10 Best Metal Dog Crates In 2020 Reviews

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Your dog provides you with a lot of love

That is why you need to return that great gift by protecting them. One of the top 10 best metal dog crates in 2020 is one way to keep them fully protected. These metal crates are very strong and durable.

They should be able to withstand any chewing or claw scraping your dog does while inside. Plus, the come with sturdy locks so your dog doe snot escape when you are not around.

Show your dog the same love they give you by using some of the best dog accessories available. These top of the line metal dog crates are the best accessories you can fin don the market today. Plus, they are not that expensive so your budget should absorb the cost with ease. After all your pet is worth it.

Our metal dog crate review

1. AmazonBasics Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

AmazonBasics Single Door & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

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This 36 inch metal dog crate comes with double doors. That option allows you a lot of placement opportunities. There should be a spot in your home for this dog crate. Plus, the latches on the doors are strong, durable and tough. It would take one smart dog to open them.

Armed with a strong carry handle, you can transport your dog to the vet’s with ease. Once the dog is inside they can’t escape when they realize where they are headed. A removable bottom allows you to clean up after your pet when accidents happen.

The metal dog crate’s overall measurements are 36 by 23 by 25, giving your pet enough room to maneuver. The wire construction lets plenty of air through to keep your dog nice and cool.

When not in use, this metal dog crate can fold down to a very small size and slip behind a fridge or piece of furniture with ease. It is a convenient crate to use and store making your pet life a little easier.

2. MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate iCrate Single Door and Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crates Fully Equipped

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If your pets are small, you can use the removable divider to keep them separated. This divider comes in handy when one of your dogs is in a bad mood. Also, you can remove the divider to make room for a single larger pet.

This 36 by 23 by 25 inch metal dog crate is flexible and durable. The metal wiring is far enough apart to slip some food inside without opening the doors. Plus, they are close together so your dog cannot escape. With sturdy sliding locks, it would take a very smart dog to open the doors and get out.

Also, 4 roller feet are included if you do not have carpeting on your floor. If your dog or someone moves the crate your floors are protected from damage. A removable bottom lets you keep the cage nice and clean for your treasured pet.

In addition to that, you do not need tools to assemble or fold up this metal dog crate. It goes up or down in less than a couple of minutes.

3. New World Folding Metal Dog Crate

New World Folding Metal Dog Crate; Single Door & Double Door Dog Crates

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This single door metal dog crate may limit your placement options, but it helps keep your favorite pet inside. Plus, the firm and strong metal wiring protects your dog when you are not at home. 2 sliding bolt locks, one upper and one lower, ensures that your pet will not get out when you are not home.

Measuring 36 by 23 by 25 inches in size, this crate should hold your dog with ease. As long as he or she weighs between 41 and 70 pounds. When you do not need to use it, you can fold it up nice and small. Then you can slide it away in your storage room or wherever you want to put this crate.

On top of those fine features, this metal dog crate can accompany you on family outings. No tools are needed to assemble or fold up again so you can use this dog crate wherever you go.

The removable bottom tray is easy to keep clean and bacteria free. Your dog should remain healthy every minute they are inside.

4. BestPet Folding Metal Dog Cage

Dog Crate Kennel Pet Cage for Large Medium Dogs Travel Metal Double-Door Folding Indoor Outdoor Puppy Playpen with Divider and Handle Plastic Tray

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The handy carry handle on top helps you get your dog to your vehicle when you are in a hurry. Just grab it and run for the door. Your dog will be inside your vehicle before it realizes it is going to the vet’s for some shots.

Once inside, your dog will have a tough time getting back out Each door comes with sliding bolt locks that can be secured. Plus, the heavy duty wire should resist biting and clawing with ease.

After your dog leaves this cage, the removable sliding bottom tray picks up anything your dog has generously left behind. The tray is very easy to clean and you can get rid of all the germs and bacteria with ease. It is also leak proof so your floors are safe from damage.

In addition, after you bring this metal dog crate home you can set it up right away. No tools are needed to assemble the cage. Plus, no tools are needed when you need to fold it back up and put it away for awhile.

5. Petmate “ProValu” Two Door Wire Dog Crate

Precision Pet by Petmate ProValu Two Door Wire Dog Crate with Precision Lock System

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One good thing about having two doors on your dog’s crate. Not only do you get placement options but your dog has an extra entry or exit point helping them be more comfortable. Both doors come with a hard for the dog to move lock keeping them safe inside.

Measuring only 19 by 12 by 14 inches in size, this metal dog crate is made for small dogs only. A removable divider lets you use this cage for small puppies or keep angry dogs separated from each other.

In addition to that, you can keep your dog well fed and watered by using the door on the top of the cage. Slip it open and put their favorite dishes inside giving your dog the nourishment they need.

A plastic tray underneath the cage can be removed once it gets dirty. It is easy to clean and should last you a long time under normal use. Since it is small, you can use both hands to carry this cage to wherever you are going in your car.

6. MidWest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate

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Unfold and fold up this cage with ease. No tools are needed to unfold this cage when you need it or fold it back up when you don’t. Once it is up your dog gets 36 inches of leg room to be comfortable while they are inside. The overall measurements are 36 by 24 by 27 inches.

Plus, the double doors on this product let you place this dog cage just about anywhere you want/ If one door is blocked the other is free for your dog to enter or exit. Each door comes with 2 sliding bolt locks to make sure he r she remains safe inside.

On top of that, the roller feet protect your unguarded floor in case the cage moves a lot. Then the removable tray is leak proof and can be cleaned easily. Your floor remains protected no matter what.

7.Carson Pet Products Single Door Metal Dog Crate

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This attractive baby blue colored dog cage is easy on the eyes. Not only doe sit look good but it will fit into small corners of your home. Measuring only 24 by 18 by 19 inches in size, this cage will comfortably hold dogs weighing up to 25 pounds.

Its single door comes with a single sliding bolt lock that can be secured. This lock works hard to keep your dog inside safe and sound. In addition to that, the wire cage is made from steel so it should withstand the treatment your dog sends its way.

Like all the other dog crates on this list, no tools are needed to fold or assemble this crate. A few minutes of your time is all you need to make sure this crate is unfolded for use or folded up for storage. The removable tray helps keep the cage a healthy place for your dog to sit.

When you use this crate for your puppies, you may want to consider using it as a housebreaking tool. It should make that task a lot easier.

8. Paws & Pals Dog Crate

Dog Crate Double-Door Folding Metal

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Double doors are always good when it comes to treating your dog just right. Not only do they have two exit points, they can enter or exit whenever one of the doors are blocked. 2 sliding locks make sure the doors stay nice and secure while your pet is inside.

In addition to that security, the metal wire design is tough, durable and bale to endure your dog’s activities. Also, the metal wiring is washable making sure your pet has a very hygienic place to sleep. That characteristic applies to the removable dog tray as well.

Once your dog gets inside, you can use the centered carrying handle to transport your dog to and from the car. That makes errands a lot easier to handle and saves you a lot of time. This version of the metal dog crate measures 48 by 27 by 30 inches in size.

Housebreaking your dog should be easy once you employ this crate to help you. Once the training is done it can turn back into an ice home for your pet.

9. Carlson Pet Products Secure Metal Dog Crate

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Single door entries and exits are not bad. They still let your dog in and out with ease. It is just that you may have difficulty placing them in your home. But that is a minor issue compared to all the benefits you get with this top of the line dog crate.

The metal wires are strong, keeping your dog safe all the time they are inside.Plus, the single door has double latches to make sure your dog does not escape without help. An upper and lower latch keeps the door from bending open from your dog’s pressure.

Also, you get a removable plastic tray. This tray makes sure your dog’s accidents do not reach your nice clean floors. It is easy to keep clean and bacteria free. No tools needed to assemble this crate and no tools needed to fold it back up again.

This is a handy training tool as well. Get your dog housebroken in no time using this cage.

10. Internet’s Best Wire Dog Kennel

Internet's Best Wire Dog Kennel - Double Door Metal Steel Crates - Indoor Outdoor Pet Home - Folding and Collapsible Cage

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The dark blue coloring on this metal dog crate should complement your home’s interior design. It certainly shouldn’t clash with your color scheme and it gives your dog an attractive home to sleep in.

Plus, the 19 1/2 by 24 by17 inch crate is plenty of room for small light dogs. Its double door design not only allows you placement options, it gives your dog extra exit points. Even small crates need double latches to keep your treasured pet nice and secure.

A plastic tray underneath the cage catches the mess your dog will make from time to time. But don’t worry, it is easy to wash and keep germ free.As usual, no tools are needed to get this dog crate ready for your pet.

Some final words

Taking care of your pet is easier once you employ one of the top 10 best metal dog crates in 2020. These crates protect your dog and provide them with a safe place to be.

Also, they are very tough and durable enduring the treatment your dog dishes out without complaint. Treat your dog with love by using the best dog equipment available.

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