1. DJ Power Folding Electric Bike

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This DJ bike comes with huge, textured tires. Therefore, you can also ride on this bicycle through the mountainous terrains. Moreover, the electric bike consists of a padded, saddle seat. The 750-watt motors can reach the peak power of 1000-watt. You can therefore change the seat post height accordingly.

The bike also brings your 13-Ah battery system. Therefore, you can conveniently charge this system by using the provided charger. The frame of this 2-wheeler has the construction of durable metal. This budget electric bike lets you glide smoothly on steep hills. The hand brake helps you to stop this bicycle at any moment.

  • Ergonomic construction with maximum load ability.
  • Improved power backup for superior performance.
  • Sturdy skid-resistant design for user safety.
  • The battery could be better.

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Buying Guide for Electric Bike


The different types of electric bikes are electric mountain bikes, electric cargo bikes, electric cruiser bikes, and electric commuter bikes. You will also find other types of speciality electric bikes that can come with special features.


The speed is according to motor performance. It can have a maximum speed of up to 15.5 miles per hour. However, you will have to go for the one that lets you use it according to your needs.

Motor and Battery:

Always go for the one that comes with a powerful motor so that there can be exceptional performance. You will have to see if it lets you use it in several ways. Apart from this, you need to invest in the one that comes with a powerful battery so that there can be consistent riding.


The controller is very important as it makes sure there will be safe riding. You will have to see if it lets me easy brakes making it a highly reliable product.


The frame size can vary accordingly. Getting the right one is a user preference. The one that comes with a folding frame will make sure there will be easy storage and portability.


Go for the one that comes with durable tires so that you can use it for different types of terrains. See if it is suitable for everyday riding.


Always see if it comes with thick padding so that you can have a better comfort. You will also find the one that allows you to convert it into a normal bike and have a better advantage.


Electric bikes are in trend now, and they are going to be the future. However, in the current scenario, the electric bikes are mostly expensive and not many people can buy them with limited budget. That is why our team has gone through all the different electric bikes available only and picked the budget ones for your convenience.

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