Top 10 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets in 2022

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Every day, road accidents involving motorcycles often occur. And when a two-wheeler crushed on or by a four-wheeler, the two-wheeler is always at a disadvantage. That is why you need to use a durable helmet to protect your head in case of an accident. And in buying a helmet, it is much better to opt for a product with Bluetooth functionality. The following are the top 10 best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets in 2022.

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets in 2022 Reviews

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10. Vega Helmets 60030-013 RS1

Vega Helmets Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

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The Vega Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet is proudly DOT Certified. It can protect your whole head thanks to the full face cover and durable construction. This is the perfect helmet for a hands-free phone call activity while driving. Though it is never advisable to make or receive calls while you are on the road, there are times when you cannot ignore a call for urgency reasons. And a Bluetooth helmet keeps you safe since you do not have to hold your phone anymore.

Key Features

  • It has a super comfortable wick-dry liner system
  • It has great ventilation with a drop-down sun shield from the inside
  • This Bluetooth helmet is waterproof
  • It is equipped with a dual shield
  • This product is lightweight, so you have the convenience of wearing it without a hassle

9. Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet


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The FreedConn Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet is designed for two to three riders to pair within a 500M distance. You can play your favorite music through MP3 capability, or listen to FM radio while you take a long ride. It offers superior protection in the road, thanks to the durable construction of this helmet. This Bluetooth helmet keeps you from ignoring an important call without sacrificing road safety.

Key Features

  • It has a built-in full-duplex Bluetooth intercom
  • This helmet can take 300 hours of standby mode before it loses battery
  • It provides 8 hours of intercom talk or phone talk for 10 hours
  • One button control allows you to accept or reject incoming calls, and redial the latest number in your phone
  • This product is safe to use, as evident by the approval from BQB, DOT, CE, and UL

8. MOPHOTO Bluetooth Integrated Motorcycle Helmet

MOPHOTO Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

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The MOPHOTO Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet is crafted with a full face cover that is anti-glare. It can efficiently protect your head and face from the harmful rays of the sun and the pouring of rain. This Bluetooth helmet allows you to communicate with your other two rider friends, and you can easily talk to each other while the three of you drive off. The intercom hours can last up to 20 hours through phone connection and Bluetooth.

Key Features

  • It has 800mAh battery life
  • This Bluetooth helmet is equipped with a GPS system
  • It has a professional design that can conserve battery on standby for straight one week
  • This product is constructed using high-quality ABS shell that is lightweight
  • It offers superior convenience thanks to the quick release clasp and stra

7. SHARKTOOTH PRIME Motorcycle Bluetooth


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The Shark Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet is equipped with an internal sun visor to keep the sun’s glare off your eyes. It is a safe product to wear on the roads since it is made from premium materials. This product offers excellent impact resistance, which is highly beneficial for you. It is made from waterproof material that allows you to drive without distraction from the sun or rain. With this Bluetooth helmet, you can communicate with your rider friend through the intercom.

Key Features

  • It provides exceptional ventilation
  • This product allows seamless shield adjustment
  • This Bluetooth helmet is designed with a quick-release chin strap
  • It features a “voice command ready” system
  • This product offers superior quality in stereo sound
  • It has a music control through AVRCP
  • Bluetooth intercom has a range of 600 feet

6. AHR Bluetooth Motorcycle Full Face Helmet

AHR Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

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The AHR Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet offers superior hands-free communication while driving, as well as great music listening experience. It is exceptionally comfortable to use thanks to the heavy cushioning of the interior. This product is expertly made from high-quality ABS shell that is lightweight and with superior ventilation. Using this Bluetooth helmet, you can communicate through the intercom with two other riders within 1094 yards.

Key Features

  • It is approved by the DOT
  • The cheek pads are detachable and washable
  • It offers universal Bluetooth connectivity
  • This product has an advanced ventilation system’
  • The reliable GPS system is voice prompted
  • Features seamless listening to music or FM radio
  • The front visor is sturdy and elastic for superior durability
  • It is made from high-quality materials

5. Slsy Bluetooth Integrated Helmets Motorcycle


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The Sly Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet is made for serious riders. It is extremely safe to use, as it is approved for safety by the DOT. The full face flip-up capability of this helmet protects your whole head and face from any impact, the glare of the sun, wind, and rain. This product is lightweight and waterproof for superior performance. And the built-in Bluetooth technology allows you to connect your GPS system, music player, and smartphone.

Key Features

  • It is extremely safe to wear
  • This product offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • It comes with a 60-day return and money-back guarantee

4. Bluetooth Integrated Modular

DoCred Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

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The DoCred Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet is the perfect solution for not getting lost on your road trip. It has a GPS system that efficiently guides you to where you want to go. The Bluetooth 3.0 technology allows you to connect your smartphone or music player to your helmet and listen to good quality audio while you are traversing the road. It also makes it possible for a safe phone call activity without compromising your safety.

Key Features

  • It meets and exceeds the DOT and ECE strict safety standards
  • When you drive at high speeds, you will not be bothered by the wind thanks to the noise suppression technology
  • It has a quick-release mechanism for the shield
  • This Bluetooth helmet is scratch-resistant

3. HJC SY-MAXBT III Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet

HJC Helmets

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The HCJ Helmets is designed to have an innovative fiberglass spectra compound weave casing that excellently strong and durable. It is crafted with advanced CAD technology for superior precision. The ACS advanced channeling ventilation system is developed to keep your head fully ventilated all throughout your ride. And when you go for a ride under the scorching heat of the sun, your eyes are conveniently protected thanks to the exceptional Pinlock Faceshield.

Key Features

  • It has a high-quality polycarbonate chin bar that is lightweight
  • This Bluetooth helmet has superior ventilation
  • It is equipped with a one-touch integrated sun shield that is smoke-tinted
  • The locking mechanism is secure
  • It is great for personal use or as a gift
  • The durable construction makes this product long-lasting

2. ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular

ILM Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

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The ILM Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet has a one-touch control that allows you to easily answer or reject incoming calls, and redial the last number. When you are listening to music or in an intercom with the other rider, the incoming call takes priority. Moreover, this helmet has a GPS navigation audio that is very beneficial if you are traveling in an unfamiliar location.

Key Features

  • It uses the Bluetooth 3.0 technology
  • This Bluetooth helmet offers 110 hours of standby mode and talk time is 8 hours
  • The microfiber liner is completely removable and washable
  • It has adjustable vents that offer superior ventilation
  • This product has a range of up to 1000 feet distance for two intercom users
  • It is equipped with premium built-in speakers
  • This helmet meets and exceeds the standard of quality and safety of DOT and ECE

1. TORC T15B Bluetooth Integrated Full


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The TORC Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet has a flying tiger design that is absolutely striking. It is equipped with a built-in Blinc Bluetooth that allows you to enjoy your road trip without the annoying bashing of wind. This product is created for fast race riders, and it offers excellent air ventilation. It is manufactured using premium materials that resulted in an exceptionally durable helmet that is impact resistant.

Key Features

  • The shield of this helmet is fog-free, resistant to scratch, and replaceable
  • It is certified by the DOT and ECE for safe usage
  • The interior padding is extremely comfortable, detachable, and washable
  • It has a reliable sun visor that protects your eyes from the harmful UV rays
  • The rear spoiler keeps this Bluetooth helmet stable throughout your ride

Never go out on the road with your motorcycle without a full-face helmet that is extremely impact resistant and durable. Because no matter how careful you are, there will always be reckless drivers out there who can pull you into their dangerous web. And to add more comfort and convenience for your ride, you should consider purchasing a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.

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