Best Backpacks with Charger Reviews

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Are you looking for a high-quality durable backpack with a charger? Then stick around with us and we will tell you about the best bags that are available in the market. There are so many designs with different shapes, sizes, and compartments that you could choose. Thus follow along with the article and find out about the top 10 Backpacks with Charger that are out there and consider the buying guide at the end.

List Of Our Best Backpacks with Charger Reviews On Amazon.Com

# 10. Soldierknife Extra Large Travel Backpack with Charger

# 10. Soldierknife Extra Large Travel Backpack with Charger

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First on our list is the Soldierknife extra-large travel laptop backpack. It is a greatly designed backpack with 20 pockets that are put conveniently for your use. The bag is made of high-density nylon, which makes it water-resistant and it will not tear easily. Moreover, the backpack is 19.5 by 15 by 11 inches and can hold up to 50 L. This is a sturdy bag that has massive capacity. The bag is designed with 3 main compartments with U-shaped zippers. A special laptop compartment can hold laptops of any size, ranging from 13 inches to 17 inches. As a bonus, the smaller pockets inserted in the bags could be used to organize all of your smaller things. Likewise, the bag has a front access pocket, which could be used to store all of your essential belongings that you would need to get very quickly.

Furthermore, the backpack comes with a USB port that is connected to a built-in charging cable. You can now travel without the worry about running out of battery on your devices. Moreover, the bag has a hole that allows you to put your headphones in. You can store your phone in the bag and listen to your music while getting tangled with the headphones. Therefore, it is a great choice for both college and high school students.

# 9. TZowla Business Backpack with Charger

# 9. TZowla Business Backpack with Charger

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Up next on our list is the Tzowla Business Laptop Backpack. This is a bag with great design and many fun colors to choose from. It is 19.29 by 11.8 by 5.43 inches and it has many pockets that you could use to store the items in the order. Most importantly, it is specifically designed to prevent all of your belongings from being stolen. The special password lock and the high-quality metal zippers will keep all of your things from unwanted hands. Moreover, the entire bag is made of durable polyester, which makes the bag water-resistant. It is very convenient to take this bag for both outdoor adventures and daily school trips. If you are planning to take a flight then this backpack will be your friend. The special luggage strap on the bag will allow you to put the backpack on the luggage, so you will not tire your back.

Moreover, this backpack has a built-in USB interface that allows you to charge your devices without needing to hold any of your power banks by hand. Likewise, the same interface has a connection for your headphones. You will easily listen to music or audiobooks without carrying all the devices.

# 8. Soldierknife Anti Theft Backpacks with Charger

# 8. Soldierknife Anti Theft Backpack with Charger

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Another entry from the company Soldierknife is their Anti Theft Laptop Backpack. This is a specially designed backpack to fit in all of your essentials while traveling or just on a day-to-day basis. The bag comes with three special compartments. One of them is the laptop compartment that is designed to hold your laptops with straps so it would not slide during your walks. The other compartment is the packing unit where you could put all of your necessities like clothes and such for longer days trips. And finally, the third compartment is in the front; it is smaller by size but could be used to store all the things that you will need frequent access to. Most importantly, this backpack is good for traveling as it comes with a strap for the luggage. You can slide in your bag to your luggage so you will not need to carry it on your back.

In addition, you can find a specially designed back compartment. This one is made for storing things like your passports, phones, and wallets out of reach from other unwanted hands. You and only you have access to this compartment in your bag. Moreover, this bag includes a USB port, which could be connected to a power bank with a cable. This will make charging your phone convenient on the go.

The following backpack is also very durable as it is made of nylon fabric. Also, the sponge mesh design at the back will not strain your back from putting too much stress on it. Additionally, the shoulder straps are adjustable.

# 7. Della Gao Travel Backpacks with Charger

# 7. Della Gao Travel Backpack with Charger

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Our next entry on the list is the Della Gao travel laptop backpack. The following backpack is a perfectly sized bag to be used for traveling. It is 12.6 by 19.6 by 7.8 inches and includes many compartments. Moreover, the bag has up to 20 different pockets. The three main compartments of the bag are specially designed for you to pack all your necessary belongings conveniently. Most importantly, the laptop compartment can hold a laptop of the size up to 17 inches, which you will not see in many other bags. The bag itself is made of polyester fabric equipped with metal zippers. As a bonus, the bag will protect your items from the hands of thieves with its combination lock.

Moreover, the backpack has a USB port that could be connected to your power bank from the inside. Therefore, you can use the port to charge your phone easily from the bag. Additionally, the front of the backpack has a night-light reflective and the back has a padded mesh.

# 6. Vancropak 17 Inch Backpacks with Charger

# 6. Vancropak 17 Inch Backpack with Charger

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Number 6 on our list of best backpacks with chargers is the 17 Inch Laptop Backpack from Vancropak. This is a smaller design than your average bag but it has a great capacity. The dimensions of the following design are 13 by 19 by 5.5 inches and can hold 25 L. Moreover, it is made of polyester fabric, which makes the bag durable, water-resistant, but at the same time, very lightweight. The backpack has several main compartments, including the section for your laptop. It is padded so you do not need to worry about your computer getting damaged. Additionally, there are 4 slot pockets and a smaller front compartment for you to store your belongings in an organized manner.

Furthermore, the back USB port is conveniently situated at the side of the bag. It is close to the slot for the power bank so that you can easily connect it to your mobile device. As a bonus, you can find a hole for your headphones.

# 5. VSNOON Backpacks with Charger


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The next backpack with a charger that we will look at is the one from VSNOON. The following bag is of different design than the rest. It has a spacious main compartment that could be accessed by the upper steel frame opening. This steel frame would keep the entire compartment open to conveniently sort out through your bag. Moreover, it has a padded section for your laptop so that you could move around without damaging or scratching your laptop. Moving on from that section is the compartment where you could keep your books, A4 files, notebooks, and so on. This is a perfect school bag that is 17 by 11.8 by 7.5 inches.

In addition, the backpack comes with a USB port that could be connected to your power bank and charge your phone easily. You will not need to hold many devices in your hands.

# 4. Oscaurt Backpacks with Charger

# 4. Oscaurt

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Coming up next on the list is the Oscars Laptop Backpack. This is a specifically designed backpack to protect your belongings from thieves. The main compartment could be opened from the backside of the bag, not like the usual front access. The hidden zipper makes it impossible for someone to reach your belongings without you noticing. In addition, there is a small pocket for your valuables at the back, so you could reach it easily but no one could access it. Moreover, the backpack is made of durable material and will not scratch easily. Most importantly, it is water-resistant and has reflective strips, thus you will be safer when walking in the dark.

Furthermore, the USB port of this bag could be connected to the laptop compartment of the backpack. Also, you could connect it to your power bank from the special slip in the bag.

# 3. Brinch Backpacks with Charger

# 3. Brinch

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Our number 3 backpack on the list is the Brinch Laptop Backpack. This is a stylishly designed bag with many fun colours to choose from. It has a wide opening design with metal frames. The metal frames give you the entire access to your main compartment from the upper side of the backpack. Moreover, it is 11 by 15.7 by 7.8 inches and has a capacity of 22 L. The material that is used for the bag is nylon, which makes the bag water repellant. Additionally, it has a laptop compartment in its main section of the backpack. You can find 2 inner pockets for safe storage of your essentials and a zipped front pocket.

Moreover, the backpack has a USB port that you could use to connect to your power bank inside of the bag. This is very convenient to charge your phone on the go and at any place. In addition, the adjustable shoulder straps make it easier for you to carry the bag for hours without hurting your back.

# 2. Tcode Backpacks with Charger

# 2. Tcode

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The next backpack on the list is the Tcode Laptop Backpack. This is a larger sized bag that is made of Oxford fabric. The fabric makes the backpack water-resistant so you do not need to worry about getting your belongings wet and damaged. Moreover, the metal zippers of the bag give high security to your items. The backpack is 22 by 12 by 7 inches and can hold about 35 L. This is a perfect bag for both school and travelling. Likewise, the USB port of the bag gives access to your power bank, therefore you can charge your devices on the go.

This design of a backpack allows you to store many items in an order as it comes with many different pockets and compartments.

# 1. Tzowla Backpacks with Charger

# 1. Tzowla

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Finally, our number 1 backpack with a charger is the Tzowla Travel Laptop Backpack. This bag has an anti-theft design that gives high security to your belongings while travelling. The metal zippers will last for a long time and the bag has a password lock.  Also, it is 19.29 by 11.8 by 5.43 inches and has great capability. Moreover, the bag is made of polyester, which is highly durable.

As number one on our list, it has the best USB port interface that could be easily connected to your power bank and your mobile devices. Additionally, the interface includes a connection to your headphones as well. Now, you can travel more convenient than ever.

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Buying Guide

Let us turn you to the buying guide so that you can make a more informed decision when choosing a backpack with a charger.

Size: first of all, consider the size and the shape of the backpack before getting one. There are various sizes of these backpacks and they are of different forms. The best one would be one that is not too large to use on a daily basis but also not too small to be used for a trip.

Compartments: second of all, it is important to get a backpack that has several secured compartments. A special compartment with a padded sleeve for your laptop is highly desirable.

Material: third of all, always look at the material that goes into the backpack. High-quality nylon or polyester would protect your belongings from any weather.


In conclusion, we have elaborately looked at the different designs of backpacks with charges and established the 10 best ones to own. Now, you can easily get your favourite backpack.

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