Top 10 Best Bow and Arrow Sets for Kids in 2021

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Some love to play with dolls and some prefer outdoor sports. But all outdoor sports do not involve running, cycling or staying active in the field. Some even involve sharpening your aiming skills and such an example is practicing archery. If your child is into such activities, then gift them a bow and arrow sets for kids. Well, do not worry, these are not sharp items as the whole thing is artificial. These are made of harmless items such as rubber and so. Hence, no harm will be caused.

Thinking about gifting one? Then keep scrolling and read the given list to find out the appropriate choices.

Best Bow and Arrow Sets for Kid to Buy in 2021

10. Zing Air Hunters Z-Curve Bow


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If quality is your biggest concern, go for this product without any doubt. Satisfying many people, this bow and arrow set has rightfully earned the title of Bestseller on Amazon. Moreover, since this is meant for kids, the bow is designed to keep safety in mind. The sharp and projectile features on the bow have been minimized with the help of foam. Every child is different. To suit everybody’s needs, the product is designed to be used by right and left-handed users alike.

Plus, to make it easier for your child, this product also has a zip clip to hold arrows. Offering pinpoint accuracy, they will love handling this fun toy. The arrows will stick anywhere and it will even bounce back to the place without hurting anyone.

Key Features: 

  • As a bonus, additional arrows are provided with the purchase of the product.
  • You do not have to worry about children playing with sharp arrows and hurting themselves. These arrows are all out of foam.
  • These arrows cover a huge distance of 125-ft that is amazing.

9. Marky Sparky Faux Bow Pro Set

Marky Sparky Faux Bow Pro

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A lot of thought has been given in the design of this product. The product sports oversized arrows. Even though they are oversized, they are really light. This way, the distance or speed is not compromised, while you can ensure the safety of your child. Besides, the arrows are powerful enough to shoot over a massive 200 feet distance, making it feel nothing less than a professional set.

The set uses superior quality latex-free material for the best experience. So, no toxic elements will be involved in it. These are ideal for any children who are of 10-years or above.

Key Features:

  • To reduce your trouble, the bow tips of the product come assembled.
  • Ensuring your child’s safety is really important. For that reason, this archery set is completely free from any phthalate.
  • It has fiberglass bow limbs which prove to be really sturdy and durable.

8. Adventure Awaits! Bow and Arrow Set

Bow and Arrow Set

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If you are looking for a great quality bow and arrow set which will not burn a hole through your pocket, this will be a great choice. If you have two children, this comes as a pack of 2 sets, which is really convenient. Further, this product uses natural and safe bamboo wood for the bow set. Thus, it is not only safe for your children, but it is eco friendly as well. Besides, the strong bamboo wood would last age before getting any damages.

Safety should always come first. To ensure that, the arrows of the bow and arrow set have safe rubber tips on them.

Key Features: 

  • The product is handcrafted with great caregiving it a realistic feel.
  • Each of the sets comes with 10 arrows, which means, your child can play for quite a while without emptying their quiver.
  • For even the roughest use, these are extremely strong.

7. Tongtu Archery Recurve Bow and Arrow

Bow and Arrow Set for Adults Beginners

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Functionality is never enough to win the heart, for that reason, this bow and arrow set come with various added benefits. This has nylon fibre and epoxy resin as it’s the primary material. This material is known for its durable properties. Thus, you can depend on the product to last for a really long time. Moreover, the product takes special care so that your child is not hurt. Next, the bow has soft rubber which protects the fingers from any harm.

If that is not enough, this product also provides your child with an adjustable, fixed arrow tail. The arrow tips on the product are rounded to avoid any unwanted accidents. Finally, it is perfect for both left as well as right handed people.

Key Features: 

  • To appeal to the visual senses, this product is available in 2 different alluring colours to choose from.
  • These come with a proper board with marking so that your child can use to practice their aim.
  • It is thoughtfully made really lightweight to enable children to carry them easily.

6. Bear Archery Brave Bow Set

Bear Archery Brave Bow Set

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Coming in an array of 6 different attractive shades, this product will surely catch the attention of your child. The product comes with a Whisker Biscuit, which is the safest in the archery industry. Moreover, the product also offers finger rollers on the bow. This protects the tender skin from the bow and helps to easily shoot arrows.

As a matter of fact, this has a really wide draw length of 13.5-inches and a brace height of 5.5-inches. Also, the bow and arrow set has top quality safety glass arrows for your child.

Key Features:

  • It has the unique feature of a two-wheeled youth bow. This helps to easily change it into an adult compound bow.
  • This has a very wise addition to protect your child from getting hurt. It comes with a special armguard.
  • Any child of 8 or above will find interest in playing with these.

5. Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow & Arrow

Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow

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This is a product specially designed for children. In order to help with the fundamentals, this bow and arrow set has added a much-needed instruction manual which walks you through each step. To assure you of the quality of the product, this bow and arrow set comes with a 90-day warranty. Moreover, the product takes care of every practical need. The product comes with various crucial accessories. It offers an adjustable sight for better flexibility.

Besides, it provides your child with both an armed guard as well as a finger tab to protect their soft skin. It has a 33 axle-to-axle format, this will let you play properly with it.

Key Features: 

  • With a 60 fps velocity, this product will feel nothing short of a real bow and arrow set meant for adults.
  • To give a stable balance to beginners, the product has a mass weight of only 12oz.
  • Having the cam design, the set can deliver exceptional performance.

4. Toysery Bow and Arrow Set

Toysery Bow and Arrow

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This well-equipped archery set will not disappoint your expectations. The bow and arrow set has every precaution required to ensure the safety of your child. Meant for young children, the product comes with arrows which have suction cups. Because of this, you do not have to worry about sharp edges causing accidents. Not only that, but this product also comes with a strap on the quiver. Therefore, it becomes much easier to carry the set of arrows everywhere.

The product uses sturdy ABS plastic. This material adds sturdiness as well as life to the product, lasting you for a fairly long time.

Key Features: 

  • One amazing feature of this product is that of the 3 styles LED flashing, which makes the bow look even better.
  • The bowstring is adjusted easily to suit your child.
  • With this, you will not need to spend any extra buck. The batteries required for the LED lights are provided with the product.

3. Nerf Dude Perfect Signature

Dude Perfect Signature

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This product will be a fun addition to anybody’s life. The length of the product is an enormous 42-inches. This makes the product suitable for a child, teen, or even an adult easily. Moreover, this product will also help you to better your aim. The set comes with a target, which helps you practice your skills. With this product, you can shoot far away. The set is able to shoot arrows as far as 105-feet away.

A very interesting addition to this is that of 2 whistling arrows which make a whistling sound as it rushes through the air.

Key Features: 

  • If you do not know what to get as a gift for a child, this makes a great gift for any occasion.
  • Once you use this, it can aim to a max of 105-ft.
  • This has a mere weight of 5 pounds that is easy to deal with.

2. SainSmart Jr. Bow and Arrow

SainSmart Jr. Kids Bow & Arrow Toy,

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Packed with various features, this product will surely win your approval. The product has LED lights on the bow. This makes the play safer in places with low-intensity light. Moreover, the LED lights also enable your child to aim better. On top of that, the product can light up in 3 different patterns to make it more fun. Besides, the material used for the product is non-toxic, and thus, completely safe for your child.

With the quiver, the arrows stay arranged in one place while your child plays. The product uses hard ABS plastic for the set. This high-quality material adds durability to the product, making it last for a really long time.

Key Features: 

  • With the help of this outdoor playset, your child will be able to improve their hand-eye coordination.
  • This will not only be a fun game to play but also helps to improve hand and eye coordination.
  • The LED lights can run for a long time with 2 mere AAA batteries.

1. Sunny Days Entertainment Set

Bow and Arrow Set

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Name your requirement, and this bow and arrow set probably already is providing it. The quiver comes with a useful strap. This cap is easily wrapped around the shoulder, which makes mobility with the arrows much more convenient. Furthermore, the strap of the shoulder can be adjusted to suit the preference of your child. It comes with an added target face. The target face has 5 rings to improve their aim.

The product has suction cups attached at the end of the arrows. This makes the arrows safe to use both indoors as well as outdoors.

Key Features: 

  • To help with the accuracy, the product comes with the LED target to have a bull’s eye every single time.
  • This can be a great start for your child, giving them the experience of a real archery set.

Now, improve your aim and target the specific space. Let your child engage in something that is not only fun but even going to give a learning experience.

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